Prepositions after "grant"

"grant to" or "grant by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases grant to is used

Grant to the Duke of Lennox (145).

Grant to Cuthbert Cunningham (152).

Grant to James Cunningham (153) Esq.

If land is granted to these people, what can they do? They can't sell it to foreigners.

All rights in the Marks are reserved and no licence or right to use is granted to Users.

Government has powers granted to it as determined by the people's democratic decision making.

Sanjay Saksena 24-Aug-2012 Of all the abilites granted to man, the ability to create beauty is surely the greatest.

To this end, by uploading Content to a Network in which the Content is designated as Public Content, you grant to GROU.

The concessions granted to Gardiner in June 1923 may have been wide and far-reaching, but they also had to be paid for.

In 19% of cases grant by is used

Kaya you are taken for granted by other nations.

No divorce shall be granted by the general assembly.

Ethics approval: Approval number 279-03124 was granted by the Regional Committee for.

A total of 63 Honorary Freedoms have been granted by Limerick City Council since 1877.

As with global announcements, announcement permissions are granted by the board administrator.

Almost 4,000 new home loans were granted by lenders in the months of July, August and September.

The information contained in any waste licence that has been granted by the EPA is available to the public.

In Rosemary's Baby, actor John Cassavettes (JC) plays an actor whose sudden success is granted by the Devil.

This aid is granted by the Dean of Sludents on the recommendations of the Freeship Commtee of the each School.

In 12% of cases grant in is used

It has been taken for granted in all U.

It is a discount granted in consideration of expeditious payment.

Patents granted in one jurisdiction are often rejected in another.

Linezolid was discovered in the 1990s and its approval for clinical use was granted in 2000.

A while back I wrote about how we take our freedom for granted in terms of our Internet access.

Where they place the emphasis can be grasped simply by the order the pillars are granted in their opening statements.

The simple fact is that there are many things that we take for granted in life that are much more dangerous than guns.

Granted in this case it was later than normal but late delivery of goods is an ongoing battle for any large organization.

If anything, we are making the requirements Xthat have been implicit when direct CVS access was granted in the past Xexplicit.

In 8% of cases grant for is used

However, this ratio is not granted for every bet.

Patents are granted for new or inventive discoveries.

Incentives could help, such as book grants for their children.

Before permission can be granted for this, the council has to carry out a risk assessment.

So the first theatre fund was granted for four countries-Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Encourage your child's school district to apply for all the NCLB grants for which it is eligible.

It's a mix of factors and considerations, not least the fact that SMU depends on government grants for other things.

The Africans In 1514, the Asiento or import license was granted for the introduction of the Africans under Spanish rule.

The conference as a whole offers fifteen (15) grants for graduate students which cover the conference fee and accommodation.

Block transfer credit may also be granted for completion of a minimum of two semesters in a certificate or diploma program.

In 4% of cases grant on is used

This motion was granted on December 5, 2007.

Extension of another five years may be granted on a periodical basis.

The access shall be granted on the basis of an interconnection agreement.

A publication ban was granted on all evidence presented at the bail hearing.

Tax relief is granted on pension contributions at the top rate of income tax that applies to you.

This assistance is granted on therecommendations of the Centre/School by the office of the Co-ordinator (E).

In this way we could ensure that patents are only granted on products which are truly ' new ' and ' involve an inventive step '.

A new use patent is an additional patent that is granted on an existing medicine found to be effective in treating a different illness than the one for which it was initially registered.

In 3% of cases grant from is used

They get big donations, and grants from the government, charity, churches, etc.

And in the meantime the spivs continue to get rich on research grants from the government.

You can just use it freely to insert on any site the embed multivideo player, as granted from this site,.

Note, though, that even at this private company, much of the money comes from small business (SBIR) grants from the federal government.

The remainder is provided by income earned from investments, donations from faith groups and civic organizations and grants from development assistance organizations.

In 3% of cases grant under is used

Granted under your scenario they wouldn't have.

The Alan Johnston case concerned timber from land reserved or granted under the 1906 Act.

We now come to the question of how to terminate these extraordinary powers granted under a declaration of national emergency.

An exemption, if granted under circular 12/96, may continue to be granted under the terms of circular letter M10/94 in post-primary.

These Terms of Service, and any rights and licenses granted under these Terms of Service, may not be transferred or assigned by you, but may be assigned by us without restriction.

The key elements of Wild J's decision are: section 67A(1) (b) (i) of the Forests Act 1949 created an exemption for timber from land reserved or granted under the 1906 Act from export controls.

In 2% of cases grant with is used

It can not do any of the other things that we take for granted with our legs, like sitting or even speeding up our gait.

Granted with the past being what it was, this isn't promising, but you need to reel it back a bit and be convinced of what is happening before opening up the flood gates of suspicion.

Depending on your situation, a Bridging visa B can be granted with a travel period of up to 12 months, and will let you depart and re-enter Australia as often as you wish within that time.

In 1% of cases grant after is used

Visas for research will only be granted after the applicant have been cleared by the Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH ): P.

Sabbatical- The general guideline is that one year of paid sabbatical leave is granted after seven years of meeting full departmental responsibilities e.

Women: I can understand that New Zealand women may be tempted to take the right to vote for granted after all they've been doing it for nearly 120 years.

In 1% of cases grant against is used

As such, any subsequent court demand issued for that purpose has been known as a ' Norwich Pharmacal order ', and it is one of those that Brookes has been granted against Facebook.

In 1% of cases grant as is used

Those rights are being granted as the Boomers ' children become voting adults.

In 1% of cases grant at is used

Tax relief is granted at your marginal rate, which means the higher your tax rate, the better deal a pension is for you.

In 1% of cases grant pursuant is used

Reservation of Rights All rights not expressly granted pursuant to this Agreement in respect of the Stamp OnNet Website Materials are reserved by HKP or its licensors.

In 1% of cases grant through is used

Such a right was granted through agreements.

This is granted through the Immigration arm of a Canadian Embassy, Consulate or High Commission.

In 1% of cases grant upon is used

Postgraduate program (Comparative Study of Chinese and Foreign Languages and Cultures) is offered and MA degrees will be granted upon graduation.

Most programs offer a 1-3 year program depending on specialization, and admission to some is granted upon successful completion of an entrance examination, such as for the CFPJ.

In 1% of cases grant without is used

No license to use the trademarks is granted without the express written permission of the CTC.

As a child I always took my Mother's emigration for granted without really understanding what she left behind never to have again.

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