Prepositions after "gray"

"gray in" or "gray with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases gray in is used

There's a touch of grey in my hair.

My hair is getting grey in the process.

She was a bit chubby and gray in color.

To the true Samurai, there are no shades of grey in the question of honesty and justice.

There's a lot of gray in those equals (=) deductions/minuses (-) and multiplications (x).

The fungus causes small spots on the leaf, usually with reddish brown margins and eventually turning gray in the center.

The best that the colour can change is for the Moon to become grey in colour when there is a lot of pollution in the sky.

The best that the colour can change is for the Moon to become grey in colour when there is a lot of pollution in the air.

This terrible remorse turned me gray in one night, and whenever it came upon me I was perceptibly grayer the next morning.

In 19% of cases gray with is used

A deep grey with subtle shimmer.

The pebbles on the path were grey with grief.

Their fur is blackish grey with silvery tips.

The rabbit is generally gray with thick, soft fur, striped with a chestnut brown color.

Both sides see this in shades of grey with the NBA being more on the bio security side.

We had one day like that - the rest were very gray with nearby tornados &; lots of rain.

However, I commanded myself, and told her I had been walking far, and it was hot, and no doubt I was gray with dust.

The dark tile floors were slightly wet and sticky and the walls, though once white, had turned gray with age and mildew.

Hair may go grey with the passage of time or blond or coloured with the contents of a bottle but the retina is constant.

It is paired with a dark grey with silver reflects, perfect for a smokey eye which I'd really getting into at the moment.

In 8% of cases gray on is used

Enough with the grey on grey looks.

The corridor was shades of gray on gray.

Our pool is grey on the bottom, not green.

Remember two objects of very different color will reproduce as the same gray on B &W; Film.

They say it is just the skin losing it's pigmentation just like hair turns grey on the head.

For those who are already here and are too innocent to see the shade of gray on the horizon.

Chocolate that is out of temper might look streaky or gray on the surface, and have a crumbly or densely chewy texture.

This happens with colors as well, so what is gray on a Windows monitor, might display pale yellow on a Macintosh browser.

It appears in grey on the bottom right hand corner as I'd typing my update, but it doesn't appear once I click on ' Post '.

I have a kindle, and I use it, but as you say, its gray on gray text, but realistically, reading PDF files on it just sucks.

In 7% of cases gray for is used

BBC Weather has more grey for you.

No shades of grey for you then nibbler.

Choose a light gray for your stroke color.

His wheels are still gray for some reason, which looks silly, no matter how you slice it.

Just like items, blue is for rare, green for uncommon, white for common, and grey for poor.

Nesferatu: Honestly it's pointless debating a topic that's several shades of grey for so long.

It must often have been as cold and grey for them on ordinary days: not rich or sunlit or exciting, just working days.

It has been grey for 2 days but by and large, there is some sun every day and I try to get out and walk in it, it helps.

Colour-wise, I love the classic black, brown and grey for flexibility, but you can't beat ruby red for making a statement.

Use a subtle grey to white on the outer shape, a bright series of colours for the iris and a black to dark grey for the pupil.

In 6% of cases gray to is used

This grey to black issue isn't going away.

This one is yellowish rather than grey to black.

He can paint the clouds and turn the grey to blue.

All people are shades of gray to some degree, as unfortunately are nearly all businesses.

There are shades of grey to any knowledge which is where there is room for apparent miracles.

It is usually grey to black above with a white belly but can also be yellow-green to brown on top.

These new Star Wars movies will need some other characters that audiences can relate to with some shades of grey to them.

Think of bringing together natural elements: rustic leaves, sandy beaches, seashells, and the grey to black of river stones.

Soils in this zone are characteristic of fresh-water soil of grey to white sand, grey clay and sandy clay with humic topsoil.

The body colour is variable, ranging from greyish-brown, through grey to green, with a distinctly paler or white median line.

In 3% of cases gray at is used

My hair had gone grey at the temples.

Skip Carlton, 50-ish, tall, dark hair, gray at the temples.

The Captain was a tall man of about forty, grey at the temples.

Do you think the world really turns gray at night? No, it just looks that way to our eyes.

The woman explained you wear black trousers with the waistcoat which is grey at the front.

His shining bald head was skirted by a few strands of wiry black hair, grey at the temples.

Dark eyes, brown as coffee; thinning dark hair, streaked with grey at the sides; the well-shaped, modelled mouth of the Celt.

Bottlenose Dolphins are grey at the top of their body, light grey moving down towards their tail fin and almost white underneath.

I started going grey at 18, I started dyeing it firstly at home (disaster) and then having it done at great expense professionally.

Tonight then is a rare event, Joining, in the candlelight, Two men who were young not long ago But now are turning grey at the temples.

In 2% of cases gray as is used

All my friends are going grey! And my mum went grey as a teenager.

I let my hair grow grey as a type of anti-assimilationist strategy.

The shaft of an arrow, misty and grey as the beast itself, trembled in its flank.

It is yellowish when first deposited, but becomes grey as the embryo within developes.

Some are probably considering a carafe with a chrome finish, or grey as an alternative to a white plastic housing.

I start by outlining the major blocks of content using the Rectangle tool and using a shade of gray as the fill color.

Sam is neither without ethics, nor ambition so it becomes easy to see how black and white quickly bleeds into grey as a result.

Shades of Gray Designers chose gray as the color scheme of choice in 33% of their kitchen redesigns and 40% of their bathroom remodels.

His hair, which would have otherwise been a bright blonde color, had thinned and turned grey as a result of living on remorseless city streets.

In networking there's always an element of grey as to whether something is a ' feature ' or a ' fault ' and that's easy for other people to play on.

In 2% of cases gray between is used

And there are maybe 50 shades of grey between black and white.

Of course there are many shades of gray between black and white.

There are many more shades of grey between these black-and-white examples.

Monsters of Men also made me realize the shades of gray between goodness and badness, too.

We choose to live in a specific shade of gray between black and white, between Life and death.

Frankly there is alot of grey between Ferrari and McLaren for Lewis to drop in comfortably at Mercedes.

Obviously if we have a colour pixel, there is definitely more to it than a shade of gray between white and black.

Cars - easily mendable and 15-year durability TV Ideas: Contrasts within shows- to learn about good and evil and the grey between.

My background is sports medicine, but my graduate degree is business so I am hoping to find something in the gray between those two.

They are more likely to see the grey between seemingly black-and-white issues and find areas where more understanding may be necessary.

In 2% of cases gray rather is used

Goes all the way back to a world of grey rather than stark black or white.

The text on the tabs is gray rather than black, making it recede even further.

Under polarized light, this often results in images that are shades of gray rather than brilliantly coloured.

The various comments here exhibit some shades of grey rather than just the black and white as seen by Birrell.

In the summer it is not quite so bad because the grime does not stick as much and it looks grey rather than black.

Most of the snow was melted or trampled to mud, but here and there a clot of it still showed grey rather than white in the gloom.

Life is a series of shades of grey rather than black and white and it's great to read posts like this which clearly recognise that fact.

Once we brought out the real deal mold (sadly, a shade of grey rather than another bright) my little scatter bug was fairly close to done performing.

Try readjusting the glow effects with a little moderation to get the proper effects and and also try using a brighter shade of gray rather than black, as it would help.

But if Warrior Baek Dong Soo has proved, it's that my baby boy doesn't shy away from taking complicated characters who are different shades of grey rather than black and white.

In 2% of cases gray from is used

It's grey from the top to the bottom.

Hair turns grey from the point backwards to the roots.

His olive face had turned a shade of grey from his anger.

As the rainy season gives way to the dry season most of Kuria is moving to gray from its usual green scene.

So in actual fact, we start from a position on being a moderated forum, and its all shades of grey from there.

An lime pit worker in Peranampattu shows his swollen hands, completely grey from the lime and full of blisters.

Setting this layer to Hard Light allowed the black to interact with the grey from the layer below adding more shading.

To clean it, mix one tablespoon of bleach with five tablespoons of liquid dishwashing soap in one gallon of water which will remove the gray from teak.

Sometimes fishermen came close, rowing in a rhythm that pleased me more than chewing on fried tripe; their skins charred, almost gray from sun-dried sea salt.

He paints such a dull, gloomy life that even the snowflakes, one of nature's most beautiful and intricate creations, are gray from the ash covering the earth.

In 2% of cases gray of is used

A pop of colour cheers the greyest of days.

They seem to have lost the browns and grey of the other game.

There was the woman who was quite literally gray of skin, slumped in her wheelchair.

Posted by Optional on 21/10/2010 at 06:09 hi, i got this lump in my mouth, grey of colour.

The bright pink and deep purple flowers were a welcome change from the white and grey of winter.

The cerebral cortex is the superficial layer of substantiates gray of encfalo, contains billions of neurons.

When your eyes adjust to the darkness, you can see a narrow stretch of beach and the blue and gray of the ocean beyond.

Light has been much on my mind recently, as the year climbs slowly out of the gloom and grey of Winter and into the sunlight of Spring/Summer.

There I rested my thoughts upon the billowing silver and grey of the clouds, lightly remarking upon their being a trial to us, although they may not know it.

Sloughing off dead skin cells once a week will stop your visage from looking dull and tired and help it maintain that coveted fresh-faced look on even the greyest of days.

In 2% of cases gray like is used

His eyes fascinate me, grey like the northern tribe of sisters, the Rusalka.

The Indians had gone grey like bad coffee, and one or two of the bayonets were wavering.

In terms of grey foliage, there are leaves splattered with grey like this Lungwart, Pulmonaria.

I understand that men see things in black and white, and not with many shades of grey like women do.

Not black, but some colour that was lost in the night, made grey like everything else by the moonlight.

It looked like a nice firm piece of cod, bright, white thick and tasty not dull and grey like river catfish really is.

When I cut the wood the ends were not grey like the rest of the boards so I stained the ends (and the back) using Minwax's Weathered Oak.

In 1% of cases gray in-between is used

The views themselves are either correct or incorrect (with some grey in-between).

These morons in high office don't do black or white, only the 3 million shades of grey in-between.

Even worse, it is common in these situations for children who see issues in black and white, with no shades of grey in-between, to side with their mother and family breakdown begins in earnest.

In 1% of cases gray over is used

A very cool car and I was a fan of the grey over black colour scheme.

I have a strand of hair that turned grey over a period of a couple days.

Rising by plane from the Netherlands, we children turned gray over Luxemburg.

But, at one point, I described them as: I have felt grey over the past few days.

You can see how it looks under Ozotic 606 which is a pale lilac but looks very grey over Mirage.

Robert: Angie: 15 Oct 2011 3:38:38pm I've read the stories that hair turning white/grey overnight is impossible.

I fully agree with advisers who tipped the PM Raila to remain grey over the current industrial unrest in the country.

Newly hatched Canada Geese have a coat of yellow to olive down that darkens to dull grey over the first few weeks of life.

He's going grey over this Leader of the Free World business but otherwise seems to be perfectly capable of maintaining a picture of health and sanity.

Jan Kowarzik: 10 Jul 2008 7:13:06pm I think I recall reading in Solzenitzyn's The Gulag Archipelago that he observed some prisoners going grey overnight.

In 1% of cases gray into is used

I have always felt it's smart to turn grey into black or white.

Bringing grey into a universe of black and white stippled stars shines.

It rises, tall and grey into the sky, looking as out of place as an alien spaceship.

I know people want to introduce gray into the argument but for this discussion, it's black and white.

Not a great place to be! So how to you turn these endless shades of grey into black and white? These hypothetical situations are chosen deliberately.

Instead, the medically inspired ethical questions introduce shades of grey into the story, allowing the characters to stop being predictable and start being interesting.

In 1% of cases gray instead is used

The sievert is similar to the rem, but is derived from the gray instead of the rad.

I like this it helps paint Demacia in a shade of grey instead of being an unquestionable good.

I usually use grey instead of gray because I think it looks better, a softer spelling for a soft color.

Navy-coloured naval vessels were beginning to be painted grey instead of having black hulls with a red water-line, white upper-works and buff funnels.

That understated symbol of male power, the simple necktie--in subtle shades of gray instead of screaming pink flesh tones--made the book LOOK respectable.

In 1% of cases gray about is used

Infidelity is infedility, there is nothing grey about it.

Therefore there are a few shades of gray about who might lay claim to being a founder of Greenpeace.

Most decisions have an element of grey about them, so the possible doubt is highlighted to show the issue is inconclusive.

Ignoring the lack of consent would make all of these scenarios plain old rape and there is nothing novel or gray about them.

I would also like to add that I did run the above technique past a Google engineer before I did it, and they had no objections, so be reassured there is nothing even slightly grey about this method.

In 1% of cases gray by is used

Life in the NHS is grey by comparison.

Maybe my hair will be 100% grey by then.

Going grey By 2025, south India's population will begin to grey.

Instead of turning grey by the fermenters, we want meet and talk to people all around the world.

I think my clothes are all going to be grey by the time I leave, they won't have any color left.

The ash is carried up in a convecting eruption column, coloured black or grey by the solid material it contains.

He hands them to the clerk and waits for the change to come back across the thick wooden slab worn grey by a lifetime of Saturdays.

Nor is it random chance, any more than in mixing black and white pigments together one might create a shade of gray by accident; one will always create a shade of gray.

Voss society, isolated in the mountain-top fortress of Voss-Ka, 9 was led by the totalitarian control of the Voss Mystics, who were considered to be Gray by the Jedi and the Sith.

When Skies Are Gray by Leigh Brescia (5/5) One of my favorite stories! True to its genre, When Skies Are Gray has a complete cycle with an end just enough open to leave the readers wondering.

In 1% of cases gray around is used

He already had some gray around his muzzle, and the veterinarian said he was probably close to 7.

Share this article: Comments (408) ' Golden balls ' is a little bit grey around the gills these days.

Today was perpetually grey around campus, so seeing this beacon of colour was enough to lift anybody's spirits.

The guy next to him was about his own age, maybe a little younger; he was showing a touch of gray around the temples, but it suited him.

I've been told a lot that he's getting very gray around his face but you wouldn't think he's getting on in years by the way he was acting yesterday.

On Valentine's Day last year, he posted a computer-altered photograph of himself with wild purple hair and a cracked face that turns grey around a mouth of broken and missing teeth.

Remarkably effective aids include an asterisk to denote a mobile's bleep, hash signs to denote ring-tones, and a block of grey around the dialogue to indicate the sounding of an alarm.

In 1% of cases gray against is used

He saw the clean bones lying gray against the frozen blood.

For the first time Claude saw the profile of New York City, rising thin and grey against an opal-coloured morning sky.

For the first time Claude saw the profile of New York City, rising thin and gray against an opal-coloured morning sky.

Clouds gathered above; forming a canopy of grey against the sable canvas of the firmament -- threatening to unleash a storm, and, yet, the true storm already raged below.

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