Prepositions after "gracious"

"gracious in" or "gracious to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases gracious in is used

Be overly gracious in your speech.

Jared is really gracious in these.

He was a man who was gracious in nature A.

He however was gracious in defeat, praising Dwarfs for being a better team on the day.

He has indeed been gracious in giving the Shearer-Robertson leadership time to respond.

And because he knows how it feels to lose, he is learning to be gracious in victory too.

We should be even more dumbfounded at our own reasons for not accepting God's gracious invitation to eternal life.

Sometimes, this honesty just means being gracious in saying no and not lying just so you can get out of something.

The sky, usually gracious in Holland with rain, the source of this country's mighty fields, the sky gives nothing.

The few times I've referenced YH and CM, everyone's been very gracious in not flying off the handle and bashing me.

In 29% of cases gracious to is used

God has been so gracious to us.

Gracious to all, cruel to none.

Allh has indeed been gracious to us.

Turn to me and be gracious to me, as is your custom toward those who love your name.

Surely You are Gracious to whomsoever You will, and You are Powerful over all things.

I saw the sadness in his eyes as he was so gracious to President Obama in his speech.

When a writer thanks Yaddo, he's not being gracious to anybody; he's just telling the world that he went to Yaddo.

The weather was sunny and warm, the food was sublime and the people we met gracious to the verge of embarrassment.

They have always failed in this test, as they have never honoured the deprived by being kind and gracious to them.

Be gracious to each other, find people that share your heart, but expect Jesus to change the details and the timing! 4.

In 10% of cases gracious about is used

There will be nothing gracious about it.

You're able to be gracious about it, and treat people like.

So thank you for being so very gracious about my criticisms.

Your willing to give LL a thousand chances why can't you be that gracious about Katie.

OP I think you've been extremely brave, and gracious about all the comments and criticisms.

However, keep in mind that you need to be respectful and gracious about it (see Col 4:5-6).

The whole experience was a blur but it was really cool to meet him and he was very gracious about the whole thing.

Wu brings up Ryan, the new intern, who is gracious about the opportunity, and brown noses Nick and Hank until he trips.

The guys were very gracious about not damaging our apartment or furniture, and moved furniture around without complaining.

Of course, if the guy is so overcome with emotion that he can't get it up and is gracious about it, that's no dumping grounds.

In 10% of cases gracious of is used

How very gracious of you, Dave.

Thank you, that's gracious of you.

Thats very gracious of you Truthserum.

Very gracious of you! Richard Simons is right: those are the musings of a sick mind.

Yes, no matter how that happened, it was indeed a deeply gracious offer on their part.

Natacha took the time to assist us with an issue unrelated to the closing which was gracious of her.

The other day I hop into the MRT and I saw a young lady gave up her seat to a older lady that was gracious of her.

Well ax it's very nice of you to think of the people who actually live there how very gracious of you and you are right.

Personally I think it was very gracious of them not to just dump Firefox and Thunderbird after Mozilla got so nit-picky.

How gracious of you to let Rebecca know exactly where on the spectrum from panic to complacency her reaction should lie.

In 4% of cases gracious with is used

Be careful and gracious with critique.

Be gracious with people, but tough with time.

And he is gracious with every bone in his body.

Gracious with his fans &; fellow musicians, he welcomes others to join in the fun.

To the woman's credit, she was most gracious with her reply: Thank you for your email.

The Resort was locally run and everyone was extremely kind and gracious with their hospitality.

I would like to send out a special thank you to Chef Joe Nader for being so gracious with his time on Sunday and to.

Ha ha! Thank you all! For being positive and reassuring, and also for being gracious with your time and bothering to reply back.

Would this situation affect your relationship with your friend Henry? Sure it would, even if Henry was patient and gracious with you.

In 3% of cases gracious unto is used

Lo! He was ever gracious unto me.

May the Lord be gracious unto you.

And be gracious unto me concerning my seed.

The Lord will help and be gracious unto you.

The Lord make his face to shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee.

May the Lord shine his face upon you and be gracious unto, and give you peace, my sister.

Even thus (as he now is) were ye before; but Allah hath since then been gracious unto you.

He has been Gracious unto those who seek His pleasure by showing them the way how to, and unto the worshippers by His Favours and the granting of success to them.

Isa 30:19 For the people shall dwell in Zion at Jerusalem; thou shalt weep no more; he will surely be gracious unto thee at the voice of thy cry; when he shall hear, he will answer thee.

The best of company are they! 4: 72 Lo! among you there is he who loitereth; and if disaster overtook you, he would say: Allah hath been gracious unto me since I was not present with them.

In 2% of cases gracious for is used

I just want to be gracious for the good times.

We are gracious for the blessings which have been.

They seemed relieved and gracious for the information.

I am very gracious for the insight that I get from you Mr.

I am humbled and gracious for the opportunity to serve you all.

I was gracious for the opportunity to prove myself,? Golson said.

We are so thankful and gracious for support that we've gotten from the UK thus far.

To the little Mexican boy who right now is probably asking someone for a Peso, Muchos Gracious for the gift.

Even though he lacked the energy to move, much less speak, he and his family were very gracious for the supplies we brought.

People who have thus next to nothing, gracious for the most miniscule of bridal party, nevertheless hopeful for the bright the future to be.

In 2% of cases gracious towards is used

See? He's very gracious towards fans as long as they ask nicely.

You have hurt people that have been kind and gracious towards you.

If I could turn back time, I would be more gracious towards myself.

He was very gracious towards us on the sunday game on the night of our all ireland win.

Snape was not particularly gracious towards Nymphadora Tonks, probably because she was so close to Remus Lupin.

And very gracious towards our visitors, which makes it all the more surprising that some of them are so chippy about it.

You have spread your mercy, showed kindness through your pardon, made plentiful your giving and by it you have been gracious towards your servants.

I much preferred Don Carson the year before who was much quicker to acknowledge differences of opinion and seemed much more gracious towards those he disagreed with.

As he does not make his pious believers be lost rather, He is the Most Merciful, Gracious towards them and indeed He prepares for them, plans for them and protects them.

In 1% of cases gracious after is used

Devon was very gracious after his keynote and spent a lot of time signing autographs and talking with our employees one-on-one and in small groups.

Little did we realize what it takes to create the magic! Thank you for being so gracious after the show and having your picture taken with my cousin.

In 1% of cases gracious as is used

She was gracious as well as dignified.

With a pen in his hand, he was gracious as well as graceful.

Gracious as a medieval seigneur accepting tributes, Vincent waved and nodded at random.

Not one of the beings in the heavens and the earth, but must come to (Allah) Most Gracious as a servant.

Share this quote Denethor: to Faramir, about his loyalty Ever you desire to appear lordly and gracious as a king of old.

She is proud of her society level and her elegance though people around her interpret all her attempts to look gracious as the plain taste of style of an average woman with low IQ.

In 1% of cases gracious at is used

King Kev himself would admit that he wasn't too gracious at that moment but then he was talking to Alex Ferguson so i'll let him off.

There's nothing calm, thoughtful or the least bit gracious at this point, but it's hard not to feel some sympathy for the Prime Minister.

The staff was also very gracious at every opportunity, printing ticket confirmations and arranging car service to the airport on our departure.

In 1% of cases gracious on is used

Whilst Turnbull was quite gracious on the same matter.

Well-mannered, charming and gracious on most occasions, he could also be arrogant and aloof.

Gracious on the ball with an air of invincibility and the type of flamboyance that depicts a genius.

I've never seen you be gracious on this site, maybe you don't mean to be snide, but you come off as incredibly snide and a bit of a schmuck.

Omar was just a amiable and gracious on the phone as I remember he was in person when I used to cover him when he played for the Cleveland Indians.

That would have been much more gracious on our part, as authors who should have been older and wiser, setting a good example to younger colleagues.

In 1% of cases gracious toward is used

Joseph Sobran was, in his latter years, far too gracious toward William Buckley.

The gospel is the Good News of a God who is exceedingly gracious toward undeserving sinners.

If God, through Jesus, was not gracious toward our errors, all of us would be on an irreversible path to hell.

I noticed at AC when the elevators stopped running during the storm this summer you were patent and gracious toward the staff at Harrahs.

Don't expect expensive gifts (or that they match the plate cost of the reception ), and be just as gracious toward the modest gifts as you are toward the lavish ones.

In 1% of cases gracious under is used

Are you saying that gillard doesn't know the difference? julia gracious under criticism? If you call giggling and patronising gracious, then I suppose she is.

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