Prepositions after "hang"

hang in, from, over, around or onto?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases hang in is used

Many questions hang in the air.

It's going to be hard to hang in there.

Hang in a tree and watch for the birds.

Monk, a 43-year-old from Burnley, was found hanging in his home in October last year.

I'd thankful you are willing to engage and hang in there, even when it's tough to do so.

Hanging in the reception area is a large blue painting inspired by Schou's sperm dream.

Six baby farmers were hanged in England and one each in Scotland and Wales over the 40 year period from 1870 - 1909.

Elizabeth Potts and her husband Josiah (a middle aged white couple) were hanged in Elko, Nevada for killing Miles Faucett.

Did no one from the film industry reassure you during those dark days and tell you, you're a good actress, hang in there? No.

Hundreds of more cases are hanging in the court only because of the power implementation by the corrupt MP's and Ministers.

In 15% of cases hang from is used

She was found hanging from a roof.

Let the dumbbell hang from your shoulder.

Colourful, printed fabrics hang from the ceiling.

But the idyll is shattered by their discovery of a man's body, hanging from a tree.

In addition to the empty barrel, there are ripe apples still hanging from the tree.

Silberling is not the one taking the chance when a stunt child is required to hang from a cliff.

As part of our soft adventure tour of the island, we spent a morning hanging from the tree tops with Chukka Caribbean.

I think we all have values but some choose bed rock, some choose gravel, some sand and others hang from a kite in the wind.

An effigy of Kasab, with a noose around his neck, was hung from the entrance gate of the station by a right-wing local party.

Felani's body hung from the fence for five hours before Indian authorities transferred her to their Bangladeshi counterparts.

In 8% of cases hang over is used

Some evil hangs over this fated city.

Considering the Sword of Damocles that hung over us.

The only question mark hanging over it is the price.

One of the reasons was the question hanging over the legality of the EcoCare rates.

The shadow of the huge footprint of John Paul II continues to hang over Rome to this day.

Anonymous We need to be much more cautious with legislation allowing an iron fist to hang over the head of citizens.

Meanwhile, the election campaign season rages on, and the very real threat of a Romney-Ryan victory hangs over the nation.

The 43-kilogram Year Six student grabbed a thin, mossy branch hanging over the SUV and began to shinny across the creek.

Feet hanging over the edge, looking way down on New Zealand, you'll begin to grasp how big things actually are on the South Island.

In 6% of cases hang around is used

But her cat liked to hang around her.

We had nothing in common so why would they hang around me.

One day Billy Big Ears the bat was hanging around the zookeeper's office snoozing.

I'll still be hanging around twitter too, although maybe not as much as previously.

I went to film school, made some short films and hung around the fringes of Hollywood for a while.

Not with tens of thousands of dollars of student loan debt hanging around the necks of young college graduates.

But when that same memory arises and you resist it or wallow in it or believe in it, then it can hang around the whole day.

And answer to me what the hell were you doing all that time hanging around Osho's world? If he was such a infamous character.

The family hung around the locksmiths, visited the shops again, and generally made a day of being at the little shopping centre.

In 6% of cases hang onto is used

That drones like Malem hang onto.

Please find something to hang onto.

Hanging onto that phrase like a lifeline.

Bowker hung onto his boot, but started to sink in himself, weighed down by Kiowa's body.

He hung onto the guardrail of the balcony, he kicked at them and screamed and twisted his face.

He too was a survivor, sheltering in a mosque while his family was saved by hanging onto trees.

Ha! They go from standing, to kneeling, to crawling, to hanging onto his pants as they beg him to spare their jobs.

The 6-speed automatic transmission becomes more eager to hang onto revs before upshifting and the steering is firmed up.

My rickshaw driver The rickshaws here have no shade, and there are tiny handles to hang onto on either side of the seat.

Brooks Laich introduced the Caps within one, but the Canadiens hung onto accomplish perhaps the finest upset in NHL playoff history.

In 6% of cases hang by is used

Its credibility is hanging by a thread.

They should be hung by their you know whats.

Pictures were crowded together, sometimes unframed, usually hung by cord.

All those in opposition to any of this will be hung by the neck until almost unconscious.

Now that you have been hung by your own petard you are finding all kinds of faults with it.

If he slipped he would be hung by writs tied together and be battered by the revolving steps.

July 7, 1865 -- 45 year old Mary Surratt was hanged by the military at the Washington Arsenal Penitentiary in Washington, D.

Who knows what the US did with OBL! Perhaps his corpse was dragged and hung by his balls as Vladimir Putin promised his enemy.

However, it was admitted that the accused was present and did not stop him when suspects were tortured by hanging by the wrists.

In 5% of cases hang with is used

Windows 8 Setup just hangs with a blank screen.

Dan, who is coming to Toronto to hang with us Snows.

Rich peoples homes were hung with wool tapestries or painted linen.

This is the reason why she hasn't been hanging with us and I end up visiting her at home.

That works well for me since most of the mates I'd hang with would have closed from work by sunset.

It was painfully obvious to all who watched that Lesnar couldn't hang with the new age mixed martial artist.

They were newly painted and papered, newly furnished, and hung with oil paintings borrowed from the local art gallery.

Her 3 male co-defendants, Sergeant James Buchanan, Private William Brooks and her lover, Ezra Ross, were hanged with her.

Richie hung with people that did not know God and even though he rarely mentioned God he still wished that they knew Christ.

With that in mind, I will try to relegate my gambling to when she is hanging with the cousin and after she heads to bed for the night.

In 5% of cases hang at is used

Mary (black, age 35) was hanged at 12.

She was the last woman to hang at Newgate.

Like the goalie mask propped as if it were hanging at the MoMA.

PULL-UP Grab a pull-up bar with a shoulder-width overhand grip and hang at arm's length.

Kasab was transferred to Yerwada jail in Pune, Maharashtra where he was hanged at 7:30 am.

During 1692 - 13 women were hanged at Salem, Massachusetts after the notorious witchcraft trials.

January 24, 1846 - 47 year old Elizabeth Van Valkenburgh was hanged at Johnstown, New York for poisoning two husbands.

Ada Chard-Williams (24) was hanged at Newgate prison in London by James Billington on Tuesday, the 6th of March, 1900.

I had one of my pieces (Old Fathers Survey New Ghosts) hanging at an art show and it had taken me over a month to finish.

Duboison gave up Sas Portas in exchange for his own life, but Sas Portas was not as lucky and was hanged at the Kingston Parade.

In 4% of cases hang for is used

I am ready to be hanged for it.

One woman was hanged for adultery.

She was hanged for witchcraft at Salem Mass.

Two other men were hanged for arson and robbery on the same gallows later in the day.

These two were having an affair and were hanged for the murder of Amanda's husband, Cicero.

In truth, they criminals who should be rounded up and either locked up or hung for their atrocities.

We hung for about an hour until my friend's friend showed up and we walked into downtown to find box food and drinks.

Here's another- Bradley Manning is a traitor who should be charged, convicted and hung for his betrayal of this nation.

Lewis was held for several months before being exchanged for the wives of British officials captured by the Americans.

In 3% of cases hang on is used

Kanailal was hanged on 10 November 1908.

I thought there were something more so i hung on to it.

He should have been hanged on the day when he was caught.

Only a handful knew that Kasab would hang on Nov 21 morning.

The day after Alice ' s execution, White was hanged on the same gallows.

Sentenced to death with twelve others, Westwood was hanged on 13 October 1846.

She was convicted and hanged on Monday, the 11th of August by William Marwood.

Her co-defendant, 32 year old Selmon Brooks was hanged on the same gallows at 1.

Enoch Spann had been hanged on the same gallows on April 11, some 3 weeks earlier.

July 30, 1852 - Ann Hoag (white, aged 31) was hanged on this Friday in Poughkeepsie, New York for poisoning her husband.

In 1% of cases hang like is used

I was then carried outside and hung like a piece of meat on the prison wall.

You could be hung like a horse but lousy in bed, or small in the pants department and a fantastic lover.

He was a daily communicant at pubs that hung like a necklace around the Liffey: Mulligan 's, Cassidy 's, The Palace Bar, Tommy Wright 's, The Regal Inn.

Cold mist hung like a semi-translucent curtain that gave the whole park a mysterious ambiance, transforming the normally sinister location into a venue most appropriate for a fairy tale romance.

In 1% of cases hang off is used

I think Scotland and Wales hung off them and allow them their moves.

Door trim hanging off, front trim under bumper always coming loose, and needs relocating.

That passion for knowledge helps him and his siblings survive a number of unfortunate events, although it doesn? t do much good when he is hanging off the side of a very tall tower.

In 1% of cases hang between is used

Pipes of quantifiable Resources resemble reservoir containers that hang between Processes.

It was like that Super 12 final between the Crusaders and the Hurricanes a few years back, only this was in summer, a misty curtain hanging between the outfielders and the middle.

At some point, after everything has been cleaned up, you will wonder how on earth he managed to walk with such a deposit hanging between his legs, let alone be happy and comfortable.

In 1% of cases hang out is used

There was no amateur youngfella hanging out of him.

You're just at school, all you do is just hang out with your mates really.

I've hung out of light aircraft over islands in The Maldives - trusting strangers not to let go of my ankles.

Prices have fallen, and in the little play area where I hang out most evenings with mummies and their children, I discover chicken is off kiddie menus.

This article is right on -- esp about people leaving stuff hanging out of the overheads -- that stuff should be pulled out and checked -- let the passenger deal with it later.

The park's chief scientist, Charlie Manolis, said the crocodile, which, unlike an albino, has some pigment, mostly visible in its black spots, was hatched with yolk hanging out of its egg.

In 1% of cases hang to is used

The San Jose City Police found a dead male person tied hanging to a tree with a gunshot wound in the head.

It's got lkoads of optical illusions that mess with your head, like a room where the water runs uphill (or appears to ), and a swing hangs to the side.

He took off brother Anwar? s glasses and covered his head with a head covering normally reserved for criminals that that are about to be hanged to death.

Every scene is unpredictable, every piece of acting by the main characters is superb, and it's almost impossible not to hang to every word on the dialogue.

Thambyrajah, with their eight sons (one of ' them very sick) and Sister Elizabeth Baker (with a little boy hanging to her saree and his mother) arrived about 4.

In 1% of cases hang above is used

A Huichol yarn painting of a coiled rattler hangs above our hearth.

For the pakua, it is usually hang above the door to ward off bad influences e.

It ended with Olympic rings forged from the furnaces, hanging above the stadium.

In the Biennial's main art space at the Cunard Building, a series of ' To Let ' signs hang above the viewer's head.

Like the sword of Damocles, this signage hangs above the audience with the potential threat of devastating all in its path.

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