Prepositions after "give"

"give to", "give in" or "give by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases give to is used

Receive from him, give to them.

If he asks of Me, I give to him.

This is what you give to people.

She is also known to millions as? The Voice?, a nickname given to her by Oprah Winfrey.

They may also explain the kinds of evidence they'll give to prove the defendant's guilt.

No justification needs to be given to anyone for whatever the Ministry of Defense does.

Government policy dictates that priority for new developments will be given to city centre over edge-of-town schemes.

As a retired ' bioscientist ', the best advice I could give to future generations is to specialise in ' thanatology '.

What is a confirmed address? A confirmed address is a term PayPal gives to the address you have registered with them.

City bosses have warned that benefits given to low-paid people are likely to be slashed by a quarter from next April.

In 14% of cases give by is used

A phallic origin is given by H.

This hadith is given by Imam Muslim.

Our lives were give by God to serve him and not to have any other purpose for humankind.

If the husband possession id meager, it will not be given by the father of the husband.

UDP Length (2 bytes) : Length of UDP datagram, as given by the lengths in the IP header.

So, why I chose to become a PMP? Honestly, the very first insight towards the PMP has given by one of my good friend.

Finally on all the examples given by Neil Coyle of how people would lose out without the Disability Living Allowance.

One of the reasons given by Danjuma and his group for the assassination of Ironsi was the proposed unitary government.

There were a few people from school, a few I'd grown up with in Houston, a few whose names I had been given by others.

In 11% of cases give in is used

Possible clues are given in ink.

And it can only be given in Love.

The results are given in Table 2.

We remember on a certain occasion a Concert was advertised to be given in the Town Hall.

Especially pleasant to recall was the dinner the David Finleys gave in honor of Lady Astor.

The Gita, too, has stipulated that the gift should be given in the belief that it is duty, that is, it must be given.

If you need to change some or all the information given in the NMAT Identification Form, follow the instructions below.

The above scenario is tremendously possible and indeed very likely, provided you follow the advice given in this eBook.

In 5% of cases give for is used

No discount is given for children.

Even numbers are given for funerals.

But it hadn't been given for nothing.

There is absolutely no excuse for what happened to her, that Osho can be forgiven for.

Enough time should be given for the anaesthetic gel to act (approximately 3-5 minutes).

This is clearly spelt out in the Bible, and reasons are also given for these deviations.

The third graph shows the principal reasons that working-age people give for taking part-time work or temporary work.

But how could free web host be possible if there's a business for it? Well, because some people like to give for FREE.

Modular credits will be given for modules that are completed satisfactorily, although no grade point will be assigned.

If we desire that those who wish to do it be given freedom to do so, then the same freedom must be given for those who.

In 3% of cases give at is used

Third, give at the right place.

Classes are given at your residence.

The scholarship is usually given at two or slate.

The estimation of the top three as well as the relegated team will be given at the end.

They were originally used by me in an introductory OR course I give at Imperial College.

I make the dough in my bread maker, and cook it on the pizza stone I was given at xmas.

So Pentecost is the moment when the promise and the command given at the end of St Matthew's Gospel becomes a reality.

Key noted a speech he gave at the start of the year in which he said he was concerned about Europe's economic prospects.

They provide evidence of a social network around the architect and evidence for gift giving at the highest social level.

Loose change is a simple, fast method for most of us to donate, that makes them feel great about giving at the same time.

In 2% of cases give as is used

These were given as a special gift.

Warning Given as a result of hungry stomachs.

The same ' hand ball ' by Terry wasn't given as a penalty today.

Double dealing on the earlier botched hunger strike was given as the reason for this demand.

The various examples on these pages are given as such, and are not put forward as best practice.

However, the specific effect of Resv is difficult to estimate when given as part of food matrices.

Mom would actually have iOS 6 instead of whatever came on the iPhone 3GS given as a hand-me-down a couple of years ago.

Prior to this time the Ulaid are given as the dominant power across northern Ireland, with their center at Emain Macha.

I am happy to make my bears/hats/nappy cakes as a gift from me but often get asked to make them for others to give as a gift.

No assurance is given as to the accuracy of any information contained in this guide and readers should not rely on its accuracy.

In 2% of cases give of is used

This motivates me to give of my best.

We give of each other ' til we can give no more.

A brief history is given of the scapular and St.

Thousands of citizens and other Akans throng the town of Worawora to give of their best.

A sneak preview was given of the different outfits that she would be wearing for the completion.

Miss Brodie insists on following her principals of education and giving of her best in her prime.

Each musician gave of his best in the euphoria created by the absolutely disinterested determination of Rostropovitch.

It takes moms and dads who give of their time to coach Little League baseball, or be the Troop Leaders for Girl Scouts.

For employees, it gives direction about how they are expected to behave and (should) inspire them to give of their best.

However, there are some men out there who would accept that this girl loved before and trusted a man to give of her body.

In 2% of cases give on is used

This course is given once a month.

What? English assignments will be given on Thursday.

James gives on elizabeth and handles die characteristics.

Paul Boateng, 59, a bona fide son of Akyem-Abuakwa and Scotland, was given on Ghanaweb.

The bat needs to be prepared as per the knocking in guidelines given on the L &W; website.

Rambatheri apparently passed on the message given on phone by Shravan (one of the accused).

The funny thing is, save for one seminar I've given on my own research, none of what I've said has been my own words.

No word has been given on whether that bus would be subject to regular STM fares or something similar to the Laval metro stations.

Mike is a techie at heart himself and I was very happy to see him attend almost the whole presentation I gave on Puppet, a good sign!

At the end of the semester, the professor surprised his students by asking them to write a longer reflection on the prompt given on Day 2.

In 1% of cases give about is used

Various philosophical explanations are given about the vahanas.

Shiv The article and info given about HUF is good and informative as well.

A detailed account is given about how Rohana Wijeweera was murdered and cremated in Borella cemetery.

Facts about scientific subjects and the news given about the future, facts that no one could have known at the time, were announced in its verses.

If the participant does not understand the information they are being given about a research study then they can not give informed consent to take part.

By the way Apha One, there is a camera out there with a body like D800 giving about the same quality sensor on DX as 3200: it is called D800 (in cropmode).

The defeat of Byzantium is one of the pieces of news given about the future, accompanied by other information that could not have been known by the people of that time.

The alarm bells the author gives about the stability of the Westphalian system--and how that is in danger is more relevant, because it means that the system is imperfect and can be modified.

In 1% of cases give before is used

Pain killers will need to be given before treating.

The jury are not free to act on evidence not given before them.

Evening meals are provided in some premises if notice is given before 12:00 noon.

What follows is his exclusive interview to the Three Amigos of Wigan -- given before the beginning of the season.

However, there is a dispute between Iran and the IAEA over the notice that has to be given before a nuclear facility is made operational.

When you are evaluating unsecured loans, make it a point compare and contrast precisely what the information mill giving before doing credit dealer.

It is often given before Heart Surgery to PREVENT these heart problems and it is given after heart attacks or as a treatment for arrhythmia for no obvious reasons.

The jury are not free to act on evidence not given before them, and the learned Commissioner did wrong in referring to the statements made by the accused in the absence of the jury.

In 1% of cases give from is used

Rather the suggestions are given from the writers point of view.

The first example you give from Mule seems like I can do all of that with Flash.

When you return vacant given from a fishing journey is absolutely disappointing.

A few examples can be given from the history of the Communist Party of Great Britain.

I did touch on this matter in an article about the threat given from the blog, sel13.

If juices are used, they should be limited to meal times and preferably given from a cup.

To inquire about an integral text message give from one result of the country to another, people illuminated shoots on mntns.

Sure, you could argue that receiving honor is in itself a reward, but I see it as an almost intrinsic reward given from the community.

There is a big squeeze on credit giving from suppliers to retail, and this is, in part, what is driving panic discounting in some parts of the High Street.

In 1% of cases give into is used

He needs to stop giving into her every demand.

Give into your temptations and let us impress you with.

Muhammad, in the end, did not give into a lesser vision.

However, he never gave into the situation, figured things out, and fueled the comeback.

Many teens make the mistake of giving into their urges without thinking things through.

He gave into concessions that were out of touch with economic and private sector reality.

Do not give into despair if things don't seem to go according to plan of if something started simply comes to a sudden stop.

So you learn to step right into and through your fears, because to give into fear is to give away the right to live life on your terms.

My elder brother was the ' engager ', assigning tasks to me &; giving me false adulation to make me give into my mother's designs for me.

When asked he denies he would ever act on these feelings but I cant help but feel he is giving into the pressure of being heterosexual.

In 1% of cases give under is used

GIVEN under my Official Seal, this 4th day of May, 1995.

All movies are given under the tabs of their respective genres.

There after he should be withdrawn and given under the charge of the father.

Travel connections to the individual resorts are given under the specific pages in the navigation to the right.

Given under my Official Seal, This 26th day of May 2000 Mary Harney Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment P.

The other alternative is that she may be given under the guardianship of nay righteous woman who may guard her honor with devoted care.

When purchasing toys check for durability and toys should only be given under supervision especially the first few times the dog plays with it.

For example, -- The complainant is not required to state his or her address or occupation in court, except where leave is given under paragraph (c).

Duty under instrument 93 A receiver or receiver-manager appointed under an instrument shall act in accordance with that instrument and any direction of a court given under section 95.

Let him that; for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six - In this verse we have the very name of the beast given under the symbol of the number 666.

In 1% of cases give with is used

I gave with compassion, and kindness.

I do any assignment I am given with all my heart.

Some of these spankings are given with trousers down.

What it gives with one hand, it can take with another.

Enemas were given with a greased tube attached to a pigs bladder.

The formula given with the symbol M r makes it quite clear what is meant.

It is with fond memories that I look back on the years that I was given with Mrs.

We would see him accept money from a devotee who loved to give with no other motive.

You would then be given with an eye drop with numbing agent and starts cleaning your eye.

This gives with additional hold rather than can be bought quickly necessary email's method.

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