Prepositions after "happen"

"happen to" or "happen in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases happen to is used

I happen to have older friends.

What has happened to Doctor Who?

This happened to me in my school.

He asked her ' where am I, and what has happened to Barzakh? Why am I in this state.

Something interesting happened to me during the few minutes I held that little girl.

And I experienced the worst nightmare that can happen to a journalist: writer's block.

That's what happened to Bauder, and I suspect it will happen to anybody attempting a more rigidly policed fork site.

This show is amazing, and I really want to know what happens to Ty and Amy, at least they're still together though.

Also, what happened to Africa and Eastern Europe? Are these really the only value-for-money locations? Great list.

On the one hand a healthy adult only needs one of them, on the other something might happen to the remaining kidney.

In 31% of cases happen in is used

All things happen in good time.

That happened in March of 1988.

We had so much happen in 6 years.

The history books never told you a lot about what happened in the Revolutionary War.

All these things can not happen in mainland China, but they are happening in China.

These same people will be escaping the devastation happening in their own countries.

It was the first time that had happened in the opening session of the Ryder Cup since 1997 at Valderrama in Spain.

But if Bishop Hill is right, then there is another sea-change happening in Britain which is relevant to all this.

What was shown is happening in the public area, though we don't see them frequently, but we do see them everyday.

There's a great food scene happening in the city now at North Quarter- at the Northern end of the Canberra Centre.

In 6% of cases happen with is used

The same happens with investing.

That hasn't happened with Obama.

It's about to happen with Twitter.

Never once mentioned it afterwards, never explained what happened with the police.

But as happens with concussions, he turned a corner and came back with a vengeance.

This failure of self-government happened with New York City's bankruptcy in the 70s.

Poor guy! Dannii: YES! He has to lay behind and watch what happens with Gemma and Clay, meaningful Gemma loves him.

I had to scramble around trying to figure out what the hell just happened with 350 people waiting and watching me.

I mean this happened with the nexus 7 when it launched, but two weeks later when they restocked they didn't run out.

But that wouldn't happen with Downing because his natural inclination is to stay out wide and look to deliver crosses.

In 6% of cases happen on is used

What happens on BB, stays on BB.

This happened on both occasions.

This is what happened on my end.

I explained who I was, what had happened on twitter and what Omar had replied to me.

It all happened on a Sunday, the 14th of August, 2011 between the hours of 7 and 8pm.

Investors are concerned that nothing much is going to happen on that front at the moment.

Unable to control what happens on the track, in the pool or on the pitch, they crave control in their personal lives.

This happened on such a large scale that the population of the region became very unstable and continuously shifting.

The massacre that happened on 23 November 2009 was the biggest tragedy of my life and that of my whole family as well.

I want to make sure we remember that as we discuss an incident that happened on the field in Kansas City this weekend.

In 5% of cases happen at is used

Wonder what will happen at whl.

DALLAS -- Maybe it happens at 3 a.

I guess worse things happen at sea.

Miss George has spoken out about the attack which happened at her home in Somersham.

We've got hold of the videos of what really happened at the show which caused riots.

It was also not unusual for a town to be named after a monastery? as happened at St.

To the Dux we puttered in my VW, sure that there would be something to fit that description happening at the Dux.

The facts The reaction happens at room temperature in the presence of organic peroxides or some oxygen from the air.

The shooting happened at a chapel in the World Changers church in College Park, Georgia, a police spokeswoman said.

The gig happened at the Rio, Rock &; Blues Music Club, a small, but cozy venue which offers us a very intimate show.

In 3% of cases happen for is used

This happened for several days.

Everything happens for a reason.

I hope that will happen for them.

Feel like reversal might be able to happen for others but it couldn't happen for you.

There's always some kind of training happening for people; there's always meetings.

As I said, this is very common and happens for couples young an old, beautiful or not.

I had one concern, it seems as if from your article the breaking of the engagement can only happen for two reasons.

Even though Gresham's name came to be attached to this phenomenon, this had been happening for thousands of years.

You need to get out before things escalate or continue the way they are if the abuse has been happening for awhile.

At one stage it looked like it wasn't going to happen for us, but we just kept pushing hard and came through in the end.

In 2% of cases happen after is used

All seven attacks happened after Ramadan.

What happens after that remains to be seen.

Panic? That'll never happen after a friendly.

They are using events that happened after Romney left Bain and blaming him for it.

Loosing their way after a bright beginning is what happened after Paul left Corinth.

These often happen after the spring &; autumn equinox and can blow on and off for weeks.

The biggest turnaround of the rebellion happened after late Ranjan Wijeratne was assigned the Ministry of Defense.

How did you become paralysed, and how did this affect your life? It happened after a horse riding accident in 2007.

It is impossible to understand the present condition of Germany without a brief survey of what happened after 1945.

After testing, we were able to determine that the our shadow ' ' fetches only happen after the user pushes the button.

In 2% of cases happen during is used

What happened during those elections?

Death can also happen during migration.

This happened during the first expansion.

I think what never happened 58 years before has happened during the last two years.

There were lots of conflicting opinions about what was going to happen during OpenWorld.

What happens during an evacuation? Each evacuation depends on the nature of the crisis.

Polar bears and Inuit people have seen it before, there's clear evidence of it happening during the Holocene.

Around the house, tell your child what things are, where they are going and what is happening during the day.

This happened during the reign of Our Lord, in the 27th year of the emperor Heraclius who had been crowned by God.

The 1979 Ixtoc I spill in the Gulf of Mexico also happened during exploration drilling as did the Persian Gulf spill.

In 1% of cases happen without is used

Nothing happens without a meaning.

Liberation could not happen without it.

This can happen without issuing notices.

But it won't happen without intense and intensive, granular, detailed application.

A lot of historical events would not have happened without religion fueling them.

There is no accident that happened without it being investigated; that is the law.

The success of high-functioning sociopaths in America could never happen without their legions of nitwit stooge quislings.

I believe that it's a good thing for raising awareness that this things can happen without the majority of the world knowing.

The Declaration of Independence was not only the result of a number of compromises, it never would have happened without them.

And all of this has to happen without letting efforts to trim costs and improve efficiency become an excuse for reducing quality.

In 1% of cases happen within is used

Most of them happened within three yards of each other.

And this is what is likely going to happen within 2 years.

We know time not by what it is, but by what happens within it.

Policy cache must be updated when any updated is happened within the policy store.

For most women, expulsion will happen within four to six hours of taking misoprostol.

Blogs are just one stage of the current evolution that is happening within advertising.

However he said those providing threat assessments would not normally expect anything to happen within 24 hours.

Local residents spoke of their disbelief that such an attack had happened within yards of commuters walking home.

In the end, we all have to want to make what happens within our own borders work for us and they need to do the same within their borders.

It doesn't happen overnight, and with the kinds of attachment disorders we are probably talking about, it also doesn't happen within months.

In 1% of cases happen under is used

Which is not going to happen under NDC.

Look what happened under the 1/11 regime.

Such a thing does not happen under conditions of certainty.

I'd not denying the crash didn't happen under Bush, but let's get real for a second.

We'll pay for what's happening under Obama, dearly pay, in the years down the road.

To best tap this potential, we need to know more about what is happening under the sea.

But there wasn't the total seperation of commerce, industry and housing that happened under the post-WWII town planning regime.

If the algo was going nuts last night, why not kill the program? Why wait so long? Your right, something else is happening under the covers.

The hope was that such an event, bringing together differing and conflicting perspectives, might happen under the broad banner of Choose Youth.

Not only such outbursts we also condemn also certain other anti social activities happening under his very nose with or without his knowledge.

In 1% of cases happen over is used

This doesn't happen over night.

It happened over ten years ago.

It is what has been happening over the centuries.

Change doesn't happen over night but if people keep trying eventually change happens.

Many of them were ill informed on policy issues, and what has happened over the last 14 years.

Every kid is eventually trained (I think) and it would be crazy to think it happens over night.

When all of this boils over with work and all that, then I'll spill the beans about what happened over the last year.

If you were there with me that day, and told me what was going to happen over the next year I'd probably not have believed you.

Ideally they should all be the same spec but things happen over time as new hardware becomes available and you're expanding a cluster.

In 1% of cases happen from is used

The transition happens from dark to bright.

No, it happens from the essential principles.

I think things will start to happen from this September on.

This has happened from the time of the Matriarchs until today.

It was easy to predict what would happen from 1993 onwards - and it did.

We could see it happening from the sidelines or even after the dust settled.

We bring the latest news from Africa as it happens from a progressive perspective.

He was saddled with a wretched minus-5 and watched a sixth Hawks goal happen from the penalty box.

You can say there are 20 strokes, and then you see the character happening from beginning till end.

Journalism is all about being objective, not subjective reporting the new as it actually happens from all different angles.

In 1% of cases happen by is used

That does not happen by intimidation.

Then something happened by accident.

This can only happen by staying the course.

Often the maturity happens by doing, learning and unlearning from their own experiences.

Blaming the government for the devastation of the Island, that happened by the hands of God.

WE allowed this to happen by voting in someone that cares more about other countries than OURS.

All of the follow-up discussions suggested in this section should happen by the time your child enters adolescence and puberty.

Re: Could seeing Syncronicity all the time be a bad thing? Everyone says its good God shows us things don't just happen by chance.

Gascogine at times had the game in his very own hand and could dictate what was going to happen by his own force of will, supreme talent and personailty.

In 1% of cases happen between is used

All of this happened between July and October.

Lots of things happen between the semi and the final.

No matter what happens between now and then, you'll get there.

Nothing Efe says to me will change my mind about what is happening between us.

These fights over pasture and cattle happened between communities 150 years ago.

I told him that I felt really bad what happened between us, and I told him that all is forgiven.

So having something happen between Dave and Aubrey seems, at least to them, impossible for any number of reasons.

Also by thinking happy etc thoughts, your body becomes relaxed and great synergy happens between you and the lens.

CS does not allow people to abuse the system but whatever happens between consenting adults is entirely up to them.

EWART: And you pointed out that you're not on the plane yet, but assuming nothing happens between now and take off.

In 1% of cases happen before is used

I never said th massacre happened before 9/11.

It's happened before and it happened this week.

It has happened before and it will happen again.

Consequently, the seal-events must happen before God can conclude His last judgment.

Having a result from istikhara is still valid whether it happens before or after fajr.

Yet all this happened before scientists had reached any consensus about Alar's dangers.

One, we have to find a solution with the current partner, and that needs to happen before going into new licence.

Just as revolutions happened before social media, so did oppression and governments using citizens ' tactics against them.

Jet bridges take you straight from your plane into the terminal, as never happened before the earthquake of 12 January 2010.

All the important changes have happened before the things they were supposed to change and it all sorts itself out in the end.

In 1% of cases happen because is used

This happens because of low blood sugar.

And, this all happened because of desperation.

This happens because of the increasing estrogen in your body.

If the delivery did not happen because of heavy snow, you won't get compensation.

Remember, Maasai Association's projects are happening because of people like you.

I would want you people to know: I see that a lot of things happen because of yourself.

However this condition can also happen because of heart ailments or excessive blood pressure or even for smoking.

I really wanted a 920 but I though it wasn't going to happen because of this exclusive deal with Rogers and AT &T.

As the changes begin to occur, remind yourself that this is only happening because of your risk-taking behavior.

Hot flushes happen because of a decrease in hormone levels, and may improve as your body gets used to the treatment.

In 1% of cases happen as is used

Now, we are seeing what happens as a result of this policy.

This did not happen as the 3 tenants all gave notice to leave.

Lets look at what could happen as a result of lost opportunities.

What behaviour choices did you make to deal with your anger? What happened as a result? 5.

But if you join in and these things happen as a family then it all goes so much more smoothly.

This happens as the Jewish people come to believe in Jesus, and are born again into the kingdom of God.

In True Blood it's all about the interaction between vampires and humans, and the things happen as a result of that.

If the causes and conditions leading to jhana are developed, then the results will begin to happen as a matter of course.

Success in the fight against smuggling is possible but usually happens as a result of coordinated, international actions.

Think of what happened as the government having legalized the right to counterfeit the national currency for private gain.

In 1% of cases happen around is used

Twice that things had happened around us.

It begins happening around this time of the year.

As I've said before, something magical happens around this book.

They should not turn a blind eye when they see injustice happening around them.

But something clearly happened around November 2000, and gross generation slumped.

If we do that, then we will prevent a catastrophe from happening around the world.

You don't simply watch through the eyes of the videographer, you see everything that is happening around them.

Don't dismiss Braddon (Italian &; Sons is one cool trattoria ), and have a look at what's happening around Acton.

So the influence of Portugal and the capacity of Portugal to influence what is happening around the world is immense.

It is important that we should remember the dramatic and humble beginnings of what is now happening around the World.

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