Prepositions after "giddy"

"giddy with", "giddy at" or "giddy about"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases giddy with is used

We were giddy with possibility.

We were giddy with our success.

OH MAN I am giddy with excitement.

Everybody's giddy with the arrangements towards the celebration of these annual events.

I landed at LAX airport, pumped for the big show, giddy with enthusiasm and miniatures.

Oh how I cackled, giddy with glee, as you bore me up and down stairs, hills and streets.

You know the type, the tall, dark, handsome type, who makes your heart beat fast and makes you giddy with excitement.

It deflated a stadium that was giddy with an opportunity to pay back the Buckeyes for last season's late-game heroics.

I've been literally giddy with the quality of the fries that have been coming out of my kitchen for the last two days.

We were soooo happy to be expecting two babies after not being able to have any for 2 years, we were giddy with it all.

In 14% of cases giddy about is used

That is, I was giddy about the prospect.

And yes, I get all giddy about films like this.

Some people are just giddy about the possible take down of the corrupt banking system.

But seriously, every time I see a new story of Ravi's pop up I get all giddy about it.

Ergo, if devs could make additional series for it then it's something to be giddy about.

And right NOW the G-NO- BP Puppet Party are LICKING THEIR CHOPS and are DOWNRIGHT GIDDY about one more nail in the U.

There's nothing wrong in that post -- the theme is: let's not get overly giddy about a guy we haven't seen much of yet.

When Lex fights Steel in a later issue, he thrashes Steel with the powers of Superman and is absolutely giddy about it.

The men feel giddy about being alive and being lucky, about being able to strip down and change clothes and start a fire.

In 11% of cases giddy at is used

You know, we very giddy at times.

In fact, I feel giddy at the end of these classes and leave laughing.

Locke was visibly giddy at what seemed to be growing support for his bid.

The offense used to absolutely solidly get giddy at the prospect of not just finishing a game.

I went to town, giddy at this opportunity for quiet, grainy, black and white portraits of our kiddos.

And then there's people who get giddy at the prospect of supersonic jets screaming overhead in Toronto.

Why are you doing this to us? He smiles to himself, giddy at the thought of saying those words to her when he returns.

So, when we were invited to speak to her in her native Canada prior to the Polaris Music Prize, we were giddy at the prospect.

Instead of choosing to have integrity in his working relationship with Susan, he goes giddy at the knees every time he sees her.

Millburn deleted scene show him all giddy at finding the worm which later becomes mutated by the goo and informs his petting reaction.

In 7% of cases giddy over is used

Merely that she's not giddy over him.

Whereas Lane is positively giddy over Toni.

I think people are getting a bit giddy over not much frankly.

Lawyers are giddy over prospects for massive lawsuits while opportunistic politicians salivate.

So, if that's all he's doing why is everyone getting so giddy over a politician changing his position.

Democrats, stay up, don't be discouraged when we see the republicans getting giddy over bad economic news.

Ziva fans on the other hand go all giddy over any time they're even in the same shot together, declaring it TRU WUV.

One day, you'll realise you have butterflies in your stomach, and you're feeling slightly giddy over another person.

Michael Gerson, meanwhile, continued to fall for the Petraeus BS while Podhoretz got giddy over a shirtless FBI agent.

They are not the photographs of a voyeur drunken and giddy over witnessing salacity; he does not condescend or patronize.

In 4% of cases giddy up is used

Giddy up folks, Christmas is coming in November.

I'd insert the giddy up Fresh Horses Brigade badge.

Finish off with a coffee from Giddy Up coffee stall in Fortune Street park through the alley opposite Waitrose.

Spice's catalogue is large too with hits such as ' Fight Ova Man ', ' Romping Shop ', ' Daggering ', ' Giddy Up ', ' Brand New Page ', ' Run Joe Run ', ' My Boyfriend Dick ' (to name a few).

In 3% of cases giddy in is used

She feels, well, a bit reckless, a bit giddy in the moment.

Versatility like Gomes ' make me giddy in an oh-so-geeky kind of way.

He feels happy, giddy in a way that he hasn't felt since he met Lydia for the first time.

Donate to TREE Climbers I bet you boys are all giddy in a hopey changey sort of way today.

Note: Strictly no acting giddy in love with mentioned foreign city and going ga-ga about it.

All giddy in Suk updates and all sad when our Sukkie isn't updating us with his handsome face.

I was giddy in the head with the effort and had trouble walking straight -- I later realized it was the thin mountain air at the 3,275m summit.

This is why someone who has burdened his or her existence with the conventions that often accompany a religion will feel giddy in its presence.

But now, it's OK for two fellows to be fond of each other, to feel a little giddy in each other's company and perhaps even talk to each other about meaningful things.

This season has proven that we've been given the top of what Vince Gilligan and company are able to dish out, and it can only make one giddy in anticipation for what's to come.

In 3% of cases giddy on is used

I still get giddy on a gig day.

Giddy on power, Rev also went so far as to deny Lennon's entire family Holy Communion.

It may be a hobby or seeing someone special that makes you feel a little giddy on the inside.

Still feeling a little giddy on the announcement that was made last night and boy this is a big one.

Personally I get a bit giddy on top of a kids ' rollercoaster so I can't imagine what free falling at Mach 1.

Happy because, as you have said, as things unfold you get giddy on what are the memories to be built on that section or room.

I can't of course read the text so to me, it serves no purpose other than a good half an hour can be spent getting giddy on pretty paper things.

Just a few years ago when good times rolled, both cities were giddy on joie de vivre: glamour, shopping, partying, laughing, dining, sharing, giving.

I can't get a beer without running into an orange-clad Sungevity staff member or a Brightsource employee giddy on the company's recent $83 million raise.

As we wandered around the premises, feeling slightly giddy on the excitement of the children, there was only one moment in which my heart briefly skipped a beat.

In 2% of cases giddy after is used

I feel giddy after taking my medicine, and also feel unbearably hot.

There's a reason the Americans were so giddy after the first two sessions.

A disappointment from when he was on the tee but will make him giddy after the trouble he had.

When everyone was giddy after that 8-2 I kept telling anyone who would listen that we were due for a hiding and that this team was deceiving most people.

In 2% of cases giddy as is used

Kyle whoops with glee, giddy as a school boy.

We got in the car with me feeling all giddy as a kipper.

I became giddy as a school girl to get my copy of the book.

Annie Whittle is gaudily giddy as the other woman in Willy's life.

Or got a taxi or bus and walked a short solitary walk to our homes, giddy as a goat.

I felt giddy as a kid, which I had been the last time I had a photo taken with Jollibee.

The show was so amazing that it just kept replaying before my eyes and made me giddy as a schoolgirl.

It was giddy work, but not nearly so giddy as a rather overnourished reader sitting in a warm room might imagine.

I was giddy as a goat! Pixelation station across the nation So basically, if you want this for Christmas, send this post to your loved one.

And I'd a total loss in trying to figure out what comes next which makes me giddy as a schoolgirl with two weird-named boyfriends AND as nervous as an agnostic suicide bomber.

In 2% of cases giddy for is used

But I feel giddy for starting today.

I've been giddy for the last 24 hours I'd say.

Not the romantic giddy for ' walks-under-the-stars and **25;12365;TOOLONG.

We've never met, but I am genuinely giddy for you and your soon to be husband.

They can leave you feeling bubbly, excited, and giddy for what's to come next.

I was almost giddy for a couple of weeks when guys like Barone and Dick Morris were predicting victory.

I'd actually giddy for Super Soul Sunday and The Extravaganza to be over because there's so much more work to do.

Thanks, ladies, for such a fun weekend! Michelle Share this: Happy Friday, friends! We're both a bit giddy for the weekend ahead.

In 2% of cases giddy from is used

We were doomed to be giddy from the word go.

You people are a little too giddy from all your gifts from the President.

I once spent an afternoon scrolling compulsively though the PW blog, giddy from all photo 's, lurid food and inane home schooling tips.

Of course Ed is giddy from Notre Dame? s recent success, and he probably will be completely overbearing in discussing his team? s good fortunes with us.

Inspired and giddy from all the champagne literature (serious geek moment ), I decided to ask Peter to comment a little on our site about the classic celebratory drink.

Insights: It's kind of irritated Pia, me coming home all giddy from each workshop thinking that that was the best workshop I've attended so far, and this was no exception.

A bit giddy from the wine sampling, we explored the Monterey Peninsula, the historic missions of San Jan Bautista, Soledad, Carmel, San Antonio de Padus and the Pinnacles National Monument.

In 2% of cases giddy like is used

I was giddy like a horse with a fresh carrot.

I think it would make Big Leaguers giddy like Little Leaguers.

In total, we were eight women -- eight extraordinary women -- who were giddy like schoolgirls to get to spend a night listening to the best show on the island.

In 1% of cases giddy around is used

She gets totally giddy around him.

In 1% of cases giddy by is used

He never had the fan giddy by making repeated wow throws.

In 1% of cases giddy during is used

I get a little (okay, very!) giddy during the monsoons.

Good Lord, I was so giddy during this game, even when down, I knew we were going to win.

Hell, I was giddy during the first showing of TPM because, hell, it was freaking STAR WARS after 20 years.

In 1% of cases giddy to is used

The only person who didn't seem at all giddy to me was Lori.

He's forced into the late 20th century genre of TV comedy that's artificially giddy to an extreme.

He peered down at her, his eyes darker than before and his expression changed from giddy to intense.

After stripping his music down to the bone, Dylan sounds giddy to flesh out the skeleton with the assistance of a sympathetic band, sometimes augmented by his hero Mick Jones.

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