Prepositions after "gasp"

"gasp for" or "gasp in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 50% of cases gasp for is used

Gasping for air is not a good sign.

Cut to the side, her head down and gasping for breath.

My dad was gasping for air the other day and I am worried.

Pulling off my concern hoodie, I gasp for breath and wipe the perspiration from my brow.

In another incident, BDO Shankarpur, gasped for his life when his relief boat toppled.

It was a soft semi-sprint to the finish line, which I crossed, absolutely gasping for air.

They ripped him so quickly from his vessel that he was still trying to gasp for air when the white-cold of home slammed closed around him.

And that feeling of shortness of breath -- whether it's panting after running for a bus, or gasping for air during an asthma attack -- can induce panic.

Panting and gasping for air as oxygen is much needed to supplement the working muscles, gradually you will see the objects at ground level becomes more visible.

If his trip looked quick, it paled to insignificance when Germany's Marcus Ehning produced the smoothest of rounds with Copin de Broy that should have left the rest gasping for air.

In 17% of cases gasp in is used

When Elladan's lips met his, Faramir could not help but gasp in surprise.

Pushing open the door, Denise flicked on the lights and gasped in surprise.

Paul gasped in shock as the blistering sting forced him, like Helen before, up on his toes.

The most powerful part of the video comes when Cooper gasps in reaction to hearing his mother talking.

His strength left him, and the last his mates saw of him he lay gasping in the snow and yearning toward them.

In 14% of cases gasp at is used

One of which is a glimpse of and gasp at something otherwise inexpressible.

Several times throughout I audibly gasped at the images thrown in front of me.

As Elladan slowly entered him for the first time, both gasped at the sensation.

Short of actual physical abuse, I'd not going to gasp at you or shake my head at you.

As I made my way inside the temple, I looked up and gasped at the sight of these statues.

The film itself was a pleasure to see, but it was even more so watching it with a new friend who is an architect; she even gasped at some of the more impressive images.

Contrast Ted's self-satisfied sneering with the shrieks and gasps at a screening of a Sacha Baron Cohen picture, or the squirm-inducing transgressions of the South Park film.

In 8% of cases gasp with is used

Gasping with disgust, she confessed that her decision had changed.

The business gasps with relief, wins orders for more widgets and pays back the loan.

Absolutely, smiles ignite when you walk into a room, and hundreds gasp with delight at your every tweet.

In 5% of cases gasp on is used

At six o'clock the wave of the working day breaks and recedes, leaving me stranded and gasping on the sofa in the sort of exuberant starfish position commonly associated with the passage of Wile E.

In 2% of cases gasp under is used

Gasping under a pile of twisted corpses were two half-comatose survivors.

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