Prepositions after "happy"

"happy with", "happy about" or "happy for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 58% of cases happy with is used

I am very happy with your unit.

I'd very happy with the result.

Happy with this, she published.

Happy with this as the guys in front were on form and really pushing it to the limit.

All in all, although the results are mixed for me, I'd happier with the one we had.

Happy with my distant view of the RB Goose, I started to make my way back to the car.

It was easy to use, and I wasn't unhappy with the images, there are still some things to work out, but it was good.

Happy with my glue job, knowing I had wheels at the bottom I just rode down and hoped my wheel would stay together.

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Now, if you want to find someone you think you could be happiest with, then you should give online dating a try.

In 13% of cases happy for is used

I'd happy for the both of them.

I am so happy for you and Adam.

I'd just happy for the offence.

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life Never make a pretty woman your wife.

I have been happy for the past few years, but nothing is bad with a little loneliness.

Lots of luck and love! mrst on June 27th, 2012 I am so happy for you and your husband.

Photo: Kelly Brown Weddings Your friend will soon be waltzing down the aisle, and you couldn't be happier for her.

Then where will they be? Biting off their noses to spite their faces much? JYJ is SAVED! I AM REALLY HAPPY FOR THEM.

Happy for Bernard's or anyone else's views on whether I have the process correct; and whether it would be desirable.

For those players who were not born in Australia or New Zealand, I'd quite happy for the present system to continue.

In 11% of cases happy about is used

India was not happy about this.

Oh and I am soo happy about the.

That's nothing to be happy about.

Neither city is too happy about the names Carter and Stanley being grouped together.

I'd not going to say I have earned money but I'd happy about the growth of my brand.

Note: If you aren't happy about the use of curly arrows to show movements this link.

Uffe Jonas 22 Apr 6:48pm I'd not too happy about the conspiracy part either, it is over the top and much too long.

Religion has caused so much grief and suffering that this is what people all around the world are not happy about.

When there is nothing to be happy about in your life, it's very hard to think about the happy things in your life.

I've got a grandfather who is 93 that watches every game on TV and he wasn't too happy about the West coast games.

In 7% of cases happy in is used

She's happy in made a comeback.

Everybody is happy in the city.

And I'll be happy in the future.

Seems much happier in an environment near to where he first made a bright impression.

Notwithstanding this, our people are reported to be among the happiest in the world.

Those who are married, have jobs and own their own homes are the happiest in the UK.

The sisters, who managed this large establishment, seemed happy in the midst of their severe and multifarious duties.

Only costs me a few stamps and envelopes, but I am very happy in the knowledge they will spend as much time as I did.

That someone unhappy in their marriage is free to divorce is common knowledge and I wasn't aware had to be specified.

On the other hand, if you can take a travel cot with you, that baby is happy in and used to, that probably works too.

In 3% of cases happy at is used

We were very happy at the time.

He's really happy at the College.

I am sad and happy at the same time.

However at half time whistle went Albion could not have been happier at being 3-0 up.

Now I'd happiest at home doing mummy things and looking after these beautiful girls.

Grouped by gender, men tend to be happier at work, with an overall score of 61 points.

This isn't about being happy at some celebration or smiling every now and then but about feeling happy at most times.

For this reason successful politicians are apt to be happier at the age of seventy than any other men of equal age.

We've been defining and testing this new kind of leadership education here in The Happy At Work Project, and it ROCKS.

Fourier was not happy at the prospect of leaving the academic world and Paris but could not refuse Napoleon's request.

In 2% of cases happy to is used

I am very happy to post Stanley.

I'll be happy to post it for you.

I am so happy to join this group.

I find myself drying up when it comes to expressing and am happy to just post pictures.

I'd happy to take that or other discussions offline -- just use david strudel werdiger.

I'd happy to hand out the contact numbers of the DHs I have intereviewed, so if you're interested please let me know.

God has His way of answering prayers and in situations of prayer the enemy is never happy to move from where you are.

I'd happy to answer any questions about how your degree can help you get a job, especially as a writer or journalist.

Although I am happy to pay for dates or even outings with friends, I think it feels good to be treated and taken out.

In 1% of cases happy after is used

I am less happy after reading this.

Mr Musa was happy after the meeting.

You can never be happy after a defeat.

She was incredibly vibrant and happy after coming home and really loved the festival.

In most of these cases, both the man and his wife end up happier after the divorce.

We are both so, so much happier after the show and we also had some funny memories.

He is looking happy after completing his first full pre-season, the prolonged rest has certainly re-energised him.

I do nt think you would be happy after buying a luxury car, if you come to know that your neighbour got it for Rs.

No wonder I always remain happy after a routine exercise no matter how difficult and bad my financial condition is.

But Simba, seeing Kovu happy after his night with Kiara, invites the young Outsider to come into the cave with him.

In 1% of cases happy as is used

Happy as well as sad surprises.

And they were happy as a result.

I'd totally happy as a spectator.

Tbh, I would be happy as a United fan if we managed to finish in the top 4 this season.

Chances are she'll be back to her old self within a week and far happier as a result.

In fact, I can hardly think of any large firm that has happy as a culture or core value.

Paulie would settle down on her perch, one foot tucked into her breast feathers, happy as a clam once you were there.

There are many colors to choose from so you will more than likely find one that makes you happy as well as your child.

I have long learnt that if you are not happy as a single person, there is no way you will be happy as a married person.

Countless thousands of others no doubt went home with the same belief, and they would have gone home happy as a result.

In 1% of cases happy by is used

I am happy By Mr Ataaur Rahamn.

No one can be made happy by wealth.

I was still not totally happy by 2.

I'd currently using WordPress for a few my blogs but I am not happy by using it so far.

It's one of the challenges of freelancing - keeping clients happy by serving them well.

When he dropped us off at the correct airport I made him happy by giving him a big tip.

We finally know how Sukkie feels, because just like him we made a lot of people happy by sharing his talent and love.

So while the yes men keep fluff happy by keep telling him everything is ok and look at how short staffed we can work.

This week brought a particularly smart kinder teacher who kept her charges happy by playing a singing game with them.

She made him happy by telling him that they were going to do a kind of play and he was going to be the main actor man.

In 1% of cases happy of is used

And what makes me happiest of all.

Happiest of holidays to everybody.

Not what I wanted but I'd very happy of.

We repeat: you will not be trapped in LAX purgatory on the happiest of all holidays.

Stradbally will possibly be the happier of the two teams after the latest instalment.

The wonderful moments in your relationship is when both of you are happy of each other.

My friend, instead of looking happy of having finally managed to buy his first house, had a worried look on his face.

However history tells us that Croke Park in September is not the happiest of hunting grounds for Mayo footballers.

In fact Mao was not happy of Vietnam reunification, because it was a reunification outside of his sphere of influence.

In 1% of cases happy on is used

You look so happy on that photo.

I just feel so happy on the ice.

See, I think I'd happy on my own.

In such a set up, keeping Colombo happy on some fronts is of some concern to New Delhi.

And then I was quite happy on Saturday during the qualifying when the rain didn't stop.

I don't figure that we in the West can be fat and happy on the backs of Chinese workers.

Once I really understood the deeper significance of that, I began to thrive, and I know I am much happier on my own.

If you can't be happy on the inside, there's no way you'll be able to rub any of that happy aura off on other couples.

A customer who is happy with the first buying experience needs and wants to be equally happy on each further occasion.

When you look at the new crossovers you'll find 3 rows of well appointed comfort keeping everyone happy on a long trip.

In 1% of cases happy without is used

You can be happy without drugs.

You can be blissfully happy without it.

He seems quite happy without it, though.

We don't just sail through them and turn out happy without going through some pain.

I do nt know why but I cant smile or let myself be happy without previously crying.

Even when the first three areas are satisfied one can't be happy without the fourth.

This will allow you to focus on keeping your children safe and happy without having to worry about lost luggage.

Neat thing Dr House about the Piraha is that they were so happy without God that they de-converted Daniel Everett.

Those that keep these helpful hints in mind will be able to drive away happy without feeling ripped off or scammed.

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