Prepositions after "halfway"

halfway through, between, up, down or to?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases halfway through is used

I'd now about halfway through it.

See, your halfway through already.

He came to that halfway through his life.

I then proceeded to fall asleep halfway through the first gig because of jetlag.

I wanted to be friends with Vanellope by the time the movie was halfway through.

About halfway through their set the board just shut off in the middle of a song.

We took a new route because of some road construction and about halfway through the journey we noticed an odor.

By halfway through the third season, the cracks are pretty apparent, as the show detours into romance subplots.

Shutter Island has a relatively predictable twist, one that's possible to guess about halfway through the film.

But about halfway through my San Jose RnR training, I decided to sign up for the Las Vegas Rock ' n ' Roll Half.

In 10% of cases halfway between is used

Kekaha Kai State Park, about halfway between Waikaloa and Kona.

Jean Cap Ferrat is situated about halfway between Nice and Monaca.

My brother lives in Broomfield, about halfway between Denver and Boulder.

Hold the instrument pointing downwards, about halfway between horizontal and vertical.

Located about halfway between Omotesando and Harajuku station on Omotesando Dori (street).

WhiteBirch This is true, I grew up Fundamentalist about halfway between Belfast and Waterville.

And the people about halfway between us and the Mayans knew an equal amount about their own futures and pasts.

The frequency of the blue wave is, if you look carefully, about halfway between that of the red and the purple.

Its center is the town of Si Racha, located at the Gulf of Thailand, about halfway between Chonburi and Pattaya.

About halfway between Avenue B and Avenue C the water was up to their waists and deep enough to put the motor down.

In 6% of cases halfway up is used

A view looking down from a point about halfway up the rope.

At school, I was never more than about halfway up the class.

It is visible from our compound and about halfway up the peak.

The bedroom is on a mezzanine halfway up the cylinder, accessed by a long, curling ramp.

We all eventually converged and found a nice site about halfway up the cove on the west side.

At the bottom I was feeling okay but about halfway up the 10km ascent, I knew I was in trouble.

Frescoes - The Sigiriya Damsels About halfway up the rock is a sheltered gallery of frescoes painted on the sheer rock face.

We did pushes for 5 in and out of corners, a push for ten halfway up the reach and a push for 15 coming off the railway bridge.

I refused to let myself rest halfway up any tricky incline knowing full well that after I rested setting off again would be very difficult.

That's a challenge when it comes to the new middle school, which straddles the Lincoln Park and West Duluth neighborhoods about halfway up the ridge.

In 6% of cases halfway down is used

About halfway down the ' RootViewController.

About 100km short of halfway down Argentina now.

The US is just short of halfway down the second half of the curve now.

Based on the gigs I attended, the sound was at its best about halfway down the tent.

Weather conditions were so bad the DH course had to started from halfway down the hill.

About halfway down the runway, she peeled off her scarf and tossed it into the second row.

I get down there, peek around the corner, and to my delight I see the crowd is only about halfway down the street.

Try playing a game where the bowler can bowl from halfway down the pitch and you will know how huge an advantage it is.

Well, not quite, I guess we are only about halfway down the continent and several months ahead of the scheduled departure date.

Exhibit B: the time he admitted that he was a teacher in a comment on another person's post (about halfway down this screen shot).

In 5% of cases halfway around is used

You make me feel like I've gone halfway around the world.

Now how he knows this halfway around the world, no one knows.

Oh, you make me feel like I've gone halfway around the world.

Diane can manage to start interesting conversations from halfway around the world.

This means you can turn on your PS3 from halfway around the world, using your Vita.

Radtke said the Sun site is a great tool to feel closer to Las Vegas from halfway around the world.

All that it takes to make you happy, whatever you need to know that you make me feel like I've gone halfway around the world.

In other words, if someone sends you an object from halfway around the world it will be unusual if it conforms to your local protocols.

Not only that, it's much cheaper to send goods to American consumers when you don't have to ship the goods from halfway around the world.

If you have any corrections for these lyrics or any ideas about the meaning to halfway around the world, please feel free to submit them.

In 5% of cases halfway to is used

We managed to drag a lot of them about halfway to Lisp.

They were now about halfway to the West Australian coast.

That's the atmospheric temperature about halfway to the tropopause.

About halfway to Naivasha you'll start seeing see spectacular views of the Great Rift Valley.

About halfway to their destination, their van was damaged when it hit a huge hole in the road.

ABOUT THIS SITE Bill Gram-Reefer is Editor &; Publisher of Halfway To Concord, founded in 2004.

Follow a line about an inch behind your ear down the side of your neck above the collar bone about halfway to the start of the shoulder.

About halfway to the office, we were about to pass a prefect but Singh stopped him and instructed him to take me to the headmaster instead.

Halfway To Concord is the leading online source for community-driven political news, events, and opinion for Contra Costa County and the San Francisco East Bay.

In this expanded paperback edition of Halfway to Each Other, readers will be able to enjoy the original story of their adventures -- no cars, no television -- and find out where they are today.

In 4% of cases halfway across is used

About halfway across the gates started coming down.

A bird doesn't import a lot of materials from halfway across the world.

It takes a real drunk to nail a moving target from halfway across the room.

Most of your possessions are still being shipped from halfway across the country.

Following American politics from halfway across the globe, I felt even more disillusioned.

Start bulging your cheeks at me and I'd already halfway across the room, smoking a cigarette.

After he made his slow and painful journey about halfway across the river, he suddenly heard the sound of singing behind him.

Dunga Ruins Dunga Ruins are those of a palace, and are located on the main road to Chwaka Bay, about halfway across the island.

Dunga Ruins - Dunga Ruins are those of a palace, and are located on the main road to Chwaka Bay, about halfway across the island.

Today we have people marrying from halfway across the world and we live in a completely different society than our dear parents did.

In 3% of cases halfway into is used

I made it home about halfway into the first quarter.

The knife should lodge itself about halfway into the seed.

He soured a halfway into my trip, contact became next to nothing.

About halfway into writing this post I realized that the topic is too enormous for a blog.

Look around the bunch about halfway into the race and decide who you can beat and who can beat you.

About halfway into the four hour journey across the uninhabited desert interior, there was a pitstop.

Then there is that small part about halfway into the main story that the game suddenly comes to a stop in events.

To get a head start, you need to set your goals and execute; otherwise, you'll be lost and puzzled halfway into the new year.

Go ahead and drive a finishing nail about halfway into the board at each nail location shown but make sure that it is in securely.

Start with the lens board about halfway into your TV box, and place your TV about 2inches away from a white wall, screen or white sheet.

In 2% of cases halfway along is used

Built in 1818 halfway along O'Connell Street (formerly Sackville.

About halfway along that path, I suppose, I recall seeing them again.

About halfway along the route, it got easier to judge when it was rest-time.

The flower fascicle is inserted supra-axillary, up to halfway along the internode.

If you're running low on gas, there is a station about halfway along the road in Shimen.

When we were only about halfway along the trail, the rain returned and wind came with it.

The temple is located about halfway along the road and a stop in its quiet, incense-shrouded interior makes a pleasant break.

USA Today Note the strange loop off course about halfway along the route to the west, which was the first sign the plane was hijacked.

She carried the flame from Darlington Place, in Bathwick Hill, along the 300-metre stretch down to halfway along Great Pulteney Street.

The Salt Lake City tornado of 11 August 1999 crossed a canyon--descending one side and rising up the other about halfway along its path.

In 2% of cases halfway in is used

There is a twist about halfway in the book of Acts when Paul heads to Jerusalem.

Turns out the halfway in the middle of no where it wasn't and the fan wasn't staying on at all.

About halfway in he complained about how heavy his pack and suggested we leave some toys behind to pick up later.

But during the halfway in the second quarter Indians got a break after which Sri Lankans started the firework again.

This practice lasted until about halfway in my freshman year of college, when a good friend introduced me to the world of vegetarianism.

Now, add two dimes, one to each arm of your boomerang, about halfway in between its tip and its elbow -- this makes your boomerang a good bit more resistant to wind.

I expected there to be some cohesion to the chapters, something that tied them together, and as far as I could tell by about halfway in there wasn't anything of the sort.

Owen's third arrived when he charged clear from halfway in the manner of old after racing onto another short pass from Obertan, before calmly chipping Wolfsburg keeper Diego Benaglio.

After close to a decade of working in a Middle East country, the family practically had nothing to show for other than the housing unit which was far from halfway in its installment run.

In 2% of cases halfway of is used

I did not wear them till halfway of the parade.

As for me, I didn't even get halfway of the 1st book.

Paced by training partner Sammy Tangui for a possible halfway of 49-49.

If the flood waters are up to halfway of the wheels, then it's probably still safe to pass through.

As it begins, Diame comes within an interception on halfway of sending Benayoun clear and in on goal.

What's disappointing is how the rumor finally come into realization after almost halfway of the show *sigh*.

I said to him that he had ran already a distance of 28 kilometers and he was on the halfway of the course distance.

Terrines are cooked in a bain marie, which means you'll want to fill that baking dish with water up to halfway of your mold.

Additional funding would be needed for the improvement of education; however the total expenditure is unlikely to reach even halfway of 6% of GDP.

On the last day of my trip (I'd actually just halfway of my summer trip ), I will be starting a long long journey back to my place - from Okayama until Nagaoka.

In 1% of cases halfway with is used

Cup one hand and fill it about halfway with oil.

Fill a saucepan about halfway with water and bring it to a boil.

In the time it took me to write that they've gone through halfway with Kipsang's lead 16 seconds.

Bake for 10 minutes at 200C alongside chicken parcel, turning the croutons once halfway with kitchen tongs.

A water bath is basically a big pan (that will comfortably hold your cake pan) which is filled about halfway with boiling water.

My Bass rig is 1000 watts, takes two people to carry and STILL never gets ' turned up past maybe halfway with windows rattling and dust.

Serving the curry - When you're all done, remove everything from the heat, and fill a bowl about halfway with rice, then top with curry (our favorite way to enjoy this meal).

In 1% of cases halfway thru is used

Also, my larger garlic pieces turned blue-green halfway thru cooking.

At halftime there was noticeable thinning, about 75% full halfway thru the 3rd period and 50% full by the end of the 3rd.

In 1% of cases halfway round is used

Toilets are present halfway round the lake.

Then as above, you're coming from halfway round the globe to buy something made in your hometown.

So where are we up to so far? As of this moment (and remember I'd writing this from halfway round the globe in Brazil) I haven't heard from the parliamentary secretary.

In 1% of cases halfway for is used

Stop short halfway for the bottom line as lining your eyes entirely will counter-productively shrink, instead of enlarge them.

In 1% of cases halfway before is used

Then Camp runs almost to halfway before lifting it into the box.

At its genesis, Jeremy Duncan kept going and going from halfway before picking out Watkins at the back post for half-time parity.

The Scotland defence offers the All Blacks space to run and surges from centres Tamati Ellison and Ben Smith help the visitors up to halfway before a knock-on brings the attack to a halt.

Setting off on a charge from deep inside his own half, Valencia exchanged passes with Rooney on halfway before squaring to Ryan Giggs and running onto the veteran Welshman's chipped return.

In 1% of cases halfway after is used

I passed 2 ladies about halfway after Carroll Creek.

Evans made the decisive act of the first half when he broke from a scrum at halfway after 32 minutes.

It went quickly to halfway after an hour or two and then to a quarter mark after 6-7 hours and then remained that way all the way to the 10hr mark.

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