Prepositions after "fussy"

fussy about, with, in, on or of?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases fussy about is used

He was a little fussy about it.

She was a little fussy about it.

I'd very fussy about where I live.

He seems more fussy about which play he directs than which direction the play takes.

Previously I wasn't fussy about whether to rent or buy, living in a flat or a house.

It's a nutritious dish especially for those children who are fussy about vegetables.

I make about a dozen apple pies every year around September and I'd notoriously fussy about how I make the crusts.

We had our child's party here and I am fussy about food and I have to say as food goes it was really good quality.

Names One of the things some adults are fussy about, is what you should call them -- (no, not behind their backs).

The most important domestic animals eat easy to produce food, such as grass, and are not fussy about what they eat.

In 10% of cases fussy with is used

We know how children can be fussy with food.

Fussy with his whistle to award a free kick.

I am not fussy with the breed, as long as it looks clean.

I'd being a bit fussy with it as it's a labour of love, but it's sounding pretty crazy.

Too bad the local SG'eans either read too much on the net, or are too fussy with salary.

I have not experimented much with hair colours, and I am not too fussy with hair treatment.

She is fussy with her food, does not eat pork (even though she is a Filipino Christian ), prawns, squids, vegetables.

Unfortunately everybody in this accident died so I can understand why airlines can be fussy with overweight passengers.

His mother indicated that, on the morning of presentation, he had awakened very fussy with a red and tearful right eye.

As I say I am definately not fussy with food but I can honestly say I was totally feed up with it and did eat out a couple of times.

In 6% of cases fussy in is used

This phone isn't fussy in terms of design.

Far too fussy in its detail and doesn't look sporty at all.

Those of us who buy superminis in Europe are the fussiest in the world.

But it's not fussy in the way a Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse and CLS are fussy, even overornamented.

A child's eating behaviour may be termed fussy in one family, and ' they know what they like ' in another.

If LO is fussy in the evening then offering side to side all evening, shushing, swaying, patting LO will help.

There for I guess its more of a Chinese tendency to be fussy in making decisions for education (again, its generalisation).

However, if your infant starts to cry or gets fussy in the middle of your heated conversation, it's smart to take a time-out.

For instance, a couple of weeks back (before he started getting fussy in the carseat ), I decided to take Gavin to the park at KLCC.

I don't love the feel of the drinking rim/spout, but I am very fussy in that regard and like really thin edges to my mugs (see my earlier recommendation for vacuum mugs).

In 4% of cases fussy of is used

They have a whole range of gifts, to suit even the fussiest of people.

I have to agree with JPD, men in their 40s are the fussiest of the bunch.

Choice of four to five mains which cater for all but the fussiest of tastes.

There are themed nights as well and there was always plenty of choice for the most fussy of eaters.

There was a great selection of Asian and Western options to keep even the fussiest of little eaters happy.

However, there are plenty of treats available which even the fussiest of eaters would be happy to wolf down.

This can be an interesting alternative to dry food, determining even the most fussier of fluffy critters to try it.

There is such a variation of dining options in Spinngfields, even the fussiest of eaters will be spoilt for choice.

With over 1,000 gifts to choose from in this gifts for him range you're sure to find something for even fussiest of men.

Food plentiful even the most fussy of people must be able to find somethong to eat ok it wasn't Al a carte but it was good.

In 4% of cases fussy on is used

Peoples is way too fussy on what's edible and what isn't.

Great choices though if you ai nt fussy on bacon and egg.

Of course they had good reason to be fussy on such a night.

Of course, they had good reason to be fussy on such a night.

Becos of one main reason, i don't want them to be fussy on food.

The wasp is not too fussy on which variety it attacks, and will infect the admirals and also the monarchs.

Carry on as numerous times as possible right after the split up, don't be also fussy on these types of days.

I am insaneley practical &; a great budgeter -- I do love clothes and shopping, but am fussy on fit and fabric and quality.

Brooke and I had some errands to do after we made cookies and she got fussy on the way home until an old ' N Sync song came on.

Only branded item I ever buy is laundry detergent - hate the stuff from lidl and aldi but can usually get a deal if you're not fussy on the brand.

In 3% of cases fussy over is used

In-fact I hear people get fussy over handshakes in paper all the time.

I am naturally quite fair, with pinky tones to the skin and I am very fussy over what colour a tan turns my skin.

She's 14 months old now and still very fussy over milk, so I realise that it wasn't me that she didn't like, it is milk in general.

Wonderful pedalling but oh every time she comes on I hide behind my cushion in case it all goes wrong Brendon far too fussy over her.

In 2% of cases fussy at is used

You can? t be too fussy at work.

Even the best eaters are fussy at times.

But we ain't fussy at Minku, not one bit.

My baby used to be fussy at a certain time of the day too.

While the baby can appear fussy at any time of the day, later in the day and evenings are usually the worst times.

Override the size if you prefer them larger or smaller (but you can tweak this stuff later, so don't get too fussy at this point).

Your baby could also appear to be gassy due to the yeast in the intestinal tract, and become fussy at the breast refusing to nurse.

When your baby is starting solids there are ways to help your baby learn the fun side of foods and avoid being too fussy at meal times.

In 2% of cases fussy for is used

Breakfast, however, was far too fussy for my liking.

He wakes up screaming and is super fussy for the next 30min after he's awaken.

Your child may also have a slight fever and be fussy for a short time afterward.

The food is really first class -- a bit fussy for some maybe, if you're being critical, but unlike anything you'll get anywhere else.

My own take on Inconsolata is that it fall into my categorization of ' too fussy for serious coding ', but that's my own personal view.

The writing did feel a little bit too fussy for me to begin with, but by the end (and after those surprises that you mentioned ), I was pretty sold.

Something small and fussy for the plane, something small and simple for cabs, dinners and dark places, and something bigger and fussy for downtime in the hotel.

In 1% of cases fussy as is used

Fussy as a baby, beautiful as a toddler and responsible as an adult.

Wild was wonderfully fussy as the alternately calm and hysterical head slave.

I am very fussy as to who works on my car, after all my families safety depends on it.

While Trachelospermum species and cultivars prefer well-drained situations with some organic matter, they are not fussy as to soil type or aspect.

This produced good fishing on some days, as they took both wet and dry flies, and on other days they were very fussy as to what flies the big fall salmon chose.

Right now, the traders have a purely incestuous relationship, and they're not fussy as to which part of the political family they incest with, Cameroonian or Millipedal or whichever.

In 1% of cases fussy between is used

She gets very fussy between the hours of 6pm and 9pm, which seems to be quite common for babies with colic.

The lines are pretty fussy between the era's as of course when you get to late 20's there are touches of the 30 's, late 40's set the scene for the early 50's and so on.

Nothing can really explain why colicky babies tend to get the most fussiest between these hours, but in a way it's good, because we can now predict approximately when she will have her tantrums.

In 1% of cases fussy by is used

I'd familiar with this, I can induce it now and then when my zodiac isn't being fussy by focusing on tiphareth'ic concpets.

Originally Posted by noprophet I'd familiar with this, I can induce it now and then when my zodiac isn't being fussy by focusing on tiphareth'ic concepts.

In 1% of cases fussy during is used

But you may find your baby may be fussy during the whole time that every tooth comes in.

What other signs are there and when will we know to give her panadol or teething gel? Will she start crying a lot for no reason? She is also really fussy during feeding times.

If your baby tends to be gassy, has gastroesophageal reflux, or seems fussy during feeding, try burping your little one every ounce during bottle-feeding or every 5 minutes during breastfeeding.

In 1% of cases fussy like is used

Not too fussy like many antiques can be.

If you are notoriously late, set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier (or more if you are fussy like I am ), so you have more time in the morning.

The booths suck though, they move back and forth to much, need to be nailed down or something, avoid those unless you are really not fussy like me.

In 1% of cases fussy to is used

There's no harm in being fussy to a certain extent.

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