Prepositions after "guard"

"guard against" or "guard by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases guard against is used

Such products help hair dry faster and guard against split ends.

Ericsson must therefore guard against arrogance and complacency.

Cyril was intent on guarding against division in the Incarnate.

Drinking a lot of water is an critical portion of guarding against acne problems.

I'd not saying there should not be major reforms to guard against electronic voter fraud.

What we should guard against is traditional tourism which is environmentally not sustainable.

Democrats and liberals have to be much more on guard against despair-based complacency, otherwise known as giving up.

First we would recommend that you guard against thinking that your daughter is just like your ex or will turn out like him.

Were they, perhaps, trying to guard against possible radiation sickness? ' Oh, that is nothing to do with Fukushima, ' he smiled.

A threshold should be as high as is needed to meet whatever real threat we feel we need to guard against and absolutely no higher.

In 31% of cases guard by is used

I walked over land guarded by the UPDF.

Camp had a central storage warehouse which was always guarded by policemen.

The little temple sits atop an outcrop of rock in the surf, guarded by sea snake.

In Ultimate, if your team is on offense, you will always be guarded by your opponents.

Engineer Engineers are a good class to target, unless they are being guarded by a sentry.

The capital of Swarga is Amaravati and its entrance is guarded by Airavata, the white elephant.

One developer forgot that the world is a volatile as a powder keg guarded by jittery fire imps and used it publicly.

The fountain was guarded by stone lion figures, parts of which had become shiny and rubbed clean through the millennia.

Peppered with waterfalls and rapids, the entrance was guarded by abandoned T-62 tanks, littering the hillside by Pweto.

The tower is traditionally guarded by Yeoman Warders, or Beefeaters, but they are supported by a private security firm.

In 4% of cases guard in is used

There is also a guard inside the right building.

What protection or interest of the public has been guarded in that time? None.

There is one additional guard inside each watchtower on the other side of the runway.

There is a ladder on the wall at the top, take that upwards after you decide the guard in the middle isn't looking your way.

Tracogna were guarded in their responses to reporters, referring time and again to legal issues that still need to be resolved.

Even the Holy Quran was safely preserved in the memory of the companions of the Holy Prophet in addition to being guarded in writing.

Therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient (to Allah and to their husbands ), and guard in the husband's absence what Allah orders them to guard (e.

Territorially, the average Shire is about 100 hectares (or 250 acres, plus a buffer zone ), walled and guarded in a fashion, similarly, though not identically to, a suburban gated community.

His Lordship will best be remembered for his spirited conduct in command of the small detachment of Yeomanry which captured the French Army that had landed at Fish guard in Pembrokeshire, under Gen.

In 4% of cases guard with is used

I have been guarded with my heart.

Information is deliberately guarded with great passion by government organizations and individuals in the course of discharge of their responsibilities.

When your existence is at stake, regardless for the short or the long term, you will deny everything that you ever cared for except for your family and the people whom you guard with your life.

In 2% of cases guard about is used

While Lin was guarded about the impact of China's dominance on the sport, Chong Wei pulled no punches.

Adele, 24, is famously guarded about her private life, despite detailing much of her past relationships through her albums 19 and 21.

So Browns fans, while the victory over the Saints felt great and could be the sign of better things to come, remain guarded about those thoughts for at least the near future.

In 2% of cases guard from is used

The 100 or so guards from outside have almost taken over the village.

Probably our opponents were humans all along, ab muscles ones we were guarding from the clouds.

In 1% of cases guard at is used

In Photo: A Syrian rebel stands guard at an oil well near Shahel, Syria, on November 20.

In 1% of cases guard between is used

He was a stranger, but he did not find any barrier or guard between him and the Prophet (s.

In 1% of cases guard beyond is used

Self requires guarding a position, and then guarding beyond a position, too.

In 1% of cases guard over is used

He was, however, guarded over the issue insisting it was not clear on what mandate they would undertake the task.

In 1% of cases guard round is used

Round the clock security Mr Mbithi said that the airwing, based at Hangar 27 at Wilson Airport in Nairobi, is usually guarded round the clock.

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