Prepositions after "gentle"

"gentle with" or "gentle on"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 35% of cases gentle with is used

So, be gentle with your answer.

Be gentle with your joints too.

We need to be gentle with them.

However what you need to remember is that you have to be very gentle with your skin.

One becomes tender, caring, loving and gentle with one's body, and the world around.

They took their time, being inordinately gentle with him and left my jacket in place.

Just as I am careful when turning the pages of a book so as not to break the spine, I am gentle with my magazines.

Coming out can be challenging Coming out can be challenging to yourself and to others, so be gentle with yourself.

I'd remarried now to someone who is so very patient, who understands that sometimes he must be very gentle with me.

I just have to keep refreshing them now and again, by reading, practising and most of all being gentle with myself.

In 18% of cases gentle on is used

Here forms were gentle on the eye.

So relaxing and gentle on the soul.

Warm water is gentler on the body.

It is much kinder and gentler on the dog if these matts are cut out close to the skin.

You did indeed and I liked that but you appeared on his show and you were gentle on him.

Be gentle on yourself through this process, turn to those who care and let them help you.

Be gentle on yourself -- we all have those days of guilt -- I think it is part of the job desciption of being a Mum.

If you are gentle on the hubs, even 7 speed freewheels are okay on well made hubs with premium heat treated cr-mo axles.

Caudalie Cleansing Water Known for being gentle on the face, Caudalie has always been a personal favorite for skin care.

The vermouth was Cinzano, which also is venerable and versatile, reliably unassertive and gentle on the expense account.

In 10% of cases gentle in is used

Just as WE were gentle in 1982.

This book is very gentle in tone.

They go gentle in that good night.

Her experience is a lot more gentle in 2008 -- there's a lot more love and generosity.

Mack, like another big Florida Romney booster, Marco Rubio, was gentle in his criticism.

All that is gentle in human nature ins ingrained unto their psyche by a primordial culture.

Soyinka's pen is getting gentler in the dusk of his life; one can actually be engaged in the book for the most part.

Her character is very calm and gentle in nature, just opposite to her sister Dhiti, who has very aggressive and vampiric nature.

Ananda was a man after the heart of the Blessed One; he was his most beloved disciple, profound in comprehension and gentle in spirit.

I picked the senior choir of the Peradeniya Singers whose beautiful choral blending and rendering, were sensitive and gentle in unison.

In 9% of cases gentle to is used

So be kind and gentle to your hair.

Scratching noise gentle to the ears.

Hair Cream is gentle to hair and skin.

He led an exemplary life; unassuming, kind, remarkably friendly and gentle to a fault.

Such batter slopes are not acceptable and should be made gentler to no steeper than 4:1.

It is less irritating than other alpha hydroxy acids and is relatively gentle to the skin.

The product is gentle to the skin as it has no alcohol in it and I'd simply in love with it -- and as they say, you.

They were lying not far from the road and just relaxing, enjoying, playing and being extremely gentle to each other.

You were nice and gentle to the minorities so long as they were submissive and subservient to your whims and fancies.

Another disadvantage is that natural hair products are not only gentle to use but they are also environmentally friendly.

In 7% of cases gentle of is used

It's the gentlest of all brands.

Ralph was the most gentle of beings.

He was the gentlest of all voices.

As with any else gentle of playacting ventures, case is required linked with longanimity.

I'd hope most Hibs fans aren't so sensitive that they can't take the gentlest of jokes.

I can only think that this couple were too kind and gentle of nature to get loud? That's a big assumption of course.

Pink arrived by then, the Wing that has since become a Clone, but at the time, she was the gentlest of all the Wings.

Gradually the five forms sweep closer and closer, floating - no fairly sailing, on this gentlest of southerly breezes.

He smiled and chatted to me, him running effortlessly uphill and me puffing while I walked fast up the gentlest of inclines.

In 6% of cases gentle into is used

Go not gentle into that good night.

Hell, don't even go gentle into lunch.

Do not go gentle into that good night.

Plus I don't believe for a second that Clay is going to go gentle into that good night.

Each gentle includes a stake pertaining to getting the particular flower gentle into the ground.

I'd not a fan of the Dylan Thomas school of dying etiquette: Do not go gentle into that good night.

Thanks, you hard-working Wisconsin dems and progressives - at least you are not going gentle into that good night.

I tried the plunger again, but it became clear that whatever was in the pipes would not go gentle into that good night.

Old action heroes do not go gentle into that good night? and The Expendables 2 is proof of the words phrased by Dylan Thomas.

And like Dylan Thomas not Daley, ' we do not go gentle into that good night ' DT performances were consistent and not erratic.

In 3% of cases gentle as is used

Ben is as sweet and gentle as a lamb.

We all know people who are gentle as a lamb.

She was gentle as a dove and brave as a lioness.

Kiriha Aonuma from Digimon Xros Wars is shown to be gentle as a child in his back story.

Amin Al-Hindi, gentle as a morning breeze, was strong inside and as unyielding as granite rock.

White fruits as well as vegetables?? Meditation panacea White people feel gentle as well as quiet.

After the inside of the hamam, what had been the swelter of the town seems as cool and gentle as an air-conditioned office.

This term may have been given as a nickname to a keeper of doves, an amourous person, or someone mild and gentle as a dove.

The third husband came when Marya was twelve, and her sister Anna was slim and gentle as a fawn, her blush quicker than shadows passing.

This is Where it Started Forty years ago, the oak had started to lean, gentle as a hill, and now its own weight threatened to pull apart its trunk.

In 3% of cases gentle for is used

May I recommend Sanex for men and Soft and Gentle for women.

Oranges are great for dish washing as they are gentle for hands.

His gaze was so gentle? far too gentle for what she'd have to tell.

Khajjiar is a very cheery, peaceful sort of place, if a little too gentle for my taste.

It was remarkable gentle for something that says clarifying on the label and no nasty alcohol.

Use your camera's white colored balance presets for the best gentle for these types of images.

A good rule of thumb is if it's good for the Earth, and thus biodegradable, it will be gentle for you and your hair.

This helps be preserving your entire body hydrated and functions to create your feces gentler for quick passageway.

The fruit is mouthfilling, juicy and is balanced by pleasing acidity, the tannins very soft and gentle for a 2011 wine.

It's gentle for the face but still worked great on the chest and back! For the men it was great to prepare the skin for shaving.

In 2% of cases gentle about is used

He seemed almost gentle about it.

There is nothing gentle about kabash.

There is nothing gentle about it like the Mara.

The green light was gentle about them and the conch lay at Ralph's feet, fragile and white.

I have to be gentle about it lest I traumatize him and make potty training that much harder.

Now, usually you'll be told to do it in spoonful additions and to be gentle about the folding.

There's nothing inherently gentle about a walled garden ', maybe that kind of sandbox is the best place to be wrong.

Rejection is awkward and painful for the rejector too, and anyone worthy of your affection is going to be gentle about it.

If you are searching for being familiar with the number of choices of pay day loans, the following article will shed some gentle about the subject.

The encounter over the bed shows that Chloe is trying to assert herself, but is so gentle about it that she isn't getting her message across very well.

In 2% of cases gentle towards is used

I am compassionate and gentle towards that.

Feeling friendly and gentle towards our mind and body.

I wish our culture were kinder and gentler towards babies and small children.

While both Labs were exceedingly gentle towards me, George was the mature one.

Most examples connected with gentle towards slight the loss of hearing usually are provisional.

Yet, with all his keenness to win, he was kind and gentle towards his horses who helped him to win.

If there are unpleasant sensations in the body, just learn to feel friendly and gentle towards them.

Let me remember that I spoke to you of the feelings of my heart, and that you were kind and gentle towards me.

And once again they say the reason it has not happened is because Tarun Gogoi is soft and gentle towards the Bodos.

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the sea and generally considered gentle towards humans, as they primarily consume plankton.

In 1% of cases gentle at is used

That we hope to raise a child who is kind and gentle at heart.

You may also tell your waxer to be more gentle at any given time.

He could be persuasive and gentle at the same time -- a great gift.

Let me teach and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

The Char kway teow was spicy and gentle at the same time and with every bite, I could taste different elements in it.

Views A easy concept is imagining sitting in a dark home with no gentle at all the wall in front of you will look black.

She drives at about 5 miles per hour (exaggerated for creative licence) and is very considerately gentle at speed bumps.

To be gentle at that moment is to feed Jesus to that soul - it is to manifest Jesus and feed that soul with spiritual food.

On the Friday, Louisa put a clinker brick from her garden into her Gladstone bag before going to meet Helen Gentle at Stamford Hill.

In 1% of cases gentle by is used

He was simple, congenial and gentle by nature.

Kinder and gentler by Republican standards is still pretty radical.

Well, that does not seem very gentle by Samsung not a very mature thing to do at this level.

They excel in women's tasks and are considered to be impotent with females, effeminate, and gentle by nature.

Just about the most important principles to bear in mind when taking care of your skin shall be gentle by it.

To the set syllabus they added readings of Indonesian poets, whose voices were growing less gentle by the day.

Sanex, I believe comes in one standard fragrance, but Soft and Gentle by Palmolive comes in several romantic aromas.

Unassertive, softly spoken and gentle by temperament, and shocked by D'Albertis's looting of sacred objects, food and artefacts, Hargrave said nothing to him.

Son-in-law speaks Arabic, flys an Apache, has been to Iraq and is gearing up for Afghanistan after a couple years in DC even though he's an MIT materials scientist and very gentle by nature.

In 1% of cases gentle like is used

Other times she is gentle like small children playing together.

Let the last touch of your hands be gentle like the flower of the night.

We used to have a chow and wolf mix he looked like a wolf but was gentle like dog.

May be sid never allowed, not everyone is gentle like Ranbir who keep dignified silence.

As a third, Anuruddha gave voice to two verses: Peaceful had been the death of the Master, without mortal pangs, gentle like a lamp he was extinguished.

In 1% of cases gentle toward is used

This means to be gentle toward her.

He is always most gentle toward you.

Their children are gentler toward her husband, she said, more like parents.

His mind was completely gentle toward every living being in the three levels of the cosmos.

We need to practice opening them, being gentle toward those who need our care and civil and understanding toward those with whom we disagree.

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