Prepositions after "generate"

generate by, from, in, for or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases generate by is used

Media advertising is generated by time.

The ID is generated by the queue owner.

The focus, therefore, is generated by time.

The list doesn't really need to be generated by javascript, but it easily could be.

The interest that is being generated by the bonds every year now belongs to the HUF.

The ferric iron is generated by the initial oxidation reactions in steps one and two.

When the show premiered in January 2007, Patel was unprepared for the controversy generated by its edgy plot lines.

The momentum generated by Anna Hazare and Ram Dev must destroy the fountainhead of the massive corruption in India.

Some internet business consultants charge their clients based on the additional sales generated by their strategies.

This is not to say that payments can't flow along links; just that these payments have to be generated by the users.

In 14% of cases generate from is used

Figure 2: Paid clicks generated from adverts.

Total collection generated from eFPS filers is 388.

Image maps can be generated from numerical datasets.

And yet, the satisfy that is generated from these websites remains as a rule untapped.

Government could therefore exploit this to boost its revenue generated from the sector.

Electricity can also be generated from geothermal waters that are not boiling at the surface.

Just like when a pebble is thrown into the water, multiple tsunami waves were generated from a single disturbance.

All of the cited page items generated from a single **27;16399;TOOLONG formatting object are sorted and collated together.

Football tends to involve a lot of money -- not least the donations it is said to help generate from athletic-minded alumni.

For instance, check the material that is used in manufacturing the booth, check whether it is generated from wood, cloth, or metal.

In 9% of cases generate in is used

Some employment was generated in the camp.

Of electricity generated in the second quarter of 2012, gas accounted for 29.

The amount of plastic waste generated in Ghana in recent times is overwhelming.

This terminology was generated in Europe during the Crusades and their war against Muslims.

Does Samma Ditthi get generated in a person who practises the five factors? It is generated.

It also describes the student and employer satisfaction generated in the internal processes.

They also had to have a manure handling system to handle all the manure generated in a year's time of total confinement.

The major plastic waste generated in this country amongst others includes plastic bottles, polythene bags, sachets and wrappers.

Potash Potash gross margin totaled $554 million for the third quarter, below the $700 million generated in the same period last year.

RepeatPolicy? enumeration Policy that defines how to reuse intermediate Resources that were generated in the original processing step, (e.

In 4% of cases generate for is used

INChI Identifiers generated for selected species described in Figure 6.

Every voucher that is generated for payment should be put on the Internet.

Frobisher Says is a set of mini games randomly generated for the user to play.

Long shot an any surf generated for the states and would be a long time getting here.

You may not be but I am anti-Indian for all the problems this neighbour has generated for us.

For example, a glyph-area's glyph drawing comes beneath the marks generated for text-decoration.

Both Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney want to eliminate the tax -- and the billions in annual revenue it generates for the U.

This event is not generated for a channel which is able to become active without waiting for an active slot to be released.

Others may point at the extra work and challenges it generates for those at the sharp end and its intrusive nature in its fledgling state.

If you choose not to enter a password, one will be automatically generated for you, and it will be sent to you once you've confirmed your subscription.

In 2% of cases generate at is used

This is usually because of the family environment generated at our club.

The median revenue generated at FBS schools with football is $48 million, and football teams brought in an average of $16.

In order to open a position via the client terminal with using an advisor an instruction is generated at the current quote.

During a chain reaction, for every reactive species you start off with, a new one is generated at the end - and this keeps the process going.

In order to close a position via the client terminal with using advisor the instruction to close a position is generated at the current quote.

Howe &; Hill have shown recently through helioseismology that the torsional oscillation bands look to be generated at the Tachocline and take about 2 years to reach the surface.

Howe &; Hill have shown recently through helioseismology that the torsional ossification bands look to be generated at the Tachocline and take about 2 years to reach the surface.

In 2% of cases generate on is used

A new type of power device generated on a wireless technology.

That system was sixth and some years had the line to holler plants generating on the energy for sauce as short end.

Bar the Williams sisters, the serving amongst the female players is woeful, not only is no spin generated on the serves, but no power is either.

The search companies pay the PPC service companies (DomainSponsor, Fabulous, Sedo, etc) a share of the revenue generated from the traffic generated on a domain owners pages.

In 2% of cases generate through is used

Payments are generated through Facebook's platform, which so far is mostly thanks to Zynga (Nasdaq: ZNGA).

Parker said this concept is the point in which one's passive income, generated through mediums such as investments or businesses owned, is greater than one's monthly expenses.

The bulk of revenue continues to be generated through traditional display ads, which is the oldest Internet business model since the dawn of -- well, since the dawn of the Internet.

Resources and ideas are shared, and continuous synergy will be generated through the learning process as each individual contributes to the course discussions and comments on the work of others.

In 1% of cases generate about is used

Maybe the discussion about high rate tax is a smoke screen as it generates about 0.

An estimated 40,000 tourists flew to The Lion City last week and generated about S$150 million in tourism revenue (in pesos, that's close to P5 billion -- just for one event).

In 1% of cases generate as is used

The loan was generated as a 80/20 which was a lie.

But imagine the fear generated as a result of 9/11.

Reference to the evidence generated as a result of the approach would be included here, once obtained.

Concerning attention, remember the difference between yearly amount generate as well as amount when you are factoring your expenses.

All resultant income generated as a direct result of ownership in for profit businesses or part ownership in Income producing property will inure to the benefit of future applicants for scholarships.

In 1% of cases generate during is used

The drawback is in the concentration of waste generated during the drilling process.

And the money we generate now is more than the money we were generating during the colonial era but people are not utilizing this.

The excitement generated during the 12-horse jump-off was electrifying as horses and riders rose to the occasion to produce a piece of pure theatre that had spectators gripping their seats.

In 1% of cases generate out is used

To have hope, one needs courage, and courage is generated out of relationship.

The income generated out of investment from this fund transfer will attract clubbing of income.

There tend to be 3 wide choices open to you whenever attempting to generate out of your web site.

Capital gains tax in itself was an ill-timed move and no matter how hard they try to enforce it, there is little the authorities should expect to generate out of this head.

If the property or asset belongs to an individual then the income generated out of it gets clubbed with the income of the individual and the combined income is taxed accordingly.

In 1% of cases generate to is used

Out of now there, you actually tore raft, raise anchor a strong airship plus generate to your website to your secret, mist-cloaked region.

In 1% of cases generate with is used

Public since 50% of electricity is generated with coal vs.

I am always concerned when I see studies that are generated with micro-samples.

Requesting Copyediting This will generate with prepared email template text automatically provided.

A better solution would be to have a plain page generated with the answers, and put links to that in the initial plain page.

Since the number of photons in a beam of light is random, squeezed light is generated with a steady number of photons in the beam.

That is given a sequence of random numbers from (0,1) generated with a LCG and transformed them to a sequence of overlapping tuples with d-dimension.

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