Prepositions after "fundamental"

fundamental to, in, of, for or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 71% of cases fundamental to is used

Fundamental to Canada's honour.

It isn't fundamental to the mind.

This is fundamental to the AGW case.

Fundamental to Christianity is the idea that, while divine, Jesus was also a man.

Because the development of pleasure is also fundamental to the Buddha's teaching.

Fundamental to the preparations was the purchase of a large volume of cheap wine.

Fundamental to Jewish belief was the teaching that God could never be seen by human kind, see for example Exod.

The Coordinators are fundamental to the smooth running of the ICH and are nominated by each of the six parties.

Building resilience is fundamental to the three pillars of sustainable development on which the Pacific depends.

The Extent of the Shortage Nurses are fundamental to the health system, both in their role and in their numbers.

In 10% of cases fundamental in is used

This has been fundamental in my work.

This is fundamental in African tradition.

It was fundamental in forging the Playbook.

The two are therefore deeply intertwined and fundamental in economic development.

So sleep quality is fundamental in obtaining a good performance the following day.

Other features that physical theory takes as fundamental include mass and space-time.

Deployment of enumeration and financial modelling is the fundamental in decision-making and strategic planning.

The reason they can not deal with it is that Nagel is right to pose the question as fundamental in a deep sense.

The addition of lime to pastures has been absolutely fundamental in New Zealand's sort of agricultural position.

Fundamental in the long-term success of the company was the election http: **26;6710;TOOLONG in 1923 of Alfred P.

In 9% of cases fundamental of is used

This is a fundamental of a Fluid Society.

And hyperbole is a fundamental of comedy.

Time is the most powerful fundamental of all.

What really drives a stock price is earnings, the core fundamental of capitalism.

Those campaigning for assisted dying wish to change that most fundamental of laws.

In fact it poses the most important and fundamental of all philosophical questions.

Master the single-press rotation This is the most important fundamental of setting high scores in Super Hexagon.

Perhaps the most fundamental of these was a new method for conceiving, designing and manufacturing new products.

The sixth fundamental of the Rajapaksa Model also had a clause -- Basil, the youngest of the Rajapaksa brothers.

Five years ago, you would not find mention of accessibility, or standards in the most fundamental of HTML courses.

In 7% of cases fundamental for is used

That is fundamental for everybody.

MZ: Well, it was fundamental for me.

This is the fundamental for great faith.

It is fundamental for a spine to be kept in good shape and alignment from young.

PG: So you started on something fundamental for college users and then expanded.

It is fundamental for Dhamma practice to be able to question our basic assumptions.

While some things have switched to electronic media paper seems (to me) to be fundamental for proper learning.

Since electricity access is fundamental for development and achieving the Vision 2030, KETRACO's contribution.

These elements and alloys are fundamental for the existence of life, and also for its progression through time.

Language Communicating is an essential skill and fundamental for an interest in information-seeking on the whole.

In 2% of cases fundamental about is used

There is nothing fundamental about this convention.

So there is something far more fundamental about this debate.

There is something fundamental about her enslavement to time.

You don't play an MMO multiple years without loving something fundamental about it.

We are wrong to act as if we know anything fundamental about the nature of existence.

Trip Hawkins: I'll say something that's kind of fundamental about Facebook as a platform.

Is there something fundamental about the Picaxe I should know to get this to work? Both chips use the same +V and ground.

And yet, Wobber is here to point out something fundamental about who we are as human beings, and who we grow up to become.

Specifically, he claims that there is something fundamental about Islam that makes it even more dangerous than Christianity.

If you had to deal with being called names that demean something so fundamental about you like your faith you may fee otherwise.

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