Prepositions after "global"

global in, to, with, as or for?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 46% of cases global in is used

Our practice is global in scope.

Islam is global in another sense.

The Church is global in its essence.

That is what makes it so relevant in this age of global information and communication.

It is an audience, that is, global in its make-up and drawn from many different fields.

I just don't have as much confidence as some that what we are doing will turn around a force that is global in scale.

Unlike other books on cities, Kotkin's is truly global in scope (even Lewis Mumford confined his vision to the West).

Asmundson joined LR Global in 2006 as a partner, Chief Operating Officer and member of the portfolio investment team.

The impacts of these phenomena are global in reach and will, therefore, have ramifications for the Sri Lankan economy.

In 8% of cases global to is used

These levels range from global to sub-national.

This variable is global to the connection within which you are using it.

Throughout the book, the issue of scale is emphasized -- from global to local.

Petersburg with a specific focus o n environmental issues, from global to local scales.

These queues are global to the application and are differentiated only by their priority level.

Because they are global to your application, retain and release calls for these queues are ignored.

Its activities include The Economics of Happiness, The Ladakh Project, a Local Food program and Global to Local Outreach.

My final comments were that I thought the survey was a sly way of implementing the global to local processes of Agenda 21.

Hence to get from global to local, all you need to do is make the position relative to the player ship (by subtracting the PS.

From global to regional, from leading to lagging regions, where poverty, gender disparity and and human misery is concentrated.

In 7% of cases global with is used

We are already going global with it.

And they're trying to go global with it.

Thats what makes union global with more than 3 true test teams.

If not, you are going to have to think global with your content strategy and approach.

We announced that Deloitte Digital is going global with practices established in the US and UK.

Santo Domingo is a track full of dance and proof positive that the King is truly global with his music.

Trends are today more global with the likes of social media influencing the people over the world, connecting them together.

The opening of the campus came with a renewed drive to go global with his unique brand of education for the developing world.

These entrepreneurs are normally young Indian migrants who are flexible and global with their approach in the business world.

From music producers Sheyman, K9 to Eva, he made it clear he was now finally ready to act local but think global with his brand.

In 6% of cases global as is used

Others go global as a market expansion strategy.

Brand Vision To be a Global as well as the Most Admirable Enterprise.

The post sovereign state often advances global as well as national causes.

The UN strives to ensure that data has value in the global as well as national domain.

The function's operations will effect the variable in a global as well as local sense.

China also has a vested interest, as does the United States, in global as well as in U.

Al Rasheed also holds membership and is involved in several global as well as community-based organizations and boards.

And even till today the question of procurement of information enjoys great importance in global as well as local wars.

Reflections from SIDbaires Chapter ' Although media is global from a technical point of view, it is still not global as a concept.

US military power went global as the 20th century opened, when Filipinos, Puerto Ricans, and Hawaiians were made racial wards of the state.

In 4% of cases global for is used

The command is global for all apps.

Data in the heap is also global for the same reason.

IT is global for more reasons than geographic diversity.

Industry is increasingly global for a good reason: specialization raises productivity.

The mean E global for both groups, when controlled for the degree of the network, was low (0.

You can configure exception handling to be global for all actions or to just for a specific action.

KHI had in January sold the Swisstel Kunshan to TA Global for a gross consideration of approximately US$61 million.

Similar was the fate of Spain's Chemo Group's plans to buy a 100% stake in Ordain Healthcare Global for Rs 58 crore.

Right now the Google keyword tool only shows 3,600 local monthly searches and 4,400 global for *broad* match, not exact match.

It's a weird instinct, but with the same idea of internal achievements only, it's a shame there's nothing global for the Wii U.

In 4% of cases global on is used

Before I knew it, it'd gone global on Twitter.

Indeed, most Chinese enterprises can not afford to go global on their own.

Asare has collaborated with HCJB Global on radio and healthcare projects throughout Ghana.

When modifying a global on an embedded system like the 6811 or 6812, it also means the parameter will be allocated in ROM.

Randy Neugebauer, will release the full results of its year-long staff investigation into the collapse of MF Global on Thursday.

Therefore, Poland at whatever cost, needs a successful Europe with a functioning Germany in it that doesn't go global on its own.

Lisa Raitt, Minister of Labour and MP for Halton, shakes hands with Robb Orr, CEO of Burlington's PowerBand Global on Monday morning.

Were do we stand on the UN Milelenume goals?? Have they become things from the past with the present global economic crises? We think global on environment.

Which Fibe TV Apps incur usage? The applications currently available on Fibe TV are The Weather Network, Global On Demand, Santa Tracker, Galaxie, Facebook and Twitter.

Corinne Podger: Difficult but not impossible, as you're about to hear here on All in the Mind on ABC Radio National going global on Radio Australia and on podcast, I'd Corinne Podger.

In 3% of cases global from is used

And, of course, it was global from the word go.

But that isn't stopping STR Global from trying.

It will be young and small -- global from the get-go.

Some plan to be global from day one while others rapidly outgrow the New Zealand market.

But Gasmilla has been more vibrant with the craze going global from James Town, the place of his birth.

But Gasmilla has been more vibrant with the craze, going global from James Town, the place of his birth.

That deal ought to have increased the holding of Union Global from 65 per cent and reduced that of AMCON from 20 per cent.

Reflections from SIDbaires Chapter ' Although media is global from a technical point of view, it is still not global as a concept.

Startups will need to weigh the cost and benefits of going global from day one or targeting both high-end and low-end markets at home.

Companies in both regions are actively looking for opportunities outside of their home countries -- going global from within their region.

In 3% of cases global rather is used

Moncupa sees a global rather than a regional solution to the problem.

Besides, maths as a discipline is now global rather than chauvinistic.

Note however, that the scope used in the evaluation is global rather than local.

Compare bondage-and-discipline language, although that term is global rather than local.

In fact, the adaptation has been partly driven by global rather than merely EU-specific changes.

However, when inflation is driven by global rather than domestic developments, such policies may not help.

The other is that markets, even the US ones, are becoming increasingly determined by global rather than domestic influences.

Before 1975, Singapore's interests were global rather than regional, and its policy toward ASEAN was characterized by detachment.

If the boundaries of these forces are on the global rather than national level, the issue of a global government naturally arises.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's 2009 visit to India when she said she considered India to be a global rather than a regional power.

In 2% of cases global at is used

The LPG market became truly global at this time.

Errol Cooke, Director of Hotels -- Global at Agoda.

We have 5000 members now and we're actually global at this point.

Only 20 percent of respondents said that the legal department was represented on the main board (versus global at 38 percent).

It is the focus on the global at the expense of local and regionalised cultures that drives the production of greenhouse gases as never before.

Something that is American can not be global at the same time, but stupid people like you do not even understand their own language, let alone anything else.

Today we have multiple channels and platforms, creative work running internationally and, thanks to the internet, the ability to go global at the click of a mouse.

Tastes are becoming global at the same time as they are increasingly personal: one need not assume that the average collector just wants to buy what their friend has.

Tarun Basu meets Nagesh Karuturi, the CEO of Bangalore based company Karuturi Global at their farm in Ethiopia He has an MBA from Derbyshire and was flooded with job offers.

I worry that treating the club as a ' franchise ' will make it global at the expense of the local, profitable but too expensive, successful but not accountable to the fans and the community.

In 2% of cases global by is used

They are, after all, global by nature.

Many Chinese enterprises went global by engaging in exports.

Going global By December 2006, Facebook had reached 12 million users.

Cyberspace is Global by its basic design so threat is at Global level.

The power of your personal vibration becomes global by virtue of this law.

January 11, 2010: Toyota announced its brake override software fix will be made global by 2011.

Both companies are forecasting production within a few months of one another: Passport by 2016 and Prospect Global by late 2015 or early 2016.

And my pride and joy of being able to help our local companies become more global by creating world-class brands with a distinct and rich Asian flavour.

In 2% of cases global of is used

In the global of Forex, it really is critical to forever be collecting as much pertinent info as you can.

In the global of Forex, it really is essential to always be gathering as much relevant info as you should.

Not the Global of greed, financial madness, war, repression, self-censorship, individual and mass depression.

You agree to immediately notify BEAM GLOBAL of any unauthorized use of your user name or password or any other breach of security.

The global of Foreign currency trading has recently been swamped by a big number of automated applications that promise the moon and more.

Most nations produce for the international textile and apparel market, making this one of the most global of all industries (Dickerson 1995).

While technology is perhaps the most global of industries, the context since the start of the global financial crisis has been decidedly regional and local.

With the growing awareness, mainstream markets are also increasingly tapping into voluntary initiatives as a basis for reducing the production and consumption impacts global of economic activity.

In 1% of cases global within is used

We want to be completely global within 3 years.

Shootings happen everywhere, but this event goes global within minutes after it happens.

It needs to be perceived as making connections between the local and the global within a values base of equity, social justice and human rights.

In 1% of cases global versus is used

Similarly, global versus local is not a useful debate.

As to what a proportionate balance of concern should be, global versus local, I've not a clue.

Global versus Caribbean Studies on Sedimentation and Erosion According to (http: **35;4782;TOOLONG.

A better balance between these two categories must be sought in the spirit of a global versus local optimum.

He and his colleagues in the PORGIate rise as effortlessly as hot-air balloons to the level of global versus merely national.

But, it will take some time to explain why -- to work through the nuances, assumptions, sensitivities and global versus region story.

Magnitude of Impact: Environmental preferability should consider the scale (global versus local) and temporal aspects (reversibility) of the impacts.

Global versus Caribbean Studies on Oil The Wider Caribbean region is one of the largest oil producing areas of the world with a production of approximately 12.

Global versus Caribbean Studies on Radioactive Substances The effects of man-made radionuclides discharged into the sea still loom large in the minds of the general public and politicians.

Global versus Caribbean Studies on Nutrients During the last two centuries, human activities have resulted in large-scale changes in the nutrient cycle, with an increase since about 1950 (UNEP 2005).

In 1% of cases global vs is used

Bulk Trading and Venture Global vs.

There are two basic scopes of variables in Python: Global variables Local variables Global vs.

Rakesh Gupta, Advocates The authors argue that the law laid down by the Special Bench in All Cargo Global vs.

In 1% of cases global over is used

At Woodstock, we value the term global over the term international.

In 1% of cases global without is used

It is our means to becoming instantly global without set up costs in other jurisdictions.

It also has the possibility of becoming truly global without losing sight of those three factors although if it's just our bookshop involved that's fine.

From a customer's perspective, the main risk for a global bank lies in claiming to be global without truly being ' global ' when performing customer services across borders.

In 1% of cases global through is used

We have become global through the internet, and so on.

The education fiasco vision is both national and global through the UN.

Do I send a product sample directly to Lighting Global through the mail? No.

Do I send a product sample directly to Lighting Global through the mail? Yes.

This website goes global through the assistance of the online branch of the identical, managed by ' The office of management and budget '.

GreenLink Global shall treat any data or information transmitted to GreenLink Global through this Site as non-confidential and non-proprietary.

In 1% of cases global since is used

But there have been mass bleachings that have been global since then: 2005 was bad; 2010 was bad.

The firm has been ranked in Tier one by Chambers Global since 2000 and counts several lawyers ranked as leaders in their field.

In 1% of cases global per is used

Equalizing global per person emissions.

Global per security hundred days floating the 2 files wages every 300 days fixed.

In 1% of cases global about is used

Here, he talks to Global about the power of sport to confront complex political issues.

This segment on global about toys was great, I still have young children to buy for and watching tv is a lot easier than asking some random.

She talks to Global about the need to speak out on issues that affect children, her passion for education, her love of family and the excitement of marathon running.

In 1% of cases global like is used

When the banks go paperless, an MS Global like event will happen on a daily basis.

But then it is my own personal belief that religion should be personal, not global like christianity or what have you.

How do I job advance? Unlike most other private servers we try to design the game as Global like as possible, this includes the job advancements.

For most Indians, it is sufficient that Obama is global like them, but my argument with Obama is not that he has a global point of view but that he has the wrong global point of view.

In 1% of cases global into is used

Also stateful set marketed stage class was which Task that blocking global IP global into may to connected that changes the then.

In 1% of cases global after is used

Town Meetings became global after the U.

Yet, it seems that network effects are global after all.

The walk went global after the success of a similar walk in American cities in September.

If you know anyone hiring in these areas or nearby (I am global after all! ), then please let me know.

The empire of capital that was going strong and global after the fall of Soviet communism now is on the edge of collapse, too.

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