Prepositions after "hack"

hack into, by, at, to or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases hack into is used

AJ says that Vickie hacked into Cena's phone and that she is a.

Business Insider claimed he then told a friend how he had hacked into the accounts of Crimson staff.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been accused of hacking into the email accounts of rivals and journalists.

You will not hack into the Website, Natural Strategies ' computer systems or the computer systems of other users of the Website.

In a separate article in the series, the magazine alleged that Zuckerberg had also hacked into his rivals at HarvardConnection.

They hacked into the phones of police and other influential people, and followed them, to get dirt that they could use to bribe the investigators to stop.

Just had a phone call from The world wide web server! An Asian lady said she was trying to help me -- I had a problem with a trojan hacking into my computer.

In the second instance, the magazine claimed Zuckerberg hacked into the accounts of rivals at Harvard who accused him of stealing their idea for a social network.

In 13% of cases hack by is used

Password can be easily hack by visitors if it has not Special character.

You say, in addition, that your computer was hacked by someone in London.

True, Petraeus ' e-mail was never actually broken into or hacked by the FBI.

In June 2011, Google's e-mail system was apparently hacked by hackers in Jinan, China.

I hope though it wasn't a case of her being hacked by a griefer looking to spread hate.

You receive nothing positive by trying to, or really hack by any mean, directly into your buddies account.

Brooks, 43, resigned as NI boss in July 2011 following allegations of phone hacking by News of the World journalists.

It is alleged that over 7000 people have had their phones hacked by News of the World, what is a mass breach of privacy.

In the midst of accusation and scandal he's needed to find new strength to face the accusation of bribery, corruption and hacking by subsidiary firms.

Assad's own e-mails were hacked by the opposition, while experts suspect Syria or Iran may have been behind last week's apparent interference in regional broadcasts of BBC World.

In 11% of cases hack at is used

Slash and hack at them as you will, they just seem to keep popping up around every corner.

In reality, it's a bunch of mud-caked guys in galoshes hacking at the earth for $3 a day.

Mrs Brooks strongly denies any knowledge of phone hacking at the paper when she was editor.

Goodman was the first reporter charged - and jailed - over phone hacking at the News of the World.

The hedgerow between genre and litfic is also being hacked at, by writers and readers on both sides.

But with Gonzalez on second, Ramirez mindlessly hacked at the first two pitches and struck out looking on the third.

But you choose to stave off grey hairs by Lamely hacking at the sides With lies and flimsy alibis For your suspicious expeditions.

Neighbours heard the screams and dashed to the school, where they restrained the man as he was still hacking at his brother's body, the paper added.

British MPs are getting antsy, too, after a report accused three former News International executives of misleading a House of Commons inquiry into the phone hacking at the News of the World.

In 11% of cases hack to is used

But the two bodies in the front were hacked to pieces.

The case of Donovan Hazley, who was hacked to death Sunday night by residents of his own community, is especially barbaric.

Also, I understood from the experts that even if I reformat my computer, they might still be able to hack to it and will not be save to use again.

Thankfully the 2010 elections went smoothly and I reported to Angela that we wouldn't be hacked to death after an afternoon spent napping by the pool.

If you had cut the lamb and killed it, the way that Lamb was anyhow, it was hacked to pieces on a cross, spears in the side, and nails in the hands and feet, and thorns over the brow.

In 10% of cases hack in is used

The slide in News Corp's share price comes as an investigation into phone hacking in the UK widens.

It may well be that the figure clutching the arrow and the one being hacked in the thigh both represent Harold.

Google's networks were hacked in an attack that began in December and that the company said emanated from China.

The photo strip on the Fan Page can't be hacked in the same ways as those on profile pages as they appear randomly.

Chris ' Experience A WordPress account got hacked in the past (he didn't keep the versions and plugins up to date!).

Resisting calls for an inquiry into hacking in Scotland, he has told Holyrood he will only answer questions at the Leveson inquiry, where he is due to appear on 13 June.

When your city understands that its shape and feel should be focused on people instead of cars, there is less need for us to do our DIY Urban Design hacks in the middle of the night.

In 5% of cases hack on is used

This was hacking on an industrial scale.

Or a programmer from Afpy might start to hack on food, etc.

So instead, I'd prefer to pretend to hack on some C/C++ or Ruby or PHP and play some PS3 and call it a day.

In 4% of cases hack off is used

Er, I mean, for reminding Rick that he hacked off Allen's leg with an ax.

A huge tentacle came up and grabbed one of the fishermen, at which point the young boy hacked off the 19ft tentacle with an axe.

In 3% of cases hack from is used

How about, the reason China Cord Blood went up several X was because (the Chinese did it) it was hacked from Guongdong and the greedy hackers were greedier than they should have been.

In 3% of cases hack through is used

Next to Facebook and Twitter, though, there's one site I can't escape when I'd hacking through weeds in front of the screen: 8tracks.

Perversely, I realised, the places where the jungle thinned were the most treacherous -- since the trails were clearer where they had been hacked through dense undergrowth.

In 2% of cases hack for is used

Desert hacking for one hour and a half and my body was so sore i was sick the next day.

In 1% of cases hack like is used

Since I'd not a developer, wading through workarounds and hacks like this sometimes makes my head want to explode.

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