Prepositions after "guess"

"guess at" or "guess in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 22% of cases guess at is used

I'd guessing at Leviticus here.

I can only guess at the reasons: 1.

We can do better than guess at the outcome.

Of course we can only guess at what power play there might have been following Lenin's death.

But I guess at the end of the day, if it's fun enough, we'll find a way to fit it into our lives.

Vogel won't even have to guess at his speed nor will police use a CSI crime lab to determine the speed.

The European Stability Mechanism -- whose possible remedial schemes everyone spent last week guessing at -- doesn't even exist yet.

We can hazard a guess at what the man who urged Britain to surrender to Hitler and told the Jews to walk into the gas chambers, would do.

I can't guess at what that might be as so far no-one's given me any examples of what this year's costs are but obviously it would be much lower.

How stupid does this administration and President Obama think we are? We, I guess at least 50% of us are pretty stupid because we want to vote for him.

In 17% of cases guess in is used

I guess in this case the characters came first and last.

So I guess in reality, not a whole lot of average in there.

I guess in the world of SG that is enough provocation to be raging.

I guess in the past, one may have sat on the sofa to eat these morsels.

I guess in the process of growing up, everyone will come to this realization.

I will know more I am guessing in a week or so about what it may or may not be.

I guess in a strange sense that was where I felt safe but very unhappy at the same time.

It might make it a completely different race, and I guess in the end that is what they are trying to do.

I guess in what we are doing we are attempting to engage with the outsiders; that feels like lonely work.

But I guess in the city they got through something more and got jobs because there were lots of things to do.

In 10% of cases guess from is used

As you may guess from this picture I love cycling in the woods.

I can not guess from his actions on the field what his tactics and strategy must have been.

But Cecil, well, you'd never have guessed from those scraggy arms that he had been a national gymnast.

Adrian, as might be guessed from my first contribution to this thread, I am no supporter of grammar schools.

I do not know what Brian's background is, but I would guess from this that he is neither an attorney or a scientist.

I would guess from what we know that his failure to judge the situation properly was a contributory factor, but not the only factor.

I am not responsible for the TLC website, but I am guessing from your comments that you all would put me in the ' ignorant and poorly educated mom that is killing her kid ' camp.

In 9% of cases guess for is used

I guess for your work it is the same.

I guess for my debut collection I felt it had to be included.

Or, I guess for your royalness, start hiring the packers to pack for you.

I guess for them, it really isn't the office that demands respect, as many of them argued at the time.

I guess for Modric waiting is THE HARDEST PART, but he'll be LEARNING TO FLY now he's almost got his dream move to Real Madrid sorted.

Their god is plainly visible and wholly understandable -- they have no need of clergy to guess for them, mislead them and get them into trouble.

When it went bad we couldn't wait to get to the end! I guess for me maybe Say Anything -- I found that a really interesting song and I loved the changes in it, less straight out pop than the others.

In 7% of cases guess about is used

She kept everyone guessing about which song she would sing.

They unlike Ford, FDR, LBJ and others don't have to guess about a frigging thing.

My theme is an expert guess about what we will be watching on TV and reading in the mainstream media.

Adam was just not ready to come out publicly because he likes to keep his fans guessing about his sexual preference.

We want to switch it up and keep other teams on their toes, keep them guessing about what Colgate is going to do next.

Oh, just to add something and deviated you from your thoughts and guesses about what I did, these are one of my two new shoes.

If you mean people that are/were close to me, yes id guess about 100-150 but i think im in a special position because i am a military child and move every three.

Very little is known of which invertebrates would have been found in pre-human times in the sanctuary valley but we have made some best guesses about large-bodied species that should be present.

But as guesses about things that can not be observed directly, scientific hypotheses are less secure than the deliverances of common sense, and much less secure than the deliverances of mathematics.

In 7% of cases guess by is used

The pressure from being second guessed by the beautiful, unambiguous graphic on the broadcast became irresistible.

And Melissa in the top three? I guess by default there had to be three top designs but there was nothing redeeming about it other than the color.

In 5% of cases guess on is used

So I guess on that level I do miss those reviews.

In today's post, I'd going to guess on what we could see at 2013's show.

However, while I'd confident on the cost, I'd guessing on the quality.

So it is trying to be holistic I guess on what I see as important in life.

I guess on flights with whiny flight attendants, passengers who snore don't get to sleep.

Modelling individual or even suites of cause/effect paramteres, is just guessing on a grand scale.

In 4% of cases guess to is used

I guess to these reds, tho, there is no such thing as morality, only politics.

I talk about him like he is infallible and I guess to a certain extent, I actually do think he is infallible.

I guess to someone who doesn't have much to do with web sites may think its hacking google or something along those lines; p Ha.

I guess to me a Programmer is someone who can write syntax in a common way to allow communication and understanding by other Programmers.

In 3% of cases guess like is used

It is embedded in some people to be wicked and idiotic, i guess like you.

A small number of axioms are stipulated (rather than guessed like hypotheses).

I guess like everything else it depends on your point of view and what if anything you think/feel Obi Wan and Yoda learned from the prequels.

In 2% of cases guess after is used

Guess after more so many years in teaching, something just had to go as we made the decision to focus on the children.

In 2% of cases guess with is used

I guess with benefits for all (this view might be biased, though).

I wouldn't rule out other makes, but I guess with my budget I am very limited.

In 2% of cases guess of is used

What mattered were the guesses of the bystanders.

It neither could trace the killers nor they could guess of motive of the brutal killing.

One difficulty was that sometimes there were few, or even no, guesses of the oxen's weight.

I would guess of the gamer men who have girlfriends that is the experience of the VAST majority of them.

In 2% of cases guess as is used

One can only guess as to what books were stocked in her book shelf.

Do I get 12 guesses as to who you are? NR fires him and Takimag is not accessible easily for days and someone with the name Anon12 says don't donate money to Derb.

Willow Bank Junior School in Woodley confirmed to The Chronicle this week it has begun the search for a replacement for Joe Moyster, who left parents guessing as to his whereabouts in January.

In 1% of cases guess depending is used

I guess depending on your personality that could work one of two ways.

In 1% of cases guess besides is used

I guess besides the money that's saved, it's also instilled as a good habit.

In 1% of cases guess behind is used

I guess behind what it sounds like, it really does have some big meaning.

In 1% of cases guess before is used

If I had guessed before doing the math, I would have thought that there would be at least a hundred thousand girls out there that fit my criteria.

In 1% of cases guess because is used

For some reason, I guess because of the story Mother was telling me -- and because I was somewhat mischievous -- I told him we were going to California and I was going to be in the movies.

In 1% of cases guess over is used

Expect some second guessing over that.

In 1% of cases guess post is used

Guess post shaking her booty on her own name Bipasha Bipasha, a mujra is what will make her list of item songs complete.

In 1% of cases guess until is used

Who said, In the Manor of the Ghost is a suspense filled story that kept me guessing until the end.

In 1% of cases guess around is used

So I guess around November he decided that telling his father was not an option.

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