Prepositions after "glow"

"glow in" or "glow with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases glow in is used

She would love the fact it glows in the.

When concentrated, radium glows in the dark.

The chest plate glows in the dark, which is very cool.

Photograph: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images Nearby, the Olympic Stadium glows in the darkness.

Located in the middle of the room was a small pond with blue water that glowed in the darkness.

Glow In The Dark Necklaces We had these as a gift from our aunt and uncle who are living in the United States.

The deep blue and twinkling stars set an awesome scene for arranging bright flowers that seem to glow in the moonlight.

The decor of purple and silver glowed in the candlelight as we celebrated, laughed, and enjoyed this wonderful experience.

Tom put on the black light for old times sake, the cats glowed in the dark anyway, and we saw that our skin now had a green tinge to it.

The faint eerie light that glowed in the stranger's deep-set eyes was not the lambent flame seen in the chatoyant orbs of some night-prowling jungle beast.

In 36% of cases glow with is used

The pictures of Jessica show a face glowing with pure joy; only the look of someone who loves Jesus.

The illustrations glow with a golden light and are delicately and carefully layered with soft edges and brilliantly coloured skies.

Letts, glowing with self-satisfaction, was clearly more excited about being on television than any of the amdram groups involved.

There is a resemblance between both bands: dissonance, tension, restraint and drone, Chromatics soaked in oil and burn, instead of glowing with a radioactive neon light.

The bright blue-white star is Spica in Virgo and just above it is the planet Saturn glowing with a yellow light, in stark contrast to the red of Mars to its lower right.

Its owner wore no toga, for, at this period, the old patrician garment was ridiculed by the leaders of fashion, but his tunic glowed with the richest colour of Tyrian dye.

You love Osho, he inspires you and if a person is intensely and totally devoted then this person is glowing with love and bliss -- regardless of whom that person is devoted to.

The lobby of the North Lawn Building glowed with the eerie artificial light of television cameras as diplomats, pundits, lobbyists and campaigners offered their competing angles.

On such days the windows of the house of the Large Family always looked delightfully cozy and alluring, and the study in which the Indian gentleman sat glowed with warmth and rich color.

Every time I used it, I could imagine the red orbs on it glowing with mana as it attacked, and considering Paladins are the elemental warrior, I think it fits nicely since mages can use it as well.

In 9% of cases glow like is used

They just appear to glow like a normal LED.

If you die laughing at this, maybe I'll see you here with your aura glowing like a magic rainbow.

Over the rapture of the present, the hopes of the future glowed like the heaven above the gardens of spring.

When it's dark, the twinkle lights and street lamps glow like torches, keeping the mood easy and safe, even late.

During Melbourne Cup week, it seemed whenever I turned on the TV I saw an orange-tinged minor celebrity glowing like a Halloween pumpkin.

Over in the half-darkened corner booth the eerie stranger was staring at the girl with an intentness that made his weird eyes glow like miniature pools of shimmering blue-green fire.

In 4% of cases glow at is used

To her natural levity of disposition, her enterprise brought less of terror than of pleasurable excitement; above all, she glowed at the thought of her coming triumph over the hated Neapolitan.

In 4% of cases glow from is used

The beauty glows from deep within.

My boy was so peaceful it was lovely to watch him sleep so still with his lovely ginger hair glowing from the sunrise outside his curtains.

He ventures out early in the morning, and photographs various insects perched on flowers and leaves, glowing from the tiny beads of dew that coat their bodies.

In 1% of cases glow before is used

Whilst Kratos paused to marvel at the grandiose building, a statue behind him began to glow before speaking.

In 1% of cases glow on is used

There before me, glowing on the display, was a solid mass with thousands of tiny white speckles.

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