Prepositions after "glad"

"glad for" or "glad of"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases glad for is used

Glad for the joy of the events.

Though, Kuroko was glad for it.

As for Muse, I'd glad for them.

If I had someone with me, I might have done it, but I am so glad for the choice I made.

He came back from the field trip to the loving embrace of academia and was glad for it.

Once since I wasn't thrilled with my circle of friends and would be glad for the change.

Very glad for you and wish you success! You are my HERO! Because people used to compain and rarely change themselves.

I'd just arguing semantics here, I'd glad for the trade-off, and more people should do it, keep preaching!! Great post.

It brings some seriousness to a situation that can use seriousness, and the other person will be glad for your respect.

Am very glad for the Newsletters i have been receiving from you, they have changed my life to another different person.

In 28% of cases glad of is used

I'd glad of the recommendation.

We had ours and our glad of it.

I confess I was rather glad of it.

Although this zigzag has lost us at least a fortnight, in some respects I am glad of it.

Maybe I'd wrong but at the moment I'd glad of the opportunities that are available today.

I'd glad of it! He is a gentleman, a selfless human, plus all that you've said about him.

I for one, feel Kojima has influenced so many of todays games with his narrative obsession and i am bloody glad of it.

Her family, to whom we offer our deep sympathy, can not be here today but we know they would be glad of your presence.

I was glad of this, because it forced us to alight when ever we visited slum houses that were built in the back lanes.

And I'd glad of the fact that at least it represents our youth, it doesn't sound like we're tired and cynical already.

In 10% of cases glad about is used

Most of us are glad about this.

And I'd really glad about that.

I'd not happy or glad about it.

I'd so glad about how it turned out and I'd totally just living in my room now, hahaha.

They probably won't put their own money into transfers or wages and I am glad about that.

I ' m glad that you raised that issue and am also glad about a lot of the terms you used.

I am definitely glad about that; I like to see Yoga teachers get a little more out of teaching for free than just %15.

I'd glad about that, because the reason I bought it was to move 11GB HD video files around and it does that admirably.

It should not be a hostile one that we could even be glad about it! The opposite sex and the dead are also not suitable.

In their brief statement Saturday, the Basas said they were glad about the positive turn of events in the family relations.

In 7% of cases glad in is used

Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

I will rejoice and be glad in it.

We will rejoice and be glad in it.

As I say, in the big scheme of things, I think I'll glad in 10 years that I experienced this.

Hi, I also have a tumor on my pituitary glad in the brain and doctors took forever to find it.

I'd glad in all this time I chose to never go for the ride, at least not the one that most are on.

Sincerely yours, Mrcio, This is the text: This is the day which the Lord hath made: we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Why? Presumably because it was testimony to the faithfulness of God in His promise that all the nations would be glad in Him.

Let's thank God for 10/10 = 10th month of the year 2010 -- Let's rejoice and be glad in this great day that the Lord has made.

In 7% of cases glad to is used

I am glad to the brink of fear.

Glad to heard the DIL is ok Tom.

I was glad to here that from her.

My mom is from Peki and I am very glad to know that a computer center is finally in Peki.

I would be glad to be a part of this team to move technology in Ghana to higher mountains.

Posted by: Dan at April 6, 2004 11:57 AM Priceless =) glad to not all americans are morons.

She was very much absorbed in her own little boy and girl, and was rather glad to hand the child over to the woman Mr.

This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to came here! Thanks for sharing the such information with us.

I am glad to here the Coke factory was pulled in India where it was effecting the water table and poor peasant farmers.

AdamJk for your whole-heartedly respond I am glad to heard from your great opinion about the IELTS I will check it now.

In 5% of cases glad with is used

But I am glad with what I have.

I am very glad with this episode.

I was very glad with my experience.

Friends, i am very glad with your songs, i would like to request for some CDs with songs.

Mark Edinson SPAIN Sun 2005-10-23 I am glad with this beautiful site and all the information.

Surely You have granted him eternal blessings and made him glad with the joy of Your Presence.

As a matter of fact those who practice natural teeth whitening are mostly very glad with the outcome in the Middle East.

Why? Well, as reported by the Phillipine Star: Roach must be glad with what happened even if it may have cost him $1,000.

All the time ask for time to think it via in order that they know you are not one hundred% glad with the give you received.

I still have a ways to go with updating my website and making it more user friendly but I am glad with the progress thus far.

In 3% of cases glad at is used

I was so much glad at his declaration.

He was glad at the change in her mood.

I ai nt glad at him, but I ai nt mad at him.

But she can not be by Rikka's side forever, and must be secretly glad at Yuuta's presence.

I am so glad at heart that a unique experience like this was there to grab and I grabbed it.

Wear comfortable shoes that you can walk miles in, trust me you will be glad at the end of your trip.

Kuddos to you! I am so glad at this level of blogging, you have stepped back and told us all what is really important.

Five times, each time for seven days, have I bestowed (glad at heart) the rank of ruler of this island upon the doctrine.

When the king, to whom his people's good was dear, heard his welcome words he, glad at heart, bestowed on him a rich guerdon.

A great welcome was given to Fintan in the banqueting house, and all were glad at his coming to hear his words and his stories.

In 1% of cases glad after is used

I am glad after so many attempts you are back on track.

Sunny went from sad to glad after one session with Ka'imi.

I have only ever been glad after shows that I went to the lengths that I did to see them.

He added the Pahrump Anime Club, sponsor of the event, was just glad after a two-year hiatus to host the event again.

It is assured that one will be glad after an experience of flying using a charter flight, be it for business, pleasure or vacation.

I am a swinger and I'd so glad after years of men cheating on me I found a group that enjoys that I have fun with and without them.

Planning for the right stocks can help you to get all the best benefits from the market and you would be glad after finding that you have been able to make good income out of your investment.

These posts are a great way for me to ensure I understand the concepts well enough to be able to explain, and I'd glad after my last post on elasticities that a lot of people found it useful.

In 1% of cases glad on is used

He becomes glad on seeing the world.

I am also glad on the commitment in working.

Abdul Haque used to be glad on hearing their prayers.

Glad on own your own recognizance you admitted you fault.

I'd not blaming nor complaining but glad on the other side.

All are Hot! Now i'd glad on this investment! Manged to get these people designed for Christmas day.

If you have more elderly couples flying with you, they would be really glad on a discount offer at a holiday resort.

We were glad on our return that he was back in Sri Lanka and once again conducted services in the Cathedral, where he was resident.

FUNNY! Yes, I'd going to be hard on you, but you'll be glad on day 90 but maybe not on day make it to the highest levels of fitness.

The wife of the brahmana became very glad on hearing the tidings of her husband's arrival, and with great haste she also came out of the palace.

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