Prepositions after "grasp"

"grasp at" or "grasp by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases grasp at is used

Athletes will grasp at anything that gives them an edge.

They are all harmful if we grasp at them and give them meaning.

Iget the feeling you were trying to show she was grasping at straws.

The theme of most of the haters is to grasp at bits of information and forget the facts.

Buddhist teaching says not to have grasping attachment, not to hold tightly to things.

I think that there are thousands now existing who would eagerly grasp at the opportunity.

One who sees not the Dhamma, though grasping at the robe of the Tathagata, can not be said to have seen the Tathagata.

That's because you are sitting on a pile of cash, but you have become largely irrelevant and you are grasping at straws.

Amos realized that a lever grasped at different positions changes the effective lever length and creates the type of mechanical advantage needed.

Some on the right are simply grasping at every soundbite that they think they can twist into a talking point, regardless of the truth of the matter.

In 16% of cases grasp by is used

That is, it is too powerful and mysterious to be fully defined or grasped by any of us.

Sometimes these things are easily grasped by the mind, and take years, if not liftomes to put into action.

Do they share the way they are held by their wielders? One is grasped by both hands, the other by several fingers.

He who is grasped by this power is able to affirm himself because he knows that he is affirmed by the power of being-itself.

These factors would be quickly grasped by the intelligentsia and compel it to support a state that strengthened its claims as a class.

It is the state of being grasped by the power of being which transcends everything that is and in which everything that is participates.

In 14% of cases grasp for is used

Little men grasping for power often scramble for personal advantages.

It is a hard thing to grasp for it involves risks and making oneself vulnerable.

Actually more, but numbers are easier to grasp for people if you can just start with half.

Swift grasping for what her next stage is going to be, and trying to become a sort of pop superstar that currently doesn't exist.

The way I think the spell or hex started, is that last year I was awaken at night grasping for air, I felt like somebody was choking me.

LOL! Thanks for that! FYI, I'd as Irish as the Dalai Lama, just like yourself, except I'd not grasping for some synthetic hyphenate prefix.

Well, at least not unless and until they decide to return to reality, and demonstrate that they value the overall good of the nation as a higher priority than grasping for control.

In 6% of cases grasp in is used

The scale of the DDR issue also needs to be grasped in planning DDR programmes.

But that state of unification can be intuitively grasped in a finite life-span.

In 5% of cases grasp onto is used

You set yourself free and give others a life line from which to grasp onto their own truth with more courage and willingness.

In 3% of cases grasp on is used

The rest are really grasping on the old verities and offering very little new.

For some years now, banks have grasped on to an approach called business process management (BPM).

Grasp on the subject It helps in knowing and grasping the language, grammar, the basics of treatment and assumption upon which subject rests.

In 3% of cases grasp upon is used

The chances of the customer positively responding to this call are very high, simply because the bank has grasped upon the right time to sell the right product to the right customer.

In 3% of cases grasp with is used

Good ergonomic principles can help, such as: Picking up books or files with straight fingers or between palms rather than grasping with bent fingers.

In 2% of cases grasp about is used

What I want you to grasp about that story is the how I did it.

Conclusion The key point to be grasped about scare campaigns is that they are either self-serving, or an expression of moral outrage or a shame/anger trap.

In 2% of cases grasp of is used

I have a friend whose suspension of disbelief CAN NOT grasp of a world where Batman and Superman could co-exist.

In 1% of cases grasp through is used

Well admittedly, much is down to advancements in mobile technology; however the power of the internet can nonetheless be grasped through using what is now referred to as a smartphone.

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