Prepositions after "govern"

govern by, in, with, for or according?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 82% of cases govern by is used

This website and shop is governed by, and is.

But social media is governed by no such rules.

It's that or be completely governed by Germany.

Two island groups, the Izu and the Ogasawara, are also governed by the city of Tokyo.

Law and jurisdiction: This contract shall be governed by English law and any disputes.

Governed by the planet Venus, quite a few of you follow artistic pursuits as a career.

The nerves, kidneys, and emotional channels are governed by Libra and should therefore be given special attention.

How anybody can look at the EU and think being governed by those bureaucratic muppets is a good idea is beyond me.

You know the saddest thing is even alcohol is officially banned in Pakistan, It was always governed by bad people.

These terms are governed by English law, and the Courts of England have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to them.

In 4% of cases govern in is used

Remember, he governs in a blue state.

President Clinton is governing in his shadow.

Public facilities should be governed in a transparent way.

We need to be governed in a way that accepts this diversity.

Those of us gathered here tonight have been called to govern in extraordinary times.

And from now and on, the system governed in Hartgeisa can be smart transformation for the region.

I'd like to be governed in line with the principles for a free society which were established at such cost.

Those governing in Russia, Cuba, Vietnam or China were fakes using an old ideology to impose a new form of terror.

LeMond would be gratified to learn that cycling within the United States today is actually governed in the manner he heralds.

The above says it all - politicians aren't there to ensure they govern in the public's best interests - just their own and their associates.

In 3% of cases govern with is used

Our job is to govern with a sense of responsibility.

Brown won't want to govern with too small a majority.

They are trying to govern with a party at the same time as trying to unseat a third of their MPs.

However, if NZF don't quite make the 5% threshold, then National can almost govern with just a couple of extra seats from MP, ACT and/or UF.

The failure to produce that manifesto is merely more proof that Pakatan and Anwar are asking to be given a chance to govern with literally no idea how they would govern.

Often, these were successful attempts at governing with the real input of civil society, transforming the creativity of popular voices into a real, legitimate mandate.

The state also continued to perform the traditional functions of maintaining law and order and, governing with the advent of economic reforms a fundamental policy decision was made.

With Cunliffe as leader, I could see Labour winning a higher % of the party vote and being able to govern with the Greens as a minority partner which I believe would cause less friction.

In 2% of cases govern for is used

It's about governing for the good of the nation too, more so in fact.

Well, good luck with that one! In the National Party, we seek to govern for all New Zealanders.

Our representatives elected by the majority of people have obligations to govern for the people.

This, with The West Lothian Question and the English regions (obviously intertwined with the EU ), are the great issues of the day and will determine how we are governed for the forseeable future.

The GOP seems to aspire to one of the characteristics of despots the world over - they're more interested in the narrow interests of their own **26;1191;TOOLONG than governing for the greater good.

In 1% of cases govern according is used

Africans gladly accept inventions like eyeglasses, cars, televisions, planes and such like but they would be out of their minds to govern according to socialist, democratic fancies.

In 1% of cases govern as is used

While it is no longer the case, New Zealand was once governed as a part of the territory of New South Wales (later a part of Australia).

In 1% of cases govern at is used

Griffin governed at a point in the late 1950s when the state was undergoing a profound political transition from a rural-dominated, segregationist culture to a more urban landscape.

In 1% of cases govern on is used

Governments claim to be governing on behalf of everybody but in reality they represent only the capitalists.

In 1% of cases govern under is used

The United Kingdom is Governed under Common Law.

A young nobleman, of Brahman descent named Sri Aji Kresna Kapakisan, was appointed King but was controlled and governed under the suzerainty of the Javanese empire.

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