Prepositions after "germane"

germane to, for, in, as or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 91% of cases germane to is used

However, they aren't germane to subject.

But that's not germane to the discussion.

I don't think it was germane to her article.

But it is not this sense that is germane to the principle of alternate possibilities.

I have already explained how I feel this is somehow germane to the topic of free will.

It's obviously important to Shapin, but it was not germane to the subject of the book.

In this particular post, I did not talk of other religion(s) as that was not germane to the topic under discussion.

It is nevertheless, germane to the story and a reader comment, so I'd inclined to leave it there, at least for now.

Indeed, one could reasonably argue that the faux-pas to which I refer is not remotely germane to the Bank's mandate.

Tufte's principle developed with his work in statistics are quite germane to the task of organizing biological data.

In 3% of cases germane for is used

My comments are more limited but - I hope - not less germane for that.

What should my CV contain? Only things that are germane for the job for which you are applying.

The question, therefore, of extra-territoriality is not germane for construction of article 286.

Its work is very germane for the modernization of Trade law in our country at this age of globalized economy.

I also take time out to read and do some core tasks I consider germane for my self-development and our corporate success.

Based on classroom observations, this is particularly germane for CRs, many of whom have difficulty absorbing all the information provided during the course.

Some congressmen were particularly concerned that there were large numbers of books in foreign languages and about subjects not believed germane for the use of Congress.

It is therefore germane for African states, especially in the Sahel region grossly plagued by the global food crisis to open their doors to the utilization of GM food and products.

In 3% of cases germane in is used

All salient and germane in our lives.

Some conditions that increase fracture risk are particularly germane in the overweight and obese.

Access to information with its application to knowledge is critical and germane in the development process.

Although Deane J was speaking of constructive trusts, their Lordships observed that his remarks were equally germane in the context of proprietary estoppel.

Whether there is an inalienable right to life, safe from the utilitarian needs of the state, is tested most sorely in times of war; but it is also as germane in times of peace.

Florence Nightingale will always be germane in our contemporary world due to her dedicated service to humanity and her country just as all nurses do at all times throughout the world.

In 1% of cases germane as is used

The political parties that emerged during the Second Republic were germane as a mechanism for returning the country to democratic rule.

In lawsuit varied asbestos artist is providing you a be like suggestions, next it's undoubtedly a tight suppose people recommendations will-power be the germane as well as essential options.

In 1% of cases germane at is used

It's germane at this point to quickly discuss the new privacy settings on Facebook.

Maybe what's more significant is what apathetic voters think (or say germane at water cooler) across the entire land.

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