Prepositions after "grand"

"grand in" or "grand for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 23% of cases grand in is used

Put 150 grand in your pocket today.

She was simply that grand in my vision.

Things were very grand in the beginning.

I felt like the man who had won the Cup and lost twenty five grand in the same evening.

The adults looked so grand in their Royal Canadian Legion uniforms, both men and women.

They were grand in 3, as the reload issue made it easier to manage in a melee style game.

The nigh-on eight minute single proved to be even grander in the flesh; every complicated section played flawlessly.

The original door cases are quite grand in stature for the size of the cottages with full semi-circular fanlights over.

We have been to many museums in our lifetime, but this was the most unique and focused, and certainly was grand in scale.

They wrote books sweeping in scope and grand in ambition, reaching across academic fields and entire eras of human history.

In 22% of cases grand for is used

Less than a grand for 231k points.

That's 200 grand for the full package.

I think I'd at about a grand for the above.

Kudos to Lewis Grand for being pro-active in trying to eliminate this security problem.

They're grand for: trap, skeet, boat, shore, walking the fields, and general merriment.

Its grand for those who just knock a switch on to create heat or energy in their homes.

Andrew O'Shaughnessy (Limerick forward ): It's grand for challenge games but I wouldn't like it for important matches.

FEMA spokesperson Dan Watson said that the agency booked three rooms at the SoHo Grand for a few of its 7,700 staffers.

While I think the philosophical implications could be quite grand for this theory, the scientific ones aren't so great.

Chibale's claims and the interpretation of them by the media are too grand for how little biological data Ongarora et al.

In 12% of cases grand of is used

We call him the Grand of Luga Flow.

I try not to have too grand of expectations.

The grandest of these houses is Blenheim Palace.

In India, you have a whole army of them, led by the grandest of them all, Kuldip Nayar.

Sitting proudly above the zoo's new entrance and cafeteria, is the grandest of them all.

Value for money 4/10 The prices of the grandest of London hotels, but with none of the fun.

It served as the main palace of the Joseon Dynasty, and is often considered to be the grandest of all five palaces.

We can even perhaps entertain the grandest of outcomes: improved relations between the Indian and Pakistani governments.

Central The grandest of all coffee houses, frequented by Trotsky, the Central makes no apology for its hard-won reputation.

The finding offers the tantalizing possibility of testing Einstein's general theory of relativity on the grandest of scales.

In 9% of cases grand on is used

It doesn't look so grand on the outside.

I dropped $2 grand on my 60? and never looked back.

Yes, they look grand on the ladies, but the length bothers me.

Rather than plunking down 25 grand on a new car, they can just maintain what they have.

Was grand on the day in the end after the resting and was just delighted to finish in 4.

It's so good, Jack manages to blow $25 grand on an almost identical one for the sequel! #55.

The re-done highway, which looked grand on completion and was sheer pleasure to drive on, could not withstand one rain.

Stuff, though? About a year ago, I dropped about a grand on redoing my office -- fresh paint, doors for the bookcases, and a huge chair.

But if you can afford to spend three grand on a bike like this, maybe you'll just ride it around your private country estate or something.

Sadly, this is easier said than done as I'd on a very limited budget and can't afford to spend a grand on the latest Victoria Beckham dress.

In 5% of cases grand to is used

The GOP has gone from being grand to being greedy.

The transition of the mood was from grand to elegant.

Let's toss $50 grand to the SGI Campaign for Elizabeth.

Sounds grand to new young ears, fails in the real world.

And the cost? A trifling 10 grand to us, the humble taxpayer.

I'd get paid 500 a week and hand over about five grand to the older.

When they give us 50 grand to record a record, they want a record back.

Bustamante promises the awards night to be the biggest and grandest to date.

In 4% of cases grand with is used

It is very grand with elegant costumes.

It would be grand with grilled or sauted shrimp.

Any Irish person will be grand with a splash every second week or so.

Everything feels grand with the almost hypnotic swinging pendulum and spiral staircase.

I'd grand with waxing, lately threading had been painful enough but I grin and bear it.

I started out 2012 fairly happy, good friends, enjoying college and just getting on grand with things.

With fertile plains and mountains grand With lakes and rivers clear, Eternal beauty, thos dost stand Throughout the changing year.

One of the many combinations and goals in the game -- if you're familiar with any of the games, you'll be grand with this one too.

Coming to the Electric Grands, the CP80 is fun and uncannily accurate, while the Gerbstadt grand with CP80 pickups is an unexpected but equally usable sound.

It was almost as if someone has been ill in the lobby and nobody had cleaned it up properly! The room we were in was quite grand with fantastic black out curtains.

In 3% of cases grand at is used

With something grand at the end, it's a journey.

I find it to be sublime and grand at the same time.

The Buildings are grand at Cambridge but few of them.

I wouldn't lend them five grand at that age as there's a good chance they cant pay it back.

Where he would drop 6000 dollars on -- for T and other players yeah six grand at TGI Friday's.

We tasted this kind of dal palak in which palak is pureed and cooked with dal in GRT grand at Chennai.

There is no doubt that the two years that she was Grand at the Royal the Quality herd became more famous in the world.

The garden must have been grand at that time, to please the ruler of a court recognized as the most brilliant in Germany.

You're not meant to win in these places! My mate knows this guy who usually wins three or four grand at the casino blah blah.

In 2004 she was nominated All-American Jr 3 Year Old after being Intermediate and Reserve Grand at Minnesota State Fair and 5th at World Dairy Expo.

In 2% of cases grand as is used

So everything has to be twice as grand as No Entry.

They didn't make it to anything so grand as a bowl.

They was as high-toned and well born and rich and grand as the tribe of Grangerfords.

Grand as the watch was, he sometimes looked at it on the sly on account of the old leather strap that he used in place of a chain.

Do you remember Chernobyl? Humans couldn't possibly have done that, because we can't possibly have an impact on something so grand as the Earth.

The 28-year-old is focused on Sunday's ING New York City Marathon, a race she considers to be just as exciting and grand as the Olympic Games, where she finished eleventh in the 10,000m.

In 2% of cases grand Pre is used

Given at Grand Pre the Second of September in the 29th year of his Majesty's reign A.

So it came to pass that one midnight, early in February, Noble's men in Grand Pre found themselves surrounded.

No sooner had they learned of Noble's position at Grand Pre than they resolved to surprise him by a forced march and an attack by night.

Today long dykes and thousands of hectares of productive level fields may be seen in the vicinity of Grand Pre, Wolfville, Port Williams and Canard.

Not long after that, families spread out across the region establishing other communities at places like Beaubassin, Grand Pre, Chipoudy and Pisiguit.

Lawrence had reported that each family in the area of Minas Basin (Grand Pre - Mines) owned about 15 cattle, 15 hogs and 30 sheep, as well as other farm animals.

In 2% of cases grand per is used

Ashton Kutcher gets $700 grand per episode for Two and A Half Men.

After that I started to earn five to six grand per month without much effort.

That's a lot of pressure, 50 Grand per show! But we never let the prize money.

We are looking for 10 grand per month to maintain our current standard of praying and serving the Lord.

No matter what any kind of online business gives you, they will not simply give you Five grand per month for registering.

You pay 50 grand per quarter, and only get yet another small population boost in return, just like every other similar structure.

It's something that crops up at many courses and I know you can't click your fingers and find thirty grand per green to make it sit up and look inspiring.

We can predict that things can not stay this bad for long, but if they regress to what they we're last year to a grand PER of about eight, we're not doing much better.

Potential Savings: $50/month Finally, the remaining elephant in the room is INCOME! You're making 50 grand per year right now, but that should not be viewed as your upper limit.

The guy earns about 60 grand per week, so how much money made it worth his while? Wouldn't make much sense for a millionaire to take less than a weeks wages for this bit of ' work '.

In 2% of cases grand from is used

I have an atists grand from the government.

Which means I'll have about a grand from that for next July.

And he stands to pocket a grand from Scarborough at no extra risk.

The conversation was pretty relaxed, and I doubt she expected anything grand from me.

It looks grand from the road but when you go inside you find that the place is falling down.

The staircase in the store was grand from the floors to the finishing, but the design was faulty.

Can you tell us more about the preparation for it? The opening sequence is by far is the grandest from a VFX point of view.

The view was grand from the media tribune halfway up the stadium, the Canadian flag among roughly 200 others on the technical ring circling the structure.

Even Busby's Brentwood station looks grand from a distance but must different at street level, and I wonder how the design would stand up to the test of time.

We went to a swimming pool out of town, a place that looked rather grand from the outside, perhaps less so on the inside, and we would quickly go our separate ways and change.

In 2% of cases grand by is used

The party will look grand by using such items.

I took the monorail from Bally's to the MGM Grand -- which is kind of grand by the look of the foyer anyway.

A kaleidoscopic but sometimes sloppy Barcelona performance was raised to something grander by a moment of ingenuity.

You can be grand by visiting your grandparents especially if they live alone or in an assisted living or skilled nursing facility.

This familiar household decoration is even made grander by surrounding it with brightly colored LED lights that truly enliven the scene.

Furthermore it's likely you wouldn't see any sign of your original wheels were you to buy this option which makes them cost well over 2 grand by my reckoning.

Dan 1st February 2012 - 16:51 This proves exactly why a cap should be put on, they can save the 4 odd grand by cutting out cigarettes, alcohol and sky - life's luxuries.

Grand by name but not by nature, The Grand Hotel in Eastbourne is not only the only 5 star luxury hotel to be found on the British coastline, we're also one of the friendliest.

Best place to stay: For those not keen on camping in the festival grounds, you can stay at the 4* The Grand by Thistle in Bristol, located about an hour's drive from the festival.

Move the furniture, get rid of clutter (not pretty clutter though, I like pretty clutter) or perhaps try a new scent to fragrance your room (Abode Aroma Diffusers are grand by the way).

In 1% of cases grand like is used

The mosque is not grand like Old Delhi's touristy Jama Masjid.

Our sporting facilities, though not spectacular like Beijing's Bird Nest or grand like London's Olympics stadium, did not disappoint the athletes.

But this is a typical Chinese development these days: we build a city out of nothing and call it something grand like Rome, and then we wait for the Romans to come.

I had always imagined my first trip to be somewhere grand like New York or Paris, or more modern like Singapore or Hong Kong, instead of a historical and cultural tour.

In 1% of cases grand out is used

I did just grand out of IPBS and Canada Life.

But the fact is, squeezing 20 grand out of a company that normally pulls its puckerstring over a 3% fee refund is pretty impressive.

I ended up being about a grand out of pocket, after Medicare and private insurance, to go through a private dental hospital and I recommend it.

In 1% of cases grand over is used

Skygarden light looking grand over the Dining table.

I'd sure the seller would be happy to sell it to me for a grand over market value.

Mind you a lot of selfish people feel that higher taxes should start 20 grand over their income.

Davies, who has worked in several roles at the Grand over the past three years, will be directing Calendar Girls.

Richard, I've invested 10's of thousands of dollars (round it off to about 40 grand over a 13 year period) into a fledgling non-profit that I founded back in 1999 to 2001.

In 1% of cases grand into is used

Put 80 grand into Swiss government bonds or even a Swiss bank account if you don't feel comfortable with bonds.

But the Hatter not only failed to drop the 200 grand into her lap it also refused to disburse even a token quarter back into Jenny's slender hands.

To get it rented out, we'd have to put minimum a couple of grand into the house, as only top spec properties in the area are likely to remain occupied.

We'd already replaced the transmission once before and we didn't want to dump three grand into it again, so we towed it home and parked it with plans to sell it for parts.

In 1% of cases grand about is used

There was something grand about D.

It has that something grand about it.

In fact there was nothing grand about him but his ugliness.

There was nothing grand about the store but that was where I bought most of my food.

He waxes grand about how Burundi can become an important world player in making avocado oil.

I think there is something very grand about seeing large turbines striding across the countryside.

The course is maintained through the voluntary efforts of its small and hardy band of club members, so there's nothing too grand about this course.

I feel grand about leaving the children too as I've had the same full-time childminder who's been with me for five years and she's just brilliant with them.

In 1% of cases grand without is used

And what's more, ye can do grand without them.

He was grand without it but turned violent when he had it.

A Filipino gathering is not as grand without the centerpiece lechon.

The pump has been off since Friday and everything is working grand without it.

The problem was trying something so grand without understanding real world dynamics.

You don't start something this ambitious and grand without seeing future potential in it.

He shows he has the cajones to back himself and he stands to pull in a grand without the added risk of odds.

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