Prepositions after "gaze"

"gaze at" or "gaze into"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 47% of cases gaze at is used

A lovely doll! And she had gazed at Heiny.

He gazed at me perplexed and incomprehending.

I stood gazing at the spectacle, unblinking.

Amory was on the other side, full of confidence and vanity, gazing at her in open admiration.

When they are not watching, he gazes at her and when they are observing him, he lowers his gaze.

Immediately, I ran into the bathroom and just to see her gazing at some bloody bumf on her hand.

I peeked and saw a bunch of people from the Crew department, hanging around and gazing at candles on a birthday cake.

Gazing at food was Miss Gussie Fink's occupation, and just to see the way she regarded a boneless squab made you certain that she never ate.

The Hanunoo Mangyan believe in a Supreme Being who is referred to as the Mahal na Makaako, who gave life to all human beings merely by gazing at them.

As the two stood opposite her across the desk she took the envelope, briefly read the note inside, then merely gazed at them a while, allowing their nerves to rise.

In 16% of cases gaze into is used

She gazed into the tongues of flame.

He gazed into an open doorway opposite.

Life is too short to spend it gazing into the rear-view mirror.

When they were finished, they both gazed into the dark tunnel to the territories.

I have gazed into the pale amber eyes, and every time it is a disturbing experience.

Gazing into the distance, your sight could not escape how many dead bodies were around you, beneath you.

I could hear others shouting at him pleading, but he gazed into pen 3 for a second and turned away face expressionless.

The first person that gazed into a crystal ball (to see the world events, just like a TV or a satellite) was King Jamshid of Persia (see Jam-e Jamshid).

As we gazed into each other's eyes, Athena encircled my arms with hers, latching on with first dozens, then hundreds of her sensitive, dexterous suckers.

The background shows display windows from Bergdorf Goodman with mannequins decked out in elegant haute couture gowns, and a slightly frumpy man gazing into the center window.

In 14% of cases gaze upon is used

Arbaces gazed upon her a moment.

Arbaces gazed upon her with a curious though contemptuous eye.

As Apcides stood gazing upon the waters, he heard beside him the low bark of a dog.

Arbaces gazed upon him for a moment with the fierce animal joy of conquest over a foe.

In the final scene of the film, Spartacus looks down from the cross and gazes upon his infant son.

He looked as one who would rest his eyes--eyes weary of gazing upon satins, and jewels, and rouge, and carmine, and white arms, and bosoms.

Some crafty bond-market person had gazed upon the subprime-mortgage sprawl, as an ambitious real-estate developer might gaze upon Oakland, and found an opportunity to rebrand some of the turf.

As he stalked through the crowd, and gained one of the more private places of egress from the forum, he perceived gazing upon him a pale and earnest countenance, which he was not slow to recognise.

In 4% of cases gaze in is used

Attract all the gorgeous guys I wanted and be able to look at something beautiful every time I gazed in the mirror.

The boy looked in his elder's eyes, which gazed in his while bare branches on the hillside stood trembling in the sky blue dawn light.

In 3% of cases gaze across is used

Before their ouster, the Taliban also destroyed Bamian's most famous landmarks, two giant Buddhas that had gazed across the rough plains from their honeycomb sandstone hills for 1,500 years.

In 3% of cases gaze through is used

We gazed through the menu to find some standouts.

Quickening breath and heart pounding, she held it, gazed through it looking panicked.

I've not sat and sipped hot chocolate while gazing through those windows for a long time.

In 2% of cases gaze around is used

I probably should have paid more attention than I did, but I was too busy gazing around the room.

In 2% of cases gaze out is used

I was gazing out of the window at the steady October rain.

In 2% of cases gaze over is used

Yet the eyes never tire gazing over the endless swathes of arid land and into the distant mountains.

In 1% of cases gaze like is used

Sometimes, he just sits, gazing like an incarcerated animal.

In 1% of cases gaze towards is used

It is also possible that the person who is staring at you wants to initiate a conversation with you and hence keeps gazing towards you to see whether you reciprocate the stare or not.

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