Prepositions after "green"

green on, in, with, for or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases green on is used

Today, if you do not wear green on St.

Stephen's Green on Easter Monday 1916.

The grass is MUCH greener on this side.

RV-- I'd grass ain't always greener on the other side, it's green where you water it.

It's a classic case of the grass always being greener on the other side of the fence.

There's just grass growing in it at this point, which is why its so green on the photo.

Find Local: Troubles come when we believe the myth that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Stephen?? s Green on this highly regarded and much sought after tree lined residential road in the heart of Dublin 6.

It is important to look on the other side and realise that the grass is always going to be greener on the otherside.

We can shorten it to ' The grass is always greener on the other side ', or even just ' The grass is always greener '.

In 18% of cases green in is used

Midori means green in Japanese.

The monster was green in color.

Grass is greener in other sides.

In some other songs of his Tiruppuka l, he describes Devi of being green in complexion.

You'll save some money -- and possibly keep the world a little greener in the process.

These stones are green in colour and transparent materials when facetted are attractive.

Hurrah for the imaginative ' standing in Stephen's Green in the depth of winter in a bikini with a politician ' shot.

Typical Oolong Tea leaves are green in the middle and red on the edges as a result of the process to soften tealeaves.

She was now green in the face, giving her stomach the last rights, while her two bodyguards snored soundly below deck.

I was certainly green in organising an event and was learning from the fellow seniors like Sook Yee, Peter and Bennie.

In 16% of cases green with is used

They were just green with envy.

The egg was green with pink dots.

Aw crap I'd turning green with rage.

It's the same size as this box but it's green with pink lining and has lots of sheep.

Boarding is now available in digs that would make company executives green with envy.

You can have red with almost any other colour, or green with almost any other colour.

With proper water quality management, your tank should not go green with algae with that minute amount of sunlight.

Herod was green with envy and deeply distressed; Agrippa was someone Herod had assisted after he had been banished.

Really? White gravel? It had turned green with moss growing all over it and pine needles smothering large portions.

The Tarangire National Park is very green with long grasses and even all of the Baobabs have sprouted their leaves.

In 13% of cases green for is used

Today it would be green for go.

It makes things greener for ya.

It was also green for pedestrians.

Using light blue for anomalies up to +1 and green for up to +3 is downright deceptive.

Our friends, the seals were out to greet us and though none were wearing green for St.

So Lights green for a minimum 15mins and apply it to 5 intersections deep as you exit.

Even Tiago Splitter got into the act, unleashing a behind-the-back bounce pass to Green for a fourth-quarter dunk shot.

It happens to be vastly belief that DTG t-shirt impress is definitely more green for you to computer monitor print out.

How can you not enter this year with a chip on your shoulder and something to prove! Jeff Green for the C's all the way.

July 5, 2012 at 15:41 I love the Roses, seen them 8 times and Saturday at Heaton Park was 2nd only to Glasgow Green for me.

In 5% of cases green at is used

Oh, and it turned green at one point, too.

Maybe cos I am also very green at baking breads.

It will finish its journey in Bessels Green at 1.

I was very green at the time but learnt a lot about myself and the film-making process.

Clearly visible within this Roman layer was a foot-wide slot tinged green at the edges.

The skin turned green at this place and hence his name Gaedheal Glas which means green.

Greenland was never a land of lush greenery, just slightly less cold and greener at the southern end of the island.

The David Suzuki Foundation office is scent-free and we've designed an office toolkit to help anyone go green at work.

Going Green at Home Reduce energy consumption Turn off the lights When you leave a room, you don't need any light there.

Travel agents selling vacation packages have been quick to pick up on this concept and many agents are now green at home.

In 4% of cases green to is used

I'd quite green to this process.

Stephen's Green to Central Park.

You can also add green to the list.

I got a bunch of green tomatoes this year and this was the recipe I setteled on to try.

The RPA said the journey time from St Stephen's Green to Broombridge will be 24 minutes.

Now, the Green to Grad program is working to help get more veterans into the PA program.

I had so many wonderful green tomatoes in the fall and was thrilled to find something yummy and easy to make with them.

Aquamarine ranges in colour from light blue to bluish green to deep blue, which is the most valuable and desirable colour.

Metro North will run from Stephen's Green to Swords (a town to the north of Dublin) via DCU University and Dublin Airport.

Perhaps the chip looks bluish green to Jack but greenish blue to Jill, in which case we have a representational difference.

In 2% of cases green as is used

Stephen's Green as a girls ' hostel.

That you are still quite green as a journalist.

Looking back, I was a good techie but fairly green as a consultant.

Wide receivers are vastly overrated and I don't expect much from Green as a rookie this season.

Im still Green as a leprechaun but I pulled the trigger on that SRS Vertical you laid down yesterday Phil.

Because politicians were quick to seize the opportunity and cynically seeing being green as a vote winner.

I also had the memory lights turn green as the instruction pointer advanced, so they could watch the program running.

Beckman had been at Bowling Green as the defensive coordinator since 1998, and he remained on the staff when Meyer took over.

On his right was Jessica Fox who won canoe slalom gold at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games with Green as the Team Chef de Mission.

We see green as a color like any other, but it actually represents a much narrower range of wavelengths than most other colors.

In 2% of cases green by is used

Everything gets greener by the day.

Back to the Green by Hope and Social Out of tiny acorns.

You think that the grass in the field grows and gets green by itself.

The California home has an energy surplus and is considered very green by any standards.

Once the shape is formed, the White mice dye it green by swimming with it in buckets of dye.

This morning we launch Greener By Design, our second annual conference on green product design.

Transporting each passenger a mile by bus required 4118 BTUs, surprisingly making bus transit less green by this metric.

It also gives me some bragging rights to say I am being green by not having those 400+ bottles/cans I went through every year.

Behind you is an 18-hole golf course, which was cleared from the native forest and is kept green by hundreds of water sprinklers.

How companies are transitioning to greener designs will be the focus of the 30 or so speakers and sessions at Greener By Design.

In 2% of cases green from is used

The site was very green from recent rains.

Affordable choice: Go green from as little as $1.

His face is mottled and green from the cordrazine.

Velez was green from head to toe, for her skin as well as her costume had been painted.

How should you approach a green light that has been green from the first time you have seen it? Ans.

What was most surprising was that the second race went green from start to finish, and that's rare at Texas.

I know that the colour on Odds face would have been green from envy for Lady Jane, and a crisp white cotton handkerchief.

As soon as they were done, they went straight back to eating, their mouths pink and white and green from ice cream and beer.

When trying to application long green from a non - paying eBay buyer, you will want to stay experienced when perspicacity so.

It was in Sibundoy, en route to the Putumayo, that Schultes first learned that the Indians did not distinguish green from blue.

In 1% of cases green into is used

It was the British who developed the Green into a leisure ground.

And yes you can definitely add veggies that are not green into it.

That is, when Jackson brings Green into the game for his remaining starting guard.

Those winding back lanes at least allowed us to get Acres Green into some perspective.

What counts, however, is that as he sings it he confuses red and green into one image, the green rose.

Head coach Doc Rivers welcomed Green into the locker room and, for some games at least, onto the bench.

To my absolute delight he finally put something green into his little mouth, followed -- no surprise here -- by his little sister.

Next separated the mixture into two jugs and add red gel colouring into one and green into the other- think hungry caterpillar style! 7.

I've put more green into the shadows and midtones to give a feeling of freshness, and warmed up the highlights to stop it feeling too cool.

Not too much yellow or green into the white, we want to ensure that the colour appears ' washed out ' to create the impression of distance.

In 1% of cases green without is used

You will have a green without a stem after you unfold the leaf.

Sailor Tokiwa Mat Green I like greens that are green without being too, well, green.

Meanwhile, facilities can reflect shades of green without that being the primary goal.

A few seconds passed with the lights even changing to green without him saying anything.

Funny if it was between a bottled water and skiing holiday one, eh? It says I can go green without going into the red.

I am really quite happy staying on green without litter if necessary, that is better than accidents, we have 2 toilets.

In the provinces of New Zealand, conservation is finding itself on the agenda of the political right -- blue and green without a colour in between.

Once early adopters realised they could go green without making any major lifestyle change -- and actually improve their lifestyle -- that was the catalyst.

I really believe she has a dose of grass is greener without realising it, but myself and others have noticed a change in her over the last year after we shared some amazing experiences together.

In 1% of cases green throughout is used

More on the Celtics Keep on top of the Green throughout the season with ESPNBoston.

This is one of the Nashville Tennessee attractions that is green throughout the year.

The leaves then spread out and the tree remains astonishingly green throughout the rainy season.

The river is never dry -- as it is an underground stream, the area remains green throughout the year.

Luckily, Jealous Fruits ' cherries were green throughout this period, and not vulnerable to splitting.

The grassy glades around Lake Longil remain green throughout the year and provide permanent grazing for many animals.

It's visually stunning too, with pretty flower petals that give flecks of pink, blue and green throughout the tea leaves.

After watching it get greener throughout the preparation week, they decided to field an all-pace attack, a plan that backfired.

Most conifers are evergreens-that is, they shed old leaves and grow new leaves continuously and so stay green throughout the year.

Because of the adequate rainfall, the vegetation types are varied and remain lush and green throughout the year in most parts of the country.

In 1% of cases green over is used

The grass is way greener over there.

They say the pasture is much greener over there.

I would also sometimes wonder if the grass was greener over there.

Or perhaps the tilt with Green over City Light had angered and unnerved him.

She was tall, draping herself in long tunics and scarves of pearl-gray or green over her hair.

We are going to live in Camarines Sur because we know we can make the grass greener over there.

The political complexion of the Middle East, and especially North Africa, has been tinged distinctly green over the past year.

The grass is greener over there (or so we've been told ), the streets are paved with gold, and there is more of whatever it is we seek.

Eben Huxley-Jones: 12 Nov 2012 4:35:00pm I've consistently voted Green over the last decade or so, but I'd totally fine with nuclear power generation.

So what I'd trying to say is you haven't been over to the other side- you think it is greener over there -- but really there is no freaking grass there- it's a desert.

In 1% of cases green of is used

But the cheapest, easiest and greenest of the lot is to make your own.

The Liberal Democrats have always been greenest of the main parties in Britain.

Stossel you should come up to Vermont where the greenest of America's socialist live.

This led to the greenest of recruits learning at the feet of masters like Bardeen or Shannon.

As Renesys explains in this blog post, the greenest of the green squares indicate that more than 99.

We are surrounded by gentle hills, the greenest of trees and the fresh cool breeze that September brings.

The trees at the price of Adobe CS6 Web base of the mountain were the greenest of evergreen, lightly dusted with snow.

Seems like Proton Savvy is the greenest of all (not so green though) at 134 g/km considering that it is only a 1200 cc.

Even in the greenest of companies, sustainability issues are rarely the only features of a brand competing for priority.

So we need to deploy the greenest of the hydrocarbons on a larger scale to reduce the damage done during this transition.

In 1% of cases green like is used

I mean who wears green like anymore.

And our hills and farms look green like this.

It is green like a watermelon in a comic book is green.

At her house, I happened to catch a glimpse of a tablet (Lauh) that was green like emerald.

This includes green like Teeth of the Dog, Cocotal Golf Course and Country Club, and Dye Force.

One Response to They Are Greening -- I Am Screaming It's green like a Brazilian wax job is hairy.

In time, the ants began to eat what the Hoppers ate and even began to paint themselves green like the Hoppers were green.

The most beautiful because green all year; It have no flower, but green like in cloudy time, green like snow falling time.

The Bus That Never Comes It is green like the grass of meadows, its door doesn't close, its windows have no glass and its seats are roses.

In 1% of cases green about is used

There is nothing green about ignorance.

Patterson appears so green about the gills.

It was some of the adults who looked green about the gills.

I'd talking with Ande and Ange and Green about doing a video editors small group gathering.

We both work in television and can not claim to be green about the media, but this was a new experience.

I feel just like that little frog in the ad for Motillium -- bloated, lethargic and green about the gills.

Beating Green about the head with heavy flashlights, he would be rushed to a nearby hospital and died the night of November 5.

I was still very green about smart phones and at the time I was using a Nokia 7230 (which runs on the S40 version of Symbian, I think).

What is eco about a commuter town? What is green about a planning restriction that forces people to drive 15 or so miles to work? Ah but there's a ' guided busway '.

What is eco about a commuter town? What is green about a planning restriction that forces people to drive 15 or so miles to work? Scrap the greenbelt around Cambridge.

In 1% of cases green around is used

Nancy set foot on load looking decidedly green around the gills and Phil had not seen a.

Garnett followed Green around the court, cursing in his ear and pushing him in the chest.

I'd currently slowing it down in China and appreciating all the lush and green around me.

It was not surprising, as even the most seasoned sailors get green around the gills every once in a while.

From innovative recycling programs to adding more green space, it actually is becoming easy to be green around the world.

I've been working on an article about simple ways to stay green around the house and would love to publish it on supergreen.

Perhaps first one would be the best option as the trees will remain green around the views, Sangu will flow moderate amount of water, temperature will be comfortable etc.

Greenland IS green around the edges (and probably always was ), and those edges are all that you're going to see from a Viking longship, or from a settlement on the shore.

In 1% of cases green after is used

Stephen's Green after getting the good news.

Warning! Some folks have turned green after using this.

It turns out the grass isn't always greener after all.

Indeed many may come to understand what it is to be Green after a life of consumerism.

That's obviously not a minor detail for Green after going through heart surgery in January.

My surroundings also look shockingly green after the dry, baked fields of south eastern Turkey.

LEMALA NGORONGORO The crater is once again green after all the rains and the rhino are being seen on a regular bases.

Fancied Warwickshire for most of the match and was happily 200ish all green after backing them above evens and laying at 1.

I don't think shooting some of the Boys in Green after the Croatian game would have made the others perform better against Spain.

Visible for a second or 2 No sounds (I was outside and it was quiet) broke off into at least 3 pieces, only started to glow green after breakup.

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