Prepositions after "good"

"good for" or "good at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases good for is used

Good for the coming generation.

Sabrina Good for you for asking.

Good for him, good for the Jays.

There have been many good politicians that tried to do some thing good for the country.

Good for you kid, I wish there had been someone like you on my side when I was younger.

Unfortunately it also kills off any good probiotic bacteria (good for the guts) and damages the proteins in the milk.

Good for you! And like everything you do, you want to give it everything you've got! That's more than understandable.

Good for the wallet, good for the planet Anyone who spends any time at the petrol station knows the cost of the fuel.

It did not look good for the prosecution, and the defense felt confident enough to call Alfred Stratton to the stand.

In 21% of cases good at is used

They were getting good at that.

Good at being angry on Twitter.

You get good at it by doing it.

He would look at the skills that he was not good at and he would outsource those things.

Good at practical things, but of a man's man but also romantic (used to write me poems).

I can say I'd funny because it's the only thing I'd good at besides making a cup of tea.

For now, we need to be good at the old things while making ourselves busy doing more to learn the new ways of working.

Strengths and Weaknesses What do you love doing? What gives you energy, is easy to do, are you good at? Focus on that.

What else are you good at? Anything that is worth your time? He's not doing a good job keeping the towel dry at least.

Fortunately our penalty killing was very good at the beginning, and our powerplay scored enough goals to win the game.

In 9% of cases good in is used

Regardless, it's good info, Dr.

Fine, all is good in the world.

S3 was good in terms of Camera.

I think it's quite good in the sense that writers are made very aware of their audience.

They look good in the eyes of the public and the don't have to pay money to train staff.

Property is the fruit of labor; property is desireable; is a positive good in the world.

We simply don't have that one-lap speed that some others have, but for some reason our car is pretty good in the race.

Comments One Response to What Works Good In The Middle East Ok, so Working abroad may in some cases give you a living.

I think I'd have to see what Garfield's Spidey is like before I can decide if he'd be any good in the Avengers sequel.

Russians look like they thought it looked good in the shop but never wore it again once home in the cold light of day.

In 6% of cases good of is used

Good of him to notice thought Sal.


It's too good of a story to put down.

Giving can be much more for the benefit of the giver than for the good of the recipient.

Got your copy? Ok good -- reading it will make you at least twice as good of a sysadmin.

Strict management education so that he has become a good of the quality of the managers.

And I believe that there are enough bloggers and independent professionals out there who can do just as good of a job.

He was just trying to convince me to stay with Georgia, told me how good of a player I was, and wished me a good year.

It is time for the restoration of fairness in education for the greater good of all, not just for the good of the few.

But why did it fail? The Good of Glitch The gameplay of Glitch was very, very simple and not all that ground breaking.

In 6% of cases good on is used

Good on you for recognizing it.

Cheers Gabe Langfur Good on you.

There is never anything good on.

GOOD ON YOU TRUTH! You seem very hostile toward your fellow servicemen and others alike.

Good on the Warriors for trying to bring in young kids to expose them to the BCHL brand.

Unlike their wives and girlfriends British men think they look rather good on the beach.

Its taken them a while to catch onto this but they have finally seen it - Good on you Maori Party 4/11/2012 9:02:22 p.

Miles and mommy getting ready to board the plane Christy, Miles and I on the plane Miles did pretty good on the plane.

That animal could be a quarry that would be good on the dinner table or a predator that's mean enough to challenge us.

I love that Bobbi celebrates women and advocates healthy living as what's good on the inside will show on the outside.

In 5% of cases good about is used

What's good about the hotel? 1.


I feel good about the end result.

It is requiring validation and approval from a partner to feel good about one's self.

We also need careers we feel good about, which lends a sense of meaning to our lives.

All well and good about the earth quakes but the major devastation came from the sea.

There are some foods that I really can't say anything good about since there is no reason really to recommend them.

But actually I'd mostly a waitress:) What is good about my work? When our guests would appreciate our (my) service.

I thought long and hard about how to make an impact in a way that I could be involved in and would feel good about.

Of course we all want something to feel good about - and goodness knows the Guardian has precious little right now.

In 5% of cases good to is used

He is good to eat, so kill him.

Madagascar sells good to the U.

Good to see you blogging again.

In reply, Romney said Obama's policies did no good to the country and US needs a change.

If your words sound good to the masses, they will sell whether they are fact or fiction.

The transition from good to great had to be company specific, not an industrywide event.

You really are incredibly good to the core, and it saddens me that your level of care for humanity is not the default.

I think the best way to do good to the poor, is not to make them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them from it.

His line's not as good to the left-hander, a good foot too wide and too pitched up to bring his two gullies into play.

In 4% of cases good with is used

You took the good with the bad.

Good with children and animals.

You take the good with the bad.

Tina Weymouth and sisters Lani and Laura make good with the harmonies, smooth and icy.

Maui High and Lahaina sure look good with all that young talent coming back next year.

It's the fact that he runs at defenders and is usually good with the ball at his feet.

I suppose we must learn to take the good with the bad - never get too confident - gardens have a way of humbling us.

Headroom is also pretty good with the high ceiling but this has been achieved without making the car look too bulbous.

Of course if you're in good with the owner/beer guy you got it made! Yeah don't get me wrong it's not easy to come by.

I personally believe if MNC's given a chance to make a life good with all the things like salary, abroad accommodation.

In 1% of cases good as is used

Lamb rack is very good as well.

He is no good as a witness now.

I hope I'd half as good as that.

At best, she was good as a Today Show news reader and fill-in anchor for Brian Williams.

Jump for joy you know she is a bad character and not good as a girlfriend so let her go.

That is at least temporarily good as the european developed nations were poaching on it.

Their march is a rallying cry for the forces of good as a whole, a chink of light in an otherwise desperate situation.

Remember the most hateful humans in the world use good as a tool to blind you and there doing a really good job of it.

Without a teleprompter, he is a mediocre speaker at best, about as good as an average mayor from a small town perhaps.

He was good as the nice German in Captain Kirks Banjo, and in that film with Daniel Craig as his mentally ill brother.

In 1% of cases good by is used

Parents look good by saying, '.

We do not do good by doing evil.

So I prefer to do good by myself.

It's nearly as in the event that he or she has to feel good by getting other folks down.

Vote on issues the way you would have before you were elected -- it will do good by you.

Republicans contend checking of excesses can harm the public good by choking the economy.

For me this menu is emperors new clothes, They are fooling people into thinking the food is good by long descriptions.

Melbourne's air quality has steadily improved over the past 15 years and is relatively good by international standards.

We Should be Very Careful For Everything We Do on This Earth We Are going to judge it One By One Whether is Good By Bad.

Any other annual running costs incurred by the employer are a taxable benefit, less any amount made good by the employee.

In 1% of cases good from is used

I felt good from the inside out.

We must be good from the inside.

Were you good from the start? A.

It felt good from the first lap, so as we understand it more I hope we can improve it.

The car was good from the very beginning, but the grip on the track was unpredictable.

The thing that determines the good from the bad is the effect it has on your cashflow.

His argument is that there are far too many books to read and time is the best way of sorting the good from the bad.

To a person who is disposed to do good from a right motive, it matters little whether it be in public or in private.

This is not at all good from the perspective of the websites and blogs because search engines do not like 404 errors.

When so many decisions are made for the wrong reasons, it eventually becomes impossible to tell the good from the bad.

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