Prepositions after "gain"

"gain from" or "gain by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 36% of cases gain from is used

What I have gained from gambling is twofold.

Can anyone guess who has most to gain from govt.

Gained from the university of the Western Pacific.

Large losses can easily erase the many small gains you've gained from your past trades.

Please listen to the warning voice of someone who has nothing to gain from discrediting this.

A new Tn pay day loans is really a improved choice in which pretty much now you may gain from.

Eventually many of her students grew up and used the knowledge they gained from her to form their own dance troupes.

For all our struggles, and with many setbacks, the Church has gained from its decision to allow women priests of 1992.

In 2010, for example, Suntech booked a $250 million investment gain from the fund, which kept it in the black that year.

In 20% of cases gain by is used

Advantage gained by fiduciary 88.

Advantage gained by qualified owner 90.

Fury is gained by attacking your opponents.

Experience Experience is gained by doing quest and solving the hidden objects in a scene.

National Popular Vote would limit the benefits to be gained by fraud or voter suppression.

The investments made in education, training and experience is lost to these countries and gained by other countries.

Intelligence gained by royal spies who had infiltrated the order prior to the raids also reported the name Baphomet.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, and absolutely everything to gain by grabbing a copy of this toolkit while you can.

It is also used by NZQA to record credits and qualifications gained by learners on the National Qualifications Framework.

In 15% of cases gain in is used

That's what they gain in a week.

And what I lost in income, I gained in happiness.

Brown held on to the edge he had gained in the polls.

He is one of the select band of World Cup medal holders gained in England's 1966 triumph.

Now, through blessings gained in former lives, We are enabled to meet the World Honored One.

Still there are others, not unlike him, who are very vocal, very certain and gaining in numbers.

McMahon had come to see that the Comte would be a disastrous king and that the republicans were gaining in support.

The law of mistake, applied to this stage, certainly may gain in importance compared to the law of offer and acceptance.

For while the chemotherapy wasn't successful, the soulful insights that she gained in the process were transformative.

But the scientists also believe many diseases may be triggered by an abnormal loss or gain in the copies of some key genes.

In 7% of cases gain through is used

The Big Bang Theory is based on data gained through observation and physics.

We want to pass on the knowledge we have gained through experience and science.

The practical, hands-on work experience she gained through Arts Co-op led to her.

And I'd suppose to share some insights that I gained through my personal experience.

Most experience in decommissioning has been gained through that of research reactors.

Mike's Championship - gained through sheer consistency - was clouded by tragedy, however.

This also assumes the night thermal loss through the window will be less than that gained through the Trombe Wall.

However, as the dialogues show so tellingly, Socrates realised that such knowledge is gained through interaction with others.

With the information gained through his mobile phone, Edi can quickly decide how to best protect the coffee and oranges he grows.

A A A A A A A A A A South-South cooperation and the benefits which may be gained through mutual assistance among developing countries.

In 3% of cases gain for is used

What I want to gain for the people is a far bigger reward.

Nor is there much to be gained for the people in the region.

When u r through the turn then fire a short burst of nitro to gain for the lost time.

There are benefits to be gained for all involved in supporting this integrated preschool service as this study has shown.

There are many unacceptable foods rich in fiber so they can help me to maintain the alkaline state of the body will stall and/or gain for energy.

Complete surrender and service to the Master with a life bubbling with renunciation and unswerving devotion, gained for him the grace of the Master.

I would have to go for A because it allows focus to be gained for keyboard-only users, but the questions should have terse anchor text for voice recognition users.

In 2% of cases gain with is used

Once there, that author's experience and knowledge gained with their self-published book will stand them in good stead.

Ms Cairns is a marketing and corporate affairs professional with global executive experience gained with Barclays, ANZ, Telecom, BNZ and GE Capital.

As someone said above, Suzuki is also famous for their half-hearted participation and at the moment BS has a lot more to lose than to gain with that project.

At Sosa, on the 18th, there was more heavy fighting, but the objective, a commanding hill northeast of the town, was gained with the help of the escort carriers? aircraft and of the cruisers? guns.

Further information can be gained with an advanced search, which returns details on specialised clinics (such as centres for young people) and out-of-office hours testing centres and paid-for tests.

In 2% of cases gain as is used

May be the timing is the issue; otherwise, we stand to gain as a nation in the long run.

Aryee was appointed based on seniority and the experience he gained as a senior bandsman.

In January and the coming summer we will get an idea of what we have gained as a result of the move.

If you wish to withdraw funds gained as a bonus, you must verify that you have fulfilled the conditions above.

To follow this from running, the program cart experience load was gained as a project of your aspect trial page.

What was interesting is how much maturity dock-based systems have gained as part of the computer-audio brigade in such a short span.

It appears that China wants to distance itself from the negative reputation it has gained as the most likely perpetrator of such cyber crimes.

In 2% of cases gain at is used

Pippa has considerable broad-ranging experience gained at a senior level and brings.

So with his experience gained at West Ham, he could prove to offer us depth in squad.

About 68 percent of students studying for certificates are studying at NQF Levels 1-3, equivalent to the attainment the students gained at school.

That is why five months is a very short period to take full pleasure of a worthwhile reward gained at the end of a five year long political journey.

But I think you are absolutely right, and I hope that Mr Mowbray adds to the confidence that the squad players gained at Preston by giving them another run out which they have fully earned.

In 2% of cases gain during is used

I'd told by the Careers Service at my Uni that many people with sparkly new PhDs, coming to the job market, find it hard to articulate the skills that they've gained during their candidature.

As with any success story, however, there are casualties, and it was the role of Amharc ireann to draw attention to what was lost as well as gained during the heyday of Irish industrial growth.

In 2% of cases gain on is used

There is really nothing to gain on your end.

You gain on all terms and you save on the gas money.

Kansas City wheat gained on Chicago wheat today; especially for the new crop.

So whatever they gain on account of their hard labour rightfully belongs to them.

Palladium also experienced similar trading pattern but was able to secure more than +2% gains on weekly basis.

Worse still, I was being chased by eight angry tribesmen in two dugout canoes -- and they were gaining on me.

If you are gaining on the highway and just have one thing in your thoughts, sing the text of a real song on top of your lungs.

In 2% of cases gain over is used

You will only hike a short while and gain over 1000 feet in elevation.

No essential and/or transferable skills are gained over the cause of their university careers.

But you have to remember that nothing is possible to gain over night that is why you have to be patience and boost your knowledge.

If SFM and conservation no longer sell or bring benefit to society, then it will inevitably be dropped as policies, despite the progress painfully gained over the years.

The battle of Rath Mor Maighe Line was gained over the Britons, wherein were slain Cathasach, son of Maelduin, chief of the Cruithni Dal Araidhe, and Ultan, son of Dicolla.

I'd here to help you grow your business, extend your reach as a specialist, and deliver on the extensive knowledge I've gained over many years working dozens of clients from all over the world.

Latvians look like and consider themselves Nordics, evidenced through the strong cultural and religious influences gained over centuries during Germanic and Scandinavian colonization and settlement.

In 1% of cases gain without is used

Back in 1885 Dr Herman Ebbinghaus showed that knowledge gained without context is lost very quickly (about 50% is forgotten within an hour).

In 1% of cases gain about is used

By week 34 your total weight gain to date should be between 22-28 pounds, gaining about a pound a week for the remainder of your labour.

In 1% of cases gain to is used

The two polls move NY-19 from a weak DEM gain to a mod GOP hold.

So, highly collateralised businesses will gain to disadvantage of other perfectly good ones who might be struggling.

Another benefit to working in-house is the exposure gained to the wider communications and business development mix.

OH! I FORGOT, you're in Egypt where the Islamic winter is taking hold - so yes, Islam will gain to the detriment of everything.

In 1% of cases gain out is used

I want you to gain out of this effort.

Why should I fight with you and what is it I am gaining out of it? Do nt attribute motives, dear!! It appears that this man called Khaitan doesn't have the comprehending abilities.

In 1% of cases gain against is used

The Euro has now gained against the dollar for five consecutive days, reaching its highest level in over a month.

In 1% of cases gain after is used

The above information was gained after submitting a letter to the Freedom of Information request.

In fact, these ' barriers? were not barriers at all, but were forms of ' protection? for the rights and livelihood of working people that working people had gained after long years of struggle.

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