Prepositions after "functional"

"functional in" or "functional for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 28% of cases functional in is used

It is strictly functional in nature.

I also am quite functional in Cantonese.

It was functional in an Eastern European way.

These were made is such a manner they can be functional in addition to decorative.

Functional In this non-linear format, your skills and achievements are emphasized.

The Accord cabin looks functional in comparison to the flair present in the Sonata.

Contrary to what I had assumed, there are quite a few apps out there that are fully functional in airplane mode.

Some will need help in overcoming learned behaviors that are no longer functional in an environment of new opportunity.

I hope before Windows Live Messenger is retired, Skype should be fully functional in the background on Windows Phone 7.

That system also emerges early in infancy, at four or five months, and continues to be present and functional in adults.

In 17% of cases functional for is used

Minimal, but functional for CSS demos.

So the browser version is not fully functional for me.

Office is completely functional for Word, PPT, and Excel.

Unless you are a spider using your ceiling won't be to functional for most items.

The design could be more user-friendly, but it's not bad, it's functional for me.

It is key to choose the page that will be most functional for your mobile visitors.

But after they finished the remodel, I have to say their current look is truly the most functional for students.

However, it may be more comfortable and functional for individuals with touchy hands to go for a velvety surface.

However, first, mental labour can also be unproductive, destructive or functional for the exploitation of labour.

If I get it, we will be selling our home and hopefully purchasing something a little more functional for our family.

In 7% of cases functional with is used

Highly functional with multiple uses.

Sadly, that's not functional with weed.

I am barely functional with the human body yet.

Easy storage and portability Highly functional with multiple uses The table is 16.

The camera UI is kept clean and functional with only 4 components on the viewfinder.

We also plan to make education more qualitative and functional with a sound moral content.

The Wii U is functional with the standard Wii Remote and Nunchuk, as well as peripherals like the Balance Board.

He ordered Fotomat Digital to repair the camera until it is fully functional with all charges be borne by the shop.

The handyman will clean away any creosote and make sure the heating appliance are fully functional with no gas leakage.

While the houses are fully functional with working electricity and plumbing, they're technically commercial structures.

In 6% of cases functional as is used

Design your pool room so it's functional as well as beautiful.

What matters is that your new design is functional as well as stylish.

Your sitting room should be visually appealing, but functional as well.

The walls need to be functional as well as attractive for displaying notices to its membership.

A family room with a no-fuss interior can make the space functional as well as eye-pleasing to.

Overall, Microsoft has designed a beautiful tablet that's unfortunately more functional as a laptop.

Unfortunately, the keyboard is only really functional as a portal to what the WeBee team has developed themselves.

Not only does decorating a small living room properly give you more space, it makes the area more functional as well.

Why do customers feel the need for luxury in something so functional as a phone? A phone is really the ultimate accessory.

In 6% of cases functional at is used

And keep things functional at home.

Someone who's still functional at 0.

Very fun and functional at the same time.

On well-tuned, newer vehicles, the catalyst can be fully functional at only a 20 difference.

But I think it's not fully functional at this point since I can still see vacant and closed shops.

You will be impressed (not )! Half of the TSA employees are barely functional at the High School level.

That part of the brain (prefrontal cortex) doesn't finish developing until after 21 but it is fully functional at age 4.

The pen will write upside down, underwater, on almost any surface and is functional at extremely hot and cold temperatures.

The relatively new trend of vessel sinks has received warm reception because they are stylish and functional at the same time.

In 6% of cases functional to is used

Its not functional to 99% of africans.

Clothing should be sober and functional to the occasion (1 Tim.

Content is obtainable and functional to any browser or Internet device.

This islamofobia is functional to the imperial interests in Middle East and all over the world.

The adjacent buildings, hit by flying debris and all, remain standing and functional to this day.

Adopting this mission implies the need to identify which elements are functional to its achievement.

Inside, the acoustics are brilliant, functional to the highest degree, but not at the expense of how wonderful it.

For example, a managing director's pa will refer anything purely functional to the functional department concerned, ie.

For reasons that vary from functional to aesthetic, dog owners have made a for custom ID tags for their beloved companions.

I cant quite say what specifically is good about the provided applications, just that they seem functional to me and run well.

In 5% of cases functional on is used

I was remarkably functional on the first day of recovery.

Beautiful to look at, yes, but functional on par with a GSIII or a 4s.

Cabinet for a family room could be aesthetic and functional on the same time.

The keyboard is functional on your lap when you're at a conference trying to take notes.

But you need to know how to link it all up for it to actually be functional on your blog.

Some of the links are not functional on this page since the subpages are not actually there.

Google ad-sense is approve -- But not actually functional on how to earn money? SEO's can complete a visitor uses.

The screen isn't so big that standard apps look horrible when upscaled, and the OS is perfectly functional on larger displays.

Me and my team worked upon and manufactured from scratch, a fully functional on road racing car and a 3 wheeled efficient cycle.

There are some browsers which are fairly functional on the modern web while still lighter than the mainstream ones, like Midori and Arora.

In 4% of cases functional by is used

The system was largely functional by the end of May 1833.

Taste buds are fully functional by about the 15th week of gestation.

The Aranmula International Airport intends to be functional by 2014.

Taking a bit longer to code than expected, but it should be fully functional by week's end.

DBL Homes also took a good home plan and made it even better and more functional by switching.

The first shaft was sunk in 1906, followed by a second, with the mine fully functional by 1912.

In addition, a commercial harbour and an international airport, fully functional by end 2012 are being constructed.

The Air Craft Carrier (KUZNETSOV) will be functional by end 2012 but the air component will take at least 5-7 years more.

Once you appoint proper persons, it is your Centre's duty to make them functional by providing them requisite infrastructure.

A new center-hung scoreboard was only partly set up and not turned on; the team plans to have it fully functional by next weekend.

In 3% of cases functional rather is used

It had to be more functional rather than splendid.

And which I would regard as functional rather than virtuous.

People will more aim at functional rather than sensational objects.

The lighting, too, seemed functional rather than dramatic or theatrical.

With a matt black finish the WB150F appears functional rather than flashy.

This means the benefits can be more functional rather than just environmental.

M &S; saw bras as functional rather than fashionable, and sold them only in black, white, cream, navy and red.

Although the colours inject life and provide lots of variety, the intention was functional rather than aesthetic.

The problem is that they aren't scoring early and their attacks are often functional rather than slick and flowing.

The build quality is functional rather than luxurious but this is probably to be expected given the ultra-low selling price.

In 2% of cases functional without is used

This Web site is functional without the retention of cookies.

Everyone knows it can't be fully functional without the correct hardware.

A website should be fully functional without such flashy bells and whistles.

Even YouTube is fully functional without flash installed (it falls back to html5 video).

This page remains functional without JavaScript, however, to see and use this page as it is meant to.

The right foot care makes your feet not only look much better, but also remain functional without any problems.

I would leave your staircase alone, as long as it is still functional without too much wobbling, don't change out the railings.

And people who've never used one themselves don't necessarily know that it's not fully functional without registering with Amazon, even.

It is not reasonable to allow a non-functional democracy to continue in the hope that democracy will become functional without trying to make it work.

In 2% of cases functional from is used

The chamber will become functional from Tuesday.

But he is fictionale and functional from my perspective.

She drank unceasingly and was barely functional from day to day.

A time ball, functional from 1852 onward, was used to indicate the time.

The cnidosacs contain nematocyts, which are stinging organelles removed intact and functional from cnidarians.

Their designs are both innovative and functional from neons to retro inspired two-toned sets and high waisted panties.

If we were trained to think functional from the very start, perhaps programming purely in a functional style would work.

Biologists are used to thinking of organisms as self-reproducing machines, and of their design features as selected to be functional from this point of view.

In 1% of cases functional of is used

Due to enormous functional of security it has very less chances to be hacked.

Small space of home shouldn't limit the functional of home storage because home storage can be installed anywhere.

Out of the many families that I've now explored, my family is the most wonderful, and the most functional of the lot.

The Ritz method is applied to derive the governing eigenvalue equation by minimizing the energy functional of the plate.

The minimalistic style translates very well to the bathroom, and by understanding it you can change this most functional of rooms into a simple-yet-luxurious retreat.

In 1% of cases functional during is used

Our disappointment was that the swimming pool was not functional during our stay in early May.

Feb 15th, 2010 The IRMACS Centre will be open and fully functional during SFU's Olympic Break, February 15-26.

The Ombudsman was appointed in July 1997, and the office became fully functional during the year (see Section 4).

The approach showed that the androgen receptor is both expressed and functional during the early stages of fat cell differentiation.

In 1% of cases functional over is used

Therefore, they're not functional over a particular result.

A Hamiltonian H acts on a wave functional over spatial metric configuration variables HYg = 0, with no notion of time.

In 1% of cases functional due is used

The ship which was commissioned in 1982 has not been fully functional due to major mechanical defects.

Once a yellow or a reed is given to the student he/she becomes branded and is no longer functional due to the stigmatization.

In 1% of cases functional since is used

Aptech has been functional since 1986 and now boasts of 26 years of experience in computer training.

The Mysore airport also known as Mandakalli airport has been functional since 2010, after being unused for few years.

In fact, GetJar's app store (to those at Apple, I mean a store which sells apps) has been functional since 2004 -- a good four years before Apple's App Store came into being.

In 1% of cases functional before is used

This ought to be totally functional before using.

Even in times of my life where life dictated I was to be up and functional before 10.

At this point, China's trading scheme is only in a pilot phase, and will unlikely be functional before 2016.

Ensure that your game is fully functional before a game starts in order to avoid delaying the match from starting! 2.

The two FCTs comprising the oxygen tolerant citrate transporter locus -- the promoter and the gene -- were functional before the duplication and functional after.

In 1% of cases functional under is used

New Zealand's democracy may be functional under normal conditions, but in trying times things might be different.

The city corporations in Bangladesh are functional under the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives.

Furthermore a tougher and stronger action is required against militants and maddaras to be registered and made functional under the government made laws.

In 1% of cases functional after is used

And I have had ones operating as boot drives that were still functional after 8 years when I wiped and disposed of them.

The two FCTs comprising the oxygen tolerant citrate transporter locus -- the promoter and the gene -- were functional before the duplication and functional after.

Various development activities have either been commenced or declared opened and functional after the receipt of nominations in the different districts by highly placed persons in the U.

In 1% of cases functional within is used

The Public Works Department said the Mantralaya is expected to be fully functional within three months.

My role in our office has been slowly evolving as I become more independently functional within the AMPATH system and in the field.

Divineguma district committees will be established representing all Divineguma regional organizations functional within a district.

Divineguma district committees will be established representing all Divineguma regional organisations functional within a district.

In my case as new blogger, while implementing this site I am still fighting to insure best UX and Usability functional within my ability.

I've learned some of my greatest lessons from people who explained why something wasn't functional within a piece and offered suggestions for improvement.

In 1% of cases functional across is used

In the meantime, I'll come back on here soon to confirm when comments will be fully functional across the News site, and the precise closing date for Have Your Say.

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