Prepositions after "glance"

glance at, through, around, over or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 67% of cases glance at is used

Then I glanced at the last spot.

I glanced at my phone -- almost 1 a.

They walk past it without glancing at it.

It appears a backwards glance at a time when it is imperative that Brazil look forward.

The rest of the group shrugged there shoulders, glanced at each other and followed them.

When I pick it up, I can just glance at it and understand everything it is trying to say.

On another occasion while we were driving and Gerry was at the wheel, I was glancing at an Italian language newspaper.

Do not just glance at what you require to do and make a guess, you may possibly end up spending as well considerably income.

If you ever glance at the following points you would then realize how to commence a web host reseller business successfully.

I lay down on my bed and glanced at the stack of papers that I held in my hands: The Phaedrus, a 24-paged dialogue by Plato.

In 7% of cases glance through is used

Take a few seconds to glance through the content, and save a file only if it's relevant to your work activity.

We rode up the bottom of it, glancing through the shrubbery at its edge, till Henry abruptly jerked his rein, and slid out of his saddle.

It just begs the question: what is that? Which is exactly what I asked while glancing through a book recently and I came across a reference to this drink.

In 4% of cases glance around is used

Without standing, he glanced around the bridge.

She glanced around the room until she spotted Pikachu.

They glanced around the room, only to spy their assignment escaping out the window.

Third Ward pew and glanced around me I marveled at the incredible diversity of the ward.

He fingered the delicate stem of the champagne glass, glanced around the room, then as a waiter pulled his chair back, he stood up.

The sounds which resulted made Sam and me stare at each other in complete wonderment, and then I instinctively glanced around to see if anyone else had come in.

I glanced around me to make sure no one else was around to hear me, the crazy, 20-something who was jabbering away into the distance to something that didn't meet the eye.

In 4% of cases glance over is used

It killed me every time I would glance over the see the perfectly taped lines.

As a rule possibly which a thing would not glance over it, basically tend not to guarantee on it.

But at this point, we can not let the authorities glance over this issue claiming there was some ulterior motive behind it.

The success or failure of a marketing campaign rests in the few seconds it takes for the recipient's eyes to glance over the postcard.

In 3% of cases glance in is used

Directions are really large so you can see them well if you need to quickly glance in the car.

In 2% of cases glance to is used

She sighed, glancing to the door.

In 1% of cases glance up is used

Glancing up the hill, I saw several Germans filling the road.

In 1% of cases glance round is used

Miss Fink glanced round the great, deserted kitchen.

In 1% of cases glance out is used

Right, I'd driving along the Loch side, glancing out of the window.

In 1% of cases glance into is used

He glanced into the living room, where his journal was resting on the couch, waiting to be filled with all the thoughts that were swimming around in his mind.

In 1% of cases glance down is used

Race organizer, Graham Berry occasionally glances down the road, as if willing the riders up the hill and over the line.

He chats with those around him, occasionally stabs a foot at the finish line, ensuring it was stuck to the tarmac, then glances down the road again.

In 1% of cases glance by is used

The whole process of the hunter seeking out his victim was played out through convincing body language, gestures and glances by the cast of four men including Newson.

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