Prepositions after "guide"

"guide by" or "guide to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases guide by is used

So we are guided by an American.

It is not guided by a faith based dogma.

Be guided by their wisdom teachings also.

Like Jesus, he was filled with wisdom and was guided by the Spirit in all that he said.

India's current regulations are guided by the Export Import (EXIM) Policy of 2009-2014.

These values determine the norms which are guided by rules and determine human conduct.

Kids will prepare during the day Saturday guided by a few well-chosen older youth/adult who will aid with logistics.

Had a wonderful time, while I was guided by lovely lady who explained interesting details of the red light district.

Did nt they live free from sickness and the petty problems that shake man today? They were guided by their conscience.

We are guided by a commitment to provide students and adults with the knowledge, strategies and skills to ensure that.

In 17% of cases guide to is used

Chapter 10: Guide to Our Services The U.

He called upon people to be guided to the truth by adhering to this book.

Get the Masters guide to hitting irons and watch your scores improve finally.

Reference Data Book and Guide to Sources, Statistical Abstract of the United States Washington, D.

Only when all beings without exception have been guided to Buddhahood, will it be well for me to achieve it.

The Fees Policy form, a Guide to completing the Fees Policy, and CCS calendar may be obtained from the local CCC.

Our first-timers guide to Thailand delves more deeply into what you can see and experience in this multifaceted country.

From that perspective, the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy solution, is as valid, or not valid, as any other proposition.

I suspect that many on here would consider Russells History to Western Philosophy a bit of an idiots guide to the subject.

When sincerity spreads among a people, they are guided to the straight path; if sincerity is withheld, they will go far astray.

In 5% of cases guide for is used

For the June quarter, we have guided for a 4.

Think of this as your consumer reports guide for cosmetics.

Martin, New Testament Foundations: A Guide for Christians Students, vol.

You can even secure a private car or an English translator and guide for your shore excursions.

Solve the mysteries around the Ramsey Manor as this Hidden Chronicles Guide for Beginner will help you get started.

The landlord or real estate agent must give you a copy of a booklet called Renting a home - A guide for tenants and landlords.

You can look up the definitions in HMRC's booklet CIS340 ' Construction Industry Scheme - guide for contractors and subcontractors '.

On top were The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome, by a clinical psychologist named Tony Attwood, and Attwood's Asperger's Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals.

In 5% of cases guide in is used

Some of that info should guide in the acceptance testing.

Those whom God brings into the right way, he will guide in it.

Youths and adults are adventurous and should be guided in d perfect will of God in this perverse world.

You are so fabulous! SUCH a great post! And yes sometimes they just need to be guided in the right direction.

If my mind is to serve God, He can help me in this area, so that my conscience is guided in the right direction.

Having collected all the money, the usual form is to hand out the individual shares to each porter and guide in turn.

Rushton was guided in his music career by some of Jamaica's best including Marjorie Whylie, Jon Williams and Paulette Bellamy.

Robinson-Walcott introduced a kind of binary system for measuring ' slackness ' which perhaps could guide in the censorship process.

The case in which a murderer may be pardoned is when he killed a person but was guided in his life later and repented to Allah with whole heartedness.

It is therefore important to ask for help from therapists or read books which will not only guide in a better way, but will also act as a motivating agent.

In 4% of cases guide through is used

This will be guided through many good sites.

Tour the Museum and be guided through the house he once lived.

Once shown and guided through the process a few times, it becomes as easy as any other carrier.

Now Kenyans must rely on the Supreme Court to guide through these teething stages of transition.

You will be guided through a process that will allow you to open your present awareness to abundant awareness.

I was guided through the donor selection process and the best way I can describe it is like catalogue shopping.

We can be guided through some murky waters by a strong protagonist, wrapped up in some witty banter, and escape unharmed.

Then you will be guided through a series of unique art activities that will bring out your creative spirit and add art to your pages.

For three days in November, we invaded the NaiLab and were guided through some practical examples and theoretical principles behind inquiry lead learning (ILL).

I suspect that every year, unknowing tourists back from their wilderness adventures in Tofino, are guided through the gentle downtown of Nanaimo by the carefully placed ferry signs.

In 2% of cases guide on is used

They need to be specifically guided on what to do next.

So this week read on for a beginners guide on how to use a vibrator on your girlfriend.

I guided on those very waters in the mid-90 's, so these photos brought back a lot of memories.

In 2% of cases guide with is used

I stumbled and fell quite a bit and, eventually, had to be guided with a guide and pal at either elbow.

In 1% of cases guide at is used

In addition, a reward like that of the ones who are guided at her hands will also be given to her, as the Prophet (s.

In 1% of cases guide into is used

This is who America should be and would be, had others stood up and been had they listened to their forefathers who tried to guide into them down the right paths.

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