Prepositions after "giggle"

giggle at, to, about, like or with?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases giggle at is used

She giggled at his comment of being married to his work.

Can't help but giggle at Carols comment ati she can only eat dry bread.

He watched as she giggled at him and crossed her eyes in mocking agreement.

Franken, well Franken is almost as ugly as Kagan and that's who he should have giggled at.

I use to giggle at those with funny name, especially if you have to call on the phone for that person.

I giggled at that one about commercial interests, remembering the last News Limited editors ' conference I attended, in 2008.

I can just imagine Luna wishing and staring in jealousy as she reads the prank over and over again, while admitting that she had to giggle at the genius.

In 13% of cases giggle to is used

Over and over Shyam repeated her joke, giggling to himself.

To this day it still echoes in my ears and I giggle to myself whenever I think about it.

Looking back on the week now, puts a huge grin on my face &; I can not help but giggle to myself.

When you come up with a good one, you'll know you have it because you'll just start giggling to yourself.

In 10% of cases giggle about is used

They giggle about it at conferences, like tweenagers who think they've one-upped the adults in the room.

He asked me up to OF MUSIC one day, and we lay on his narrow unmade bed and he smoked and giggled about his brother.

In 8% of cases giggle like is used

At no time does this little bit of comedy brilliance ever fail to have me giggling like a little girl at my desk at work while I have Ballz Radio through my headphones.

Hungry for food and light headed from lack of sleep every little thing made us giggle like idiots and people on their way to work still half asleep would look at us as if we were mad.

In 8% of cases giggle with is used

She'll giggle with all of her friends.

During play-time, he is often laughing and giggling with a wide-open mouth.

I shared this with a close friend recently, giggling with surprise and awe like a little girl who just received a marvelous present from her Daddy.

Binky Felstead When she's not arguing with Jamie or giggling with Ollie and Cheska, Binky has also been known to turn her hand to a spot of modelling.

In 4% of cases giggle from is used

And then there was arguing in the back seat and giggling from me in the front seat.

Gunshots explode -- we all gasp -- but quickly realise it's merely a bouquet of balloons colliding with a prickly bush and the girl culprits giggle from behind their hands.

In 4% of cases giggle into is used

When the really lively ones played enthusiastically with the toy he waved in front of them, he actually giggled into his microphone.

In 2% of cases giggle behind is used

In spite of resolving not to embarrass Elly, the friends are excited and can't resist teasing Ahmad and giggling behind Elly's back.

In 2% of cases giggle for is used

The vision of your guy trying to bowl a strike without pants on will have you giggling for months.

In 2% of cases giggle on is used

The girl reporters giggled on cue, as Vince laid bare his prejudices and outlined his -fantasy of himself.

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