Prepositions after "funny"

"funny in", "funny about" or "funny to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 21% of cases funny in is used

You are too funny in this post.

It is kind of funny in my view.

What did you find funny in this?

It's a wee argument between you and a girl and it's going to seem funny in the morning.

Are you trying to be funny in an enigmatic way? And he (I assume) is not invoking death.

Melenaite is one of those old Tongan ladies that is funny in their own subtle quiet way.

His relentless, inappropriate deference and formality is funny in the initial Texas scenes but soon becomes tiresome.

It takes a while to learn their language, but once you do, there are very few things funnier in the world than the.

Conversation flowed so easily and Michael's sharp wit, always evident in chat and email, was even funnier in person.

I can't help but think that is is a direct result of me not posting one of my terse little nuggets of funny in a while.

In 17% of cases funny to is used

And everything is funny to you.

Citizen Khan looks funny to me.

Today that memory is funny to me.

Charlie Chaplin made great comedies and they are still as funny today as they ever were.

It might sound funny to you now but we actually have the technology to capture your mood.

It is almost funny to me that because two newspapers in the 80s print their version of Dr.

I wrote it because some of it now is pretty funny to me and I was just so amazed at what came out of people's mouths.

The hardest thing for me, and this may sound funny to you, I rarely just make a simple block quilt and call it a day.

The Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde, in my experience hasn't seemed as funny to me as it has to all my friends.

Though he has the top floor to himself, its still funny to me that the tennis superstar lives so close to his parents.

In 16% of cases funny about is used

I'd not being funny about that.

That's what's funny about them.

Nothing funny about this stage.

Nov 17, 2012 6:51 am PITS, MANILA says: CONGRATULATIONS, GUYS! Funny about your Mom.

I know that this column is here to poke fun, but I don't see what's funny about this.

It's funny about numbers, how we can get romantic about them, and pick our favorites.

What is so funny about the nagging Tylers comment is all China is doing is holding it's cards close to it's chest.

He was gossipy, indiscreet and scabrously funny about his enemies (step forward Henry Kissinger and Bill Clinton).

What's so funny about ' Small World ' is that the things I found there I found later on in very many other places.

Comments Closed 3 Comments What's absolutely funny about this is that this exactly applies to single guys as well.

In 8% of cases funny at is used

It was pretty funny at the time.

Then't funny at all in real life.

My set-up is funny at the moment.

They found my Quran and flipped out in Spanish, which I found really funny at the time.

LOL, ignorrance can be so funny at times, not calling you ignorrant, just your comment.

Luckily QI is trying to make the world less ignorant while being funny at the same time.

Yes of course it was cute and funny at times but this episode didn't keep my attention throughout like last weeks did.

He's profound and funny at the same time, without being condescending that most experts and especially professors are.

A typical David Dhawan type family humour, here are those flirty husbands who are trying to be funny at every moments.

Prior to that, I don't remember half-hour comedies dealing with such weighty issues and being as funny at the same time.

In 8% of cases funny for is used

That's what made it funny for me.

Truly funny for us, sad for them.

And it's funny for the rest of us.

You can be original and maybe even funny for a few months but it gets harder after that.

HERE is one of the MUST WATCH dramas - By PITTU 100 % This drama was super funny for me.

She dresses funny for a girl in Lark Creek Elementary, tomboy-ish, and she has short hair.

Funny for a person who attacks the BBC for not telling the truth you forget to mention Saddam Hussains track record.

Anyone can go up there and come up with something funny for two or three minutes, but then you have to back that up.

Be careful you don't plan your life around being funny for strangers, because some time that may become all you have.

It was like it was just straight funny for the first half hour than the laughs after that were far and few in between.

In 6% of cases funny with is used

It was so funny with his accent.

This is funny with a deflection.

No need to get all funny with me.

Well, sorry but as a woman I also thought it was quite funny with a great punch line.

Of course, if there's something funny with opmn then you may have big trouble anyway.

Plus it is impossible to make those kind of situation truly funny with out substance.

Johnny is actually really funny with his pessimistic, conservative arrogance and his refusal to be civil to anyone.

ROFL, honestly it's even getting funnier with the FBI agent now being suspended sending topless photos of themself.

It is funny with a lot of funny characters and posed a dramatic challenge because of his relationship with the writer.

The episode started off kind of funny with Kandi being presented in the airing for a short time, but only a short time.

In 5% of cases funny on is used

Adam just isn't as funny on TV.

The iPad looks funny on a tripod.

Funny on your son with his prediction.

Funny on stage yet tortured, unhappy or borderline suicidal away from the bright lights.

What makes it funny on the Simpsons is that it NEVER happens that way in the real world.

Of course, they were not funny on purpose, but they most certainly were scary by design.

They're not that funny on their own - obviously, they're just tiny silences - but the point is, neither are the jokes.

This is funny on a certain level, but it also illustrates beautifully where we are in the smartphone market evolution.

I rather watch a poor episode of the Savage Eye than watch Craig Doyle sweating and trying to be funny on his risible show.

Got invited for a healthy beacon &; egg-breakfast at one neighbours place and went a little funny on champagne at another's.

In 2% of cases funny without is used

It's funny without trying to be.

It can be funny without black friends.

Some times they are very funny without meaning to be.

She was funny without going completely over the top and her singing was fantastic.

Some might argue that certain things are funny without context, which is only half true.

Trying to be funny without a sense of humor is usually seen as bitter, sarcastic, and nasty.

You get the sense that the author really is a mum but her anecdotes and asides are funny without being indulgent.

Perhaps best of all, he is funny without being a comic relief, and his thread is just as important as the others.

It was nice to see a comic male character that was actually funny without scoffing his face like the idiotic Brian.

Just watching their reactions during the invitation part is already funny without even knowing what they are saying.

In 2% of cases funny of is used

Funny of you to think that little G is me.

And it isn't even that creative or funny of a gag.

CEO Oh (that's hard to say) is just too funny of a villain.

The funniest of all the things was that she herself was not a shade lighter than me.

Rand is certainly the funnier of the two, though unwittingly on Rand's part, I assume.

Humane This is the funniest of the positions taken by those in favour of capital punishment.

Here are my picks for the funniest of the lot, and see my new ebook on the race, Tricks, Lies, and Videotape, for much, much more.

Following a very strong performance, John's finale surprise, is perhaps one of the funniest of the night and demands to be seen in person.

But Romola is, without a doubt, the least funny of her novels (Mill on the Floss, while excruciating, is occasionally hilarious, for example).

In 2% of cases funny like is used

Time travel is funny like that.

Life is funny like that I guess.

Herd immunity is funny like that.

Why can't someone funnier like Montell Jordan have his career continue rather than this guy? 3.

I would imagine the person, thing, or situation as something funny like? Donald Duck? or? Tweety Bird?

There's no doubt Glencadam GOld's Euro form isn't very good for a G1 horse but racing's funny like that.

I know life is like that, life is funny like that, even your Auntie Vange said everything is in some way up in the air.

Clomid can be funny like that - i think i had mentioned that to you before, but i know you have to try these things too.

Been funny like that for a few weeks, then just as I thought I was getting better, started getting sore throat and aches.

The book itself will be in black and white, but I'd going to be doing it all up in colour too, because I'd funny like that.

In 2% of cases funny by is used

Very interresting and very funny by the way.

Such a funny post made even funnier by the comments.

But it was not seen as funny by the person who had ' dyed '.

The fun of the thing is made funnier by the poised and deliberate over-citing of the parodied roles.

I enjoy our read-through and David hides the comedy so well he looks as if he's being funny by accident.

This is a comic novel, made all the funnier by Massimo's struggle to make sense of Pavone's passing life.

I fail to see why this is considered so funny by our usual trolls who are filled with hatred for anybody with a bit of money.

Made about a million times funnier by the two Pulsian cast members having Australian accents in the English version of the game.

Pictures can often be funny by bringing together things which are not usually seen together, or by using contrasts of extreme sizes.

I thought of trying to be funny by saying the same thing to her, but that is just too much and I decided against doing that silly act.

In 2% of cases funny as is used

The dialogue is funny as a fit.

Boehner drunk was funny as a fart.

Reilly is funny as the lovable Ralph.

Was funny as a fight to see him run along side his bike then jump on and swing a leg over.

Though Back and Forth is only funny as an addition to the other Blackadder 's, not by itself.

It is, it really, really is, managing to be funny as well as acutely well-observed and satirical.

I find that these are some the funniest as well as some of the most real and beautiful pictures that I have taken.

It also allowed me to find the newer Pokemon funny as opposed to annoying, but some of them are just plain disturbing.

No worries -- I'd a big fan of physical humour, so we can find some use for you even though you're not funny as a person.

This was considered very funny as the crowd genuinely hadn't heard of any of the players, least of all pronounce their names.

In 1% of cases funny from is used

So yes it may look funny from the outside.

A man looks at me funny from the lavatory.

Probably funny from dad, but mum's awesome.

Which is fine -- I find that kind of thing funny from a perspective of ideology, etc.

I was expecting something funny from Johnson, Louis and Cho Lam but it turn out otherwise.

I suppose it's hilariously funny from your end, but it reads thin and insubstantial from here.

Don't get me wrong, I definitely still want the funny from Hyun-min, but who says you can't have the funny AND more.

I find it really funny from the comments that the bias that's usually referred as subconscious is actually a CONSCIOUS one.

Read More Balack Obama just isnt funny from Barking Moonbat Early Warning System Iowahawk does his own celebrity roast of Barry Sotero.

But when you have funny from this cool Shock Chewing Gum I think the problem of safe is very important and you should pay attrition on this part.

In 1% of cases funny considering is used

Funny considering Clarkson bought a ZR1 for himself.

This is all kinda funny considering how much I enjoy writing.

That stat did seem funny considering Tech moved the ball a good bit.

It's funny considering how many people she declared 100% guilty thoughout the series.

It's funny considering how Max earlier came to Amber with the question of what makes her an adult.

The venue is notorious for bad sound, which is funny considering the place is called Sound Academy.

His favourite real estate is probably Marvin Gardens or Pennsylvania Avenue, funny considering the name of his company.

Birds also do it! This is a great synthesis of information which I find funny considering a synthesis is essentially a remix.

Pepe and Ramos, in particular, were uncomfortable handling Gomez (which is extra funny considering the bully reputation of those 2).

In 1% of cases funny because is used

Funny because of how over the top and stupid it is.

It is funny because of the reality we are facing each day.

It's funny because of a little coincidence that happened today.

She has one eye and walks funny because of multiple gunshot wounds.

Most stand up comedians are funny because of the outrageous things they say.

It's funny because of how posh the singers are and how they live their lives.

She is sweet and innocent and funny because of it but this is not a comedy role.

Blasphemous jokes were funnier because of the unlikely punishment of eternity in hell.

It's funny because of Toph's deadpan delivery after she figures out it's Suki, not Sokka.

It is funny because of the humour used in describing their observations of life in the Congo; and sad because it is a very tragic story.

In 1% of cases funny around is used

I'd a bit funny around wartime things.

They still act funny around color people.

This is a fun way to be funny around girls while adding sexuality into the picture.

Learning how to be funny around girls is incredibly helpful and absolutely necessary.

I'd fairly pretty, dress girly, am funny around my friends, play sports, but I'd shy.

So have you seen it yet? The advert some are the calling the best ever made? Certainly the funniest around right now.

The concern trolling is pretty funny around here, The President isn't perfect, we should have learned this a long time ago.

It's important to realize that knowing how to be funny around girls is NOT something you learn because you want to please girls.

In lieu of TV, we were all forced to be funny around the dinner table, and it's a skill that I think has served each of us well.

In 1% of cases funny after is used

I decided it wasn't so funny after all.

It stops being funny after the first few times.

Its funny after my unemployment ran out last Sept.

The jokes about the barrows ceased to be so funny after that.

But this also becomes funny after a respectful lapse of time.

It sounds funny after the event but it isn't really funny at all.

The Catherine Tate character wasn't funny after her first episode.

Even more funny after borrowing trillions from the rest of the world, the U.

I find this so funny after the right was trying to label Obama as a Muslim Arab.

See Full Description Still funny After all these years Bill cosby is still funny.

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