Prepositions after "greedy"

greedy for, in, of, with or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases greedy for is used

The mongoose is greedy for fish.

I wasn't greedy for success anyway.

He was greedy for power and wealth.

They are ignorant of the law of karma and are greedy for the wrong kind of pleasures.

Instead, these issues are not enough to occupy them; they are greedy for more issues.

They did not give the going forth to the disciples and were not greedy for disciples.

The fool greedy for tastes do evil things and after death are born in the company of the four footed and eat grass.

The players are not greedy for accepting what is offered to them (they don't put a gun next to the owners ' heads).

Its leaders came from young liberals, idealistic nobles, demagogues (popular leaders ), or generals greedy for power.

In 10% of cases greedy in is used

He was quite greedy in that way.

Human beings are greedy in nature.

Do not be miserly or greedy in life.

It is not smart to be overly greedy in the stock market, even though many strategize otherwise.

Charities allowed themselves to be greedy in the boom times instead of living within their means.

Why would anyone co-sign such a death sentence? It takes courage to NOT BE GREEDY in the US today.

Whenever you give or provide for someone who's greedy in this unappreciative sense, you're conveying a message to them.

Though unless you're a great techie (and we've got a few here ), I wouldn't get too greedy in finding a bottom to buy at.

Root out dowry system, bring law to register the dowry given and taken so that brides do not fall prey to greedy in laws.

Bloody ' ell! You lot are SO judgemental! I suppose you are all perfect and have never been selfish or greedy in your lives.

In 9% of cases greedy of is used

They are a bunch of rats have become to greedy of power.

I think she was the greediest of all the grandchildren.

Immoral men will do immoral things for money, far too greedy of a world.

Protesting the greedy of Wall Street appears to be the most direct appeal of this campaign.

So it seems a little greedy of the HIV Industry voluntary and NGO sector to make this call.

They are so greedy of wealth and power that they are behaving like demi-gods who are invincible.

According to Lebbey, he was fed up with Buddhism after seeing his Nayaka Hamuduruwo so greedy of the temple property.

Isn't that totally greedy of me? Oh and don't forget the single biggest expense from my business is my employees! So.

We must not be covetous, griping, and greedy of every thing we can lay claim to, nor insist upon our right in all things.

One Maguindanao Massacre should be enough to show us how those who brandish the truth suffer at the hands of those who are greedy of power.

In 7% of cases greedy with is used

I get so greedy with them things.

They've also gotten so greedy with their games.

Don't be greedy with your wealth and knowledge.

It would be better if the Govt &; HKJC got together and not be so greedy with the vig.

Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A &M:; The Aggies are really getting greedy with their tackles.

Also, If you want to teach a child how to be greedy with items than this game is for you.

Stabbed in the back by the false Lord, greedy with power and foolish enough to keep me alive and the Empress ' daughter Emily alive.

I should have tweaked her movement but I got (unnecessarily) greedy with the Dark Guidance aura and this nearly ended in tears next turn.

Why? because your leaders (past govenors) including Jonathan have been incompetent and greedy with no empathy for the people whom they govern.

Weekends, we spent 2 of them, what a terrible experience! Hotel got invaded by LOCALS, very noisy, ignorant, greedy with food and extremely rude.

In 4% of cases greedy about is used

There is nothing greedy about this.

Most webmasters are greedy about Page Rank.

I'd just not interested in being greedy about it.

Be greedy about that which is (really) beneficial to you and seek God's help and do not loose heart.

It has that classic 90s emo sound and leaves me musically satisfied without me being greedy about it.

All those greedy about authorship rights have their songs in you tube with stop-overs and interruptions.

Until Singaporeans understands this and stop being greedy about property, we may never change to a equitable society.

It seems the people who run these sites are absolutely and utterly greedy about scrounging out the last cent from foreign tourists.

I never saw him being greedy about it as the moment he had collected the money for the pint, he would ask the tonga wallah to take the route back home.

In 4% of cases greedy by is used

He is greedy by nature and isn't satisfied with what he gets for now.

He knows man would never do anything without reward, as he is greedy by nature.

I know as somebody who read widely about animals that human beings are born greedy by nature.

They even got greedy by constantly fiddling with inflation indices to maximise the benefit e.

He scammed and cheated people who were begging to be cheated and were greedy by the apparent returns.

The retailers have gotten greedy by opening on Thanksgiving Day with little regard to their employers.

The realtors are often themselves blamed for being greedy by artificially inflating prices for profit.

Some are too greedy by half but some were also peace activists in the 1960's and still have a social conscience.

For an ongoing business not to hedge in a good profit, would be considered irresponsible or just plain greedy by some.

You may be worried that your boss doesn't see your value, or that you will come across as greedy by asking for more money.

In 3% of cases greedy like is used

Our tribe is not greedy like calm.

After all, they are men of theology, and not all will be greedy like John.

Human heritage should belong to all humans, let's not be greedy like them.

I was anxious to place because there was prize money, and yep, I'd greedy like that.

We should remember Ruto is Mois making and these guys are ambitious and greedy like hell.

Last visit we had the prawn dumpling in green curry sauce (we shared but if you're greedy like us.

It is not greedy like the bully brother who claims the food ready to be swallowed by the the people eating in the next table.

They are not greedy like the city people who are running the whole day for more and more and are still not content and happy.

Or, if you're a bit greedy like me, perhaps you'd like to serve a turkey and a goose together which is what I'll be doing December 25th.

Della Case For years I have thought they must have a cure for cancer by now, but the pharmaceuticle companies are powerful and greedy like our Government.

In 3% of cases greedy to is used

It is always greedy to impermissible things.

Charging the readers as well seems greedy to me.

If you ai nt greedy to that extent then you are probably a monk.

Uhhh, sounds kind of greedy to me for someone who just signed on to a huge pay increase.

The real estate industry is pure poison full of uncultured people who are greedy to the point of being ill.

I find it ironic that I, the richest person in Extalia, am a very charitable person compared to some of the lesser who are greedy to the bone.

Our heart becomes callous and in the end, it leads to full manifestation in actions as we give ourselves up to sensuality, greedy to practice every kind of impurity.

He could possibly have everything he has to live a much better and more comfortable life but he is becoming greedy to the point of wanting greater than what Mother Nature are able.

Those that are too young to vote now will ask who were these greedy people who looked after their short term interest and left us with the pain, it is selfish and greedy to not Vote NO.

In 2% of cases greedy as is used

Why are we so fat? We have not become greedier as a race.

No one is so evil or greedy as to want to financially dominate the world.

It appalls me that some were ever so greedy as to allow one rig in our waters.

Why do these films when you have fear of horror movies? I am greedy as an actress right now.

I agree with you that the government could be just as corrupted and greedy as the companies they regulate.

This makes them greedy as well as stingy; once they succeed they won't give anything back to permit another solution.

Granted Danny is a very greedy young player, however sometimes you have to be greedy as a striker and he has got the ability to back it up.

Additionally, many of the non for profits aka The Blues, while not as egregiously greedy as the for profit, often do much better in this regard and of course, the federal programs do it the best.

In 2% of cases greedy at is used

CPC can't be efficient and greedy at the same time.

I don't think you are being greedy at all in wanting more kids.

But what I ultimately want to say is I'd not greedy at all right now.

You didn't look greedy at the pizza party at all, qualities that are good within a workplace anyways.

Kims underlying message (although limited to pricing issues) if I read it correctly, is be greedy at your peril.

In fact, children can be downright greedy at times and you may wonder how it was possible that you gave birth to such a selfish creature.

Kobe gets greedy at the worst time Undeterred by their collapse in Game 1, Team USA came out on a mission to start the second game of the series.

In 2% of cases greedy on is used

This is cowardly and greedy on all parts, ' he stated.

A little more battery life would be nice, as the bluetooth/3G is really greedy on batteries.

Every driver's got the choice how much kerb to use and I was a little bit too greedy on one occasion.

I think it is very greedy on the part of the retailers and very selfish on the part of the customers to get caught up in this madness.

The A/D converter also makes it maybe a bit greedier on power than some of the others (the Sound Devices will last longer on 3 AA batteries, compared to the Sonosax's 6).

In 2% of cases greedy over is used

Shame on greedy over payed pigs.

Politicians have gotten so greedy over the years they don't care about the American people.

People need to chill out and try to enjoy the game more instead of being greedy over petty things.

Please don't be to greedy over Christmas, be grateful for what you have and not dwell on what you don't.

Maybe THE NEW MEXICAN OWNER will manage the company better than the previous bunch of greedy over paid clowns who drove it into a ditch.

In 1% of cases greedy after is used

Yet not a few are greedy after this gossip.

I'd sick of seeing DPSers acting very greedy after RoR.

The story differs slightly from other Cinderella tales in that the King became so greedy after a time that the magical fish bones quit answering his wishes.

Grandma asks Joon Young to understand In Joo a bit, maybe the period that she was living abroad made her turn greedy after being deprived of parental love and care.

Dazza: To be told by a CEO on 96,000 dollars a week that your 600 dollars a week is adequate and a lousy few percent pay increase is being greedy after getting a 71% pay increase is incomprehensable.

In 1% of cases greedy beyond is used

Because the unions have gotten greedy beyond belief, they are spiraling downward and will soon be a memory.

In 1% of cases greedy from is used

Consumers are greedy from a promoting point of view.

Ofcourse, being money minded and greedy from either sides is a negative trait.

In 1% of cases greedy without is used

Marketers and politicians can urge people to be greedy without censure.

You people are starting to Pi$$ me off when YOU are claiming people are racists and greedy without knowing people.

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