Prepositions after "gamble"

"gamble on" or "gamble with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 31% of cases gamble on is used

The scene is a riot for anyone who has ever gambled on a fairly big level.

They are not willing to gamble on new players, have no faith on raw talent.

The GOP gambled on defeating Obama in 2012 to get everything they wanted, and lost.

Their supporters often gambled on the outcomes of races treated the charioteers as heroes.

The Japanese gambled on finding the US force first, and sent out their planes late in the afternoon.

He might gamble on fielding a seriously weakened side, but could hardly hope that no one would notice.

We make no value judgments, but we do know when a guy has decided to gamble on a longshot, and when he needs to do so.

I'd not so sure that a studio would see or gamble on winning the hearts of the public with the same angle for search marketers.

So beware: if the cook looks a little runty and underfed you might be gambling on his or her ability to produce an ugali that has been properly subdued.

In 30% of cases gamble with is used

The UK is definitely gambling with it's policy.

Like a giant roulette wheel, they came willingly and gambled with their very lives.

This has brought the harshest charges upon him: that he's gambling with national unity.

We can't allow him to gamble with our economy and for that matter our developmental drive.

I also lowered my limit on my ATM card to an amount I would not be tempted to gamble with.

What game is it that we are playing? Surely, not one that gambles with the lives of millions of people on this tiny planet.

So what are some fun theme party ideas? Casino Night Now you don't need to gamble with real money to experience the thrill of the spin of the wheel and the roll of the dice.

He doesn't blame the political and economic system run for and by the tiny minority class of capitalists who are prepared to gamble with the fate of the Earth in order to maximise their profits.

In 13% of cases gamble in is used

Many people gamble in hopes of winning some money.

Many UK bookmakers seem to only want those willing to gamble in their online casino's or via their FOBTs.

According to calculations by Bloomberg, two of the five largest donors to the Republican party hail from the gambling industry.

What is the connection between Healthy Leisure and an Addiction Free Lifestyle? Many people use substances or gamble in their free time.

Then, in the 20th century, some states legalised gambling in certain regions, such as Nevada (in the 1930s) and Atlantic City (in the 1970s).

In 11% of cases gamble for is used

Or you could gamble for a crit.

My real name is Nick, I'd 27 years old and have been gambling for the past 10 years.

No wonder they are abandoning traditional betting and pushing the fixed-odds gambling for all it is worth.

In 3% of cases gamble at is used

They may have made some money up the highlands gambling at the slot machine! who knows.

In 2% of cases gamble after is used

Being a Man City fan is a thankless task at the best of times but yesterday was horrific and I was in no mood to gamble after seeing.

In 2% of cases gamble like is used

That's why these are exciting times to perfect because you are not gambling like before.

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