Prepositions after "grind"

grind to, into, in, with or against?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases grind to is used

Outside Rhode Island, abandoned machinery begins grinding to a halt.

RS: No, Brave Words got recorded in London, when that tour eventually ground to a halt.

If this happens, essential services would grind to a halt and the country would cease to function.

How many species can you remove before the whole grand machinery grinds to a halt? The truth is, no-one knows.

Just like Liverpool before them, their cycle is grinding to a close, and the next era will belong to somebody else.

They can run on inertia for quite a while, but at some point, they grind to a stop and their very size breaks them apart.

Without an extension, short sales would grind to a halt, as might mortgage modifications that involve principal reduction.

A week later on the way to work, the ANTI POLLUTION light came on and the car lost all power slowly grinding to a halt.

Without effective rapid transit this city would grind to a halt as the road system would be completely choked with traffic.

The strike has had a serious impact on the whole judicial system with civil, commercial and criminal matters grinding to a halt.

In 11% of cases grind into is used

In that year the Catholics of Ireland were ground into the very dust.

Usage: after speculation grinding into fine powder, At the same time, fruit cold.

Both fresh and dried chilies are used, usually ground into a sambal or chili paste to add hotness to dishes.

They were experts at finding geological deposits that contained stone suitable for flaking into tools and grinding into pigments.

England come all the way back to India in a show of solidarity and they get their noses ground into the pale grey dust of Mohali for their troubles.

These fine Sichuan men, eight to a cage, with eyes straight ahead and metal lifting-bars grinding into their shoulders, are the pall-bearers of the living dead.

In 9% of cases grind in is used

I got it ground in the flour mill.

Prosecutor Mir Iqbal Hossain stood up to say that wife's sickness was not really ground in itself.

He announced establishment of sports ground in Koibarmol for drawing its youth to healthy activities.

To help you understand this condition better, we're going to look at some of the factors behind teeth grinding in this article.

Our state of the art training ground in Hertfordshire, funded from the profit from selling Anelka, is the envy of all EPL teams and we play at the newest and best ground in the country.

In 9% of cases grind with is used

Matthew 24:41 Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left.

Executives often said that IBM's X3 made up for Xeon's technical flaws and put the chip on even ground with Opteron.

I don't have an axe to grind with China, just every country that still has this misguided policy of state murder on their books.

In 7% of cases grind against is used

IMHO chromatic and diatonic are really the two great linear forces at work in music and I love to watch them bump and grind against each other.

Anthony only values sources that confirm his ideas that this is all a conspiracy against Rajneesh by people with some mysterious ax to grind against him.

Thompson's team realized that slow mechanical action -- waves and tides that grind against shorelines, turning rocks into beaches -- were now doing the same to plastics.

Beneath the surface of Pakistan, these opposing forces grind against each other like two vast geologic plates, rattling teacups from Lahore to London, Karachi to New York.

In 7% of cases grind for is used

If she does not want to share her man with another, then it sounds to me this is ground for engagement-termination due to irreconcilable differences.

In 3% of cases grind on is used

He holds her waist, and with a massive force he starts to grind on her.

In 1% of cases grind prior is used

It was concluded that there appeared to be no advantage in grinding prior to welding and the practice could cease without any significant effect on weld quality.

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