Prepositions after "gravitate"

"gravitate towards", "gravitate toward" or "gravitate to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases gravitate towards is used

It's why you will gravitate towards other entrepreneurs.

People who gravitate towards this side tend to see the world as full of threats.

I'd curious to know why you gravitate towards the affect of Gothic architecture (i.

Now that I'd older, I still gravitate towards them for a number of different reasons.

This not-so-Islamic- youth is gravitated towards worldly desires influenced by media and technology.

A strong sense of loyalty he has for his friends and family also causes people to gravitate towards him.

If we are given feedback that is mostly positive, we still gravitate towards the one negative in the mix.

That musical voice mixed with unparalleled dance moves cause the children to naturally gravitate towards him.

I always go for greens as part of a meal and I gravitate towards fish and shellfish rather than red meat, ' ' he said.

Everything gravitate towards singularity or Absolutely nothing gravitates everything, which implies there is no gravity in singularity.

In 32% of cases gravitate to is used

The great unwashed before the Yellow Card gravitated to the capitalist.

He has gravitated to those which make use of hot spices and medicinal botanicals.

Labor Dislocation Has Become Visible As the emphasis is placed upon drilling, employment gravitates to the job openings.

Everything gravitate towards singularity or Absolutely nothing gravitates everything, which implies there is no gravity in singularity.

I would have to gravitate to the spot naturally, and if it wasn't convenient, I probably wouldn't go -- a philosophy that also applies to the gym.

Reading about all the bands from the 1960's onwards who gravitated to London to go to the art schools and meet like -- minded people to form bands.

But wait - what are all those homeless people doing here? sleeping rough, selling the Big issue and just begging? Clearly they gravitate to a place where spare change is more readily given to them.

In 24% of cases gravitate toward is used

When you're doing what you love, people naturally gravitate toward you.

But it gravitates toward the grislier pockets of the canon, which makes this revival of Ben Jonson's 1606 comedy all the more surprising.

I do know, however, that I have FREQUENTLY observed dads freaking out when their boys gravitate toward dolls and quickly remedying that situation.

Nonetheless, I do think more boys genuinely gravitate toward wheels and toward physical aggression in ways not accounted for by parents who are pretty even steven.

Yes! My almost 4 year old son always gravitates toward my limited edition MAC lipsticks (must be the packaging) particularly the Wonder Woman Collection from 2011 (?).

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