Prepositions after "grumble"

grumble about, from, after, against or among?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 49% of cases grumble about is used

Lately I'd hearing a lot of grumbling about unfair assessments.

The old man grumbled about this until he died in 1831 at the age of 83.

ANA has grumbled about the unfair advantages handed to its better-known rival.

They were happy for a short time but started grumbling about the monotonous diet.

After they ate at the restaurant or visited the spa, they went on Yelp and grumbled about it.

Hockey fans grumbled about Dustin Byfuglien's wanderings while oohing and aahing at his skill set.

However, with the exception of grumbling about the poor moisture retention of the dough, I internalised my neuroses.

Western grumbling about the sameness of the new line-up of leaders and its alleged lack of reform potential thus misses the point.

We are accustomed to grumbling about things (such as the british climate) which we can not change whilst stoically putting up with them.

The cynics, those who boo a sunrise, would counter by grumbling about crumbling infrastructure, hallway medicine and blah, de blah, blah.

In 12% of cases grumble from is used

The stones were very slippy beneath our feet and my tightening grip on his arm caused even more grumbling from himself.

However, granting more powers to Holyrood is likely to provoke more grumbling from parts of England which also see themselves as being largely ignored by Westminster.

In 5% of cases grumble against is used

Grumbling against each other (James 4:12; 5:9).

In 2% of cases grumble during is used

Also apparently, there are several senior colleagues who openly grumble during staff meetings that it isn't fair that she gets special consideration just for being pregnant.

In 2% of cases grumble in is used

Several patrons grumbled in annoyance while Erich's soldiers seemed to grab for their hidden weapons.

In 2% of cases grumble over is used

National Daily sources said that senior officers and some of their junior colleagues have been grumbling over the new Harmonized Terms and Conditions of Service (HTACOS).

In 2% of cases grumble to is used

In a mood of complete despondency I grumbled to Elizabeth Robins.

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