Prepositions after "gather"

"gather in" or "gather at"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 30% of cases gather in is used

The teams gather in the holosuite.

Calves are gathered in the middle.

They gathered in Miami Beach, Florida.

The information gathering in the arrival section was very detailed for the tourists.

It's a big day, as European leaders gather in Brussels for the eagerly awaited EU Summit.

During the hot part of the day, the family mostly gathers in the cave to sleep and relax.

The entire international friends and journalist supporter that we gathered in these twenty years will fill the void.

Rome, in consequence, carefully controlled the occasions when people could gather in anything bigger than family groups.

I then left the ship and on approaching the shore, saw that the natives (who had gathered in great numbers) were armed.

Bill Serne/New York Daily News Photos taken of Jill Kelley in her front yard during a birthday gathering in Tampa, Fla.

In 16% of cases gather at is used

We gathered at the house for lunch.

They gather at the old farm and lake where Mr.

We gather at each other's open houses and exchange gifts.

Yesterday scores of residents who had gathered at the home of the victims wept openly.

Hundreds of thousands of people gather at the National Parade Square to watch this parade.

For starters, employers from various industries and companies are gathered at one place.

In the early evening, breeding herds of elephant gather at the pools and mudholes to socialise, drink, wallow and play.

It did feel a bit odd to see that the Labour party used an Elvis impersonator at an election gathering at the weekend.

More than 500 delegates from government, business and the non-profit sectors gathered at ATA? s hallmark event in Africa.

Shortly after our family gather at the Snow Garden, Vivian and I brought the two princesses of ours to the university campus.

In 11% of cases gather from is used

Some 1400 Socialists gathered from around the global.

This is what I gather from conversations and meetings I have had with him.

Here are a few strategies we've gathered from experts on managerial and corporate relations.

We may use statistics gathered from the information you input in other areas of Age UK?? s work.

You will gather from the conversation that you are guaranteed a lot of meat whilst in the Balkans.

A lot of the above information was gathered from a booklet called The Case of Leonard Peltier, written by Arthur J.

No regulator in the United States has ever seen the information that Google's cars gathered from American citizens.

This is undiscriminate jotting of all the chaos of feelings, facts, visions you have gathered from your previous steps.

This website provides access to data for over 29,000 conifer specimens gathered from all continents and all conifer families.

In 7% of cases gather by is used

These depended on figures gathered by geographical area.

About 40 students gathered by the potato statue to listen.

The evidence for them has been gathered by scientists of many disciplines.

The food gathered by these women provides the bulk of the total! Kung San diet by weight.

In one instance, Helms ' aides had used data on Joesten which had been gathered by Hitler's Chief of S.

Finally we close with some observational details from the Cosmic Background Data being gathered by satellites.

Although meat was an important part of their diet, the foods gathered by the women provided the majority of their food supply.

Root around the dusty shelves for a while and you can dig up all manner of interesting information gathered by past prospectors.

Mr Aid says the US and Australia share much of the highly sensitive signals intelligence gathered by assets such as Global Hawk.

And according to data gathered by the Pew Forum on Religion &; Public Life, that message gets through to Latter-day Saint youth.

In 6% of cases gather for is used

He told those gathered for the park's launch that he knows he wo n't.

In spite of today's lack of agreement, momentum is gathering for an international.

The! Kung are almost entirely dependant upon hunting and gathering for their food supply.

One weekend this summer over 12,000 enthusiastic people gathered for a rally in Richmond, VA.

The handover process begins on Thursday, when delegates gather for the 18th party congress in Beijing.

You can sit back and let other people you admire or respect go out searching and gathering for you.

It was a night of elegance excitement and pride as distinguished guest gathered for a final send off.

The Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will gather for a decisive conference.

The items these people gathered for a period of time frequently end up at the garage where the vehicle is stored.

Church priesthood leaders from throughout South Africa's Gauteng Province gathered for instruction in their callings.

In 6% of cases gather on is used

In postpress, the printed Sheets are gathered on a pile.

A woman gathers on one day enough food to feed her family, i.

Consider the fruit evidenced in those who had gathered on that Mount.

He suggested going to the main street where there is a caf where many people gather on Sunday.

It's in this spirit that our ushers are committed to serving the church when we gather on Sundays.

Added to that, central London was traditionally where large crowds gathered on Bank Holiday Monday.

Pushing themselves to the limits of their abilities, armies gather on each side in preparation for a final showdown.

Hundreds of party activists came out of the mosques after Friday prayer and gathered on the main Chakdara-Timergara road.

The Milking Activity Cows are identified by an electronic tag and the amount of data gathered on each animal is staggering.

On Thursday, May 10, over 15,000 people will gather on Parliament Hill -- if the numbers are like last year -- to ask that the debate take place.

In 5% of cases gather around is used

Retirees gathered around the Wii.

All the other frogs gathered around the pit.

I would add the sickening way stars gather around Polanski.

With the pilgrims gathered around the chapel steps, some hymns were sung and Fr.

He had gathered around him friends who were generally 10 or 15 years younger than him.

A group of Quraysh chiefs gathered around the Holy Prophet SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

Many of the men whom the President had gathered around him during the campaign were old friends from Army days.

There's the angels, the archangels and the ' ole company of ' eaven gathered around the altar when I offer the ' oly sacrifice.

Edmonton was just a hamlet of settlements gathered around the Hudson's Bay Company's Fort with a population of approximately 300.

They gathered around the inspectors ' vehicle and a large number flew on to the open tailgate pecking at anything the resembled food.

In 3% of cases gather outside is used

Police arrested the boys and a crowd of angry residents gathered outside the police station.

By Tuesday evening, an angry mob had gathered outside the compound of the US consulate in Benghazi.

It was the biggest collection of basketball players I had seen gathered outside an official league event.

Staff of the HOS office gathered outside the premises before the police anti-bomb squad removed the object.

President Obama and his administration repeated the line that protesters gathered outside the consulate before the deadly attack.

Crowds gathered outside the Jesuit residence and only men were allowed in to kiss his hand and devoutly touch religious objects to his body.

As soon as we realised they had gone we barricaded the door with the bed and shouted for help until local villagers gathered outside our room.

Back in Belfast many of her comrades and friends gathered outside Maghaberry jail to mark the day with a picket calling for an end to strip searching.

Several thousand supporters of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi have gathered outside the Nile-side courthouse in Cairo to prevent the judges from entering.

It reminded Rebus of Saturday afternoon in the St James Centre, when pockets of men would gather outside the TV rental shops, hoping to catch the football scores.

In 2% of cases gather with is used

Share the information you have gathered with them privately.

I gather with my brothers and my sisters to re-member, to do this in memory.

By evening, more than 100 police officers and searchers had gathered with bloodhounds.

Be grateful you have a family to gather with and thankful you are able to accommodate them.

Visitors are able to go out hunting with the men and spend time gathering with the women.

We gathered with other members of the official family in the Senate Chambers until time to be ushered to our special seats.

Religious, Labor, and other activists gather with members of Congress to speak out against the privatization of Social Security.

Maybe it's of gathering with the rest of your class during a school retreat for a communal celebration before a gang of priests.

The simple Tindiga Camp works in conjunction with the Hadza to enable guests to go out hunting with the men and gathering with the women.

Sons and daughters of Igbo land gathered with pride to witness the opening of a permanent exhibition gallery for Igbo Hosehold, Ezi na ulo ndi Igbo.

In 2% of cases gather to is used

Locals of all ages gathered to the unveiling for a stroll around the 1.

They gathered to this special day for the most awaited Windows 8 Launch in the Philippines.

The ragtag crew of investigators said they passed along the information they gathered to police.

For an infinite number of miles in every direction the universal cataclysm was gathering to a stupefying climax.

The only action I suggest you take right now would be to organize all the evidence you have gathered to date into binders.

Not only did the firm have the intelligence operation, it also had the means to publish any dirt it gathered to a mass audience.

It was a full house Friday evening and hundreds gathered to the premier spring/summer edition of Islands of the World Fashion Showcase.

The icon reminds us then that we are gathered to the Table at the cost of Jesus ' suffering and death to be fed with Christ's overflowing love for the world.

In 2% of cases gather round is used

Curious pedestrians gathered round them to learn the event.

We quickly gathered round him to listen to the news of the conclusion of the first leg of the Riviresa operations that captured Jaffna town.

In this apartment Fulvius seated himself with a magisterial air, and his audience, gathering round him, encouraged him to commence his recital.

The gay troups that gathered round the more attractive shops were robed in bright colours, among which the Tyrian purple was most frequently seen.

Later that evening, there's five of us gathered round the table of an Italian restaurant: Pip Piper, Rob Taylor, Rawiri Paratene, Tim Sanders and me.

But most of us are too busy making the best of being gathered round our local table to care all that much about what happens to the family heirlooms.

In 2% of cases gather into is used

These insights are gathered into this figure.

We were all gathered into a big room to see how it worked.

She has gathered into a pile the mortar and rocket tailfins she collected.

There was a fortified castle, named Qamus, where all the Jews gathered into it.

If we all gather into the house of God and the only thing we want is for His glory to be manifested, nobody will fight.

After a victory they sacrifice such living things as they have taken, and all the other effects they gather into one place.

Parts of that text were published as contributions to the periodical El Chile Pentecostal before they were gathered into a book.

In Venice Frames (1994) the history of self-hood is gathered into one portrayal- all those selves, all those times, defined anew.

Rajasthan had by then had begun gathering into their bus, in one sense already on their way to the final, the venue of which all.

If you have a policy but no means to enforce it, what good is the policy? Backers gather into a class-action-lawsuit to sue the creator who has already spent the money? Good luck.

In 1% of cases gather near is used

Sikh devotees often gather near the border fence and offer prayers while looking at Gurudwara Kartarpur Sahib in Pakistan.

At this time, having come to know about the arrest of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, people started to gather near hotel Eden.

In 1% of cases gather over is used

Interestingly, as the clouds gathered over centre court, a sunny cheer spread in the crowd.

I for one, look forward to seeing all the current evidence and results gathered over the next few years being fully peer reviewed.

Gathered over the course of the campaign, clean data and market intelligence can be used again and again to drive forward other marketing initiatives.

The solar neutrino puzzle, that only about one third the expected number of neutrinos was found by Davis, gathered over the years a greater measure of precision.

In 1% of cases gather during is used

The only information we gather during general browsing is from standard server logs.

At the international level, IICD disseminates best practice information gathered during the event.

The certification body will make its decision based on the data gathered during the detailed audit.

We have gathered during two months 300 meters of electrocardiograph films and performed over 41 different examinations.

The good practices and experience-based advice gathered during the CCLE were brought into the conversations taking place at the large regional conference.

In 1% of cases gather through is used

An inquest has been halted and may never be held because evidence gathered through covert methods, can't be heard.

Pray, accept our request, And, with the great and subtle sound, Pity us, and set forth, Dharma gathered through countless aeons.

In 1% of cases gather before is used

Consequently the people gathered before his house and repeated their demands.

They gathered before the only door in the house with a combination lock on the doorknob.

And there were gathered before Sulaiman (Solomon) his hosts of jinns and men, and birds, and they all were set in battle order (marching forwards).

Arbaces passed through a varied crowd, in which the commercial element predominated, gathered before the numerous altars which rose in the open court.

In 1% of cases gather under is used

People of all ages, races and nationality gathered under some big trees, waiting patiently.

POUPINEL: In the presentation he made in Rome, he showed the Society as divided into its three distinct branches gathered under the superior, and also a third order.

So to use fetal human tissue in NZ I have to go through the local ethics committee, and in addition the tissue that I'd gathering has to be gathered under a separate ethics protocol.

In 1% of cases gather about is used

No further information could be gathered about Ms.

A great number of young men gather about them to learn and hold them in great honor.

As soon as the people saw the holy woman, as they imagined him to be, they gathered about him in a great crowd.

One of her women looked out of a window, and told her that a great crowd of people was gathered about the holy woman, to be cured of the headache by the imposition of her hands.

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