Prepositions after "hail"

"hail from" or "hail as"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases hail from is used

Hailing from financial industry,.

Her parents hail from the Volta Region.

Hailing from the Old Braeton community in St.

Hailing from the northern Denmark, Daniel has been around the world and back again.

Maharani (Marcella Zalianty) is a young woman hailing from the big city of Jakarta.

The current First Lady, Lordina Mahama hails from Nkoranza in the Brong Ahafo region.

At a recent UPFA rally, she said would always ally herself with leftist parties as she hails from a leftist family.

Only 9 percent were of Iraqi origin, the rest hailing from Kuwait, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan and even France.

So take a moment to remember today the 2,977 innocent victims who died on 9/11, who hailed from over 90 countries.

An understanding of the syuzhet requires first a definition of the fabula (both terms hail from studies of narrative).

In 21% of cases hail as is used

This is the story of a man whom legends hailed as God.

Hannah, who was hailed as the first Bollywood star was 69 years.

Their college program was hailed as the number one in the nation.

The Queen's itching was eventually relieved, and Nick left satisfied and hailed as a hero.

This deal still represents very good value in the current market and should be hailed as a positive.

He would go over their heads, expose the terrorist conspiracy, and -- as in the Millennium case -- be hailed as a hero.

David Cameron put very little of himself into promoting what he had once hailed as a defining act of reform and devolution.

Rather than suffering the indignity of arrest and police inquiries Mr Lambert should be hailed as a hero and public benefactor.

These proposals were hailed as the most progressive breakthrough in the political sphere of resolving the Tamil national question.

In 7% of cases hail by is used

Hailed by critics as a master of satire.

The move was hailed by the Government as a positive step for Jamaica.

To cap it all off, ANNA is hailed by people who have got it as a pile of **bleep**.

The book, which earned significant scrutiny from the media, was hailed by some readers a savior and by others as a fraud.

Hailed by international and local reviewers, Halo 4 has garnered universal acclaim as one of the top-rated video games of 2012.

President Obama's faith in multilateralism -- particularly the United Nations (UN) -- was hailed by liberals when he entered the White House.

For example, on publication the Act was hailed by an Independent editorial for bringing an end to what it described as? the persecution of consensual gay sexual conduct?

Anandasangaree, once hailed by the government, as a ' moderate ' Tamil voice, now cautions that the frequent military excesses in Jaffna would sow seeds of a future conflict.

In 2% of cases hail for is used

When released, it was hailed for its realistic treatment of both the American and Vietnamese perspectives.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen have already been hailed for reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis and breast cancer.

This was a well-used shipping lane and he was hoping to come across a Chinese junk, sailing in spite of the ' ' Ming ban ' ', which he could hail for the latest news from China.

Issues to be resolved While ECOWAS deserves to be hailed for its achievements, West Africa remains a turbulent region and there are several issues that have yet to be resolved.

In 2% of cases hail in is used

Then, just as he was hailed in Berlin as the spiritual father of expressionism, he had a nervous breakdown, returned home in 1908, and never left Norway again.

In 2% of cases hail to is used

Hail to biz ed as most popular across all America for indebting and reducing oneself.

Within that year, 1798, the Temple was completed?? All hail to the morning that bidst us rejoice, The Temple? s completed, Exalt each voice, The cap-stone is finished Our labour is o? er.

In 1% of cases hail at is used

Ten years on, as we look back on the initial success that operation achieved, it was not exactly the triumph everyone hailed at the time.

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