Prepositions after "fruitful"

"fruitful in" or "fruitful for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases fruitful in is used

His experiments have been fruitful in his favour.

He was made fruitful in the land of his affliction.

It has been proved very fruitful in space research.

Thus organizations opted for another option that would be fruitful in the long term.

Intrinsic definition is fruitful in defining eternal objects having no associations.

And above all, how to make it significant today, credible and fruitful in this world.

Pray for us all, dear Mother, that by faith fruitful in good works we may be counted worthy to see and praise God.

Some people allow the gifting that God put in them to be developed so they can be useful and fruitful in His service.

This is not so much the case where I live now, and who would preserve what is good and fruitful in our national heritage.

In 30% of cases fruitful for is used

It will be fruitful for World Peace.

May the writing be fruitful for you.

Our visit proved quite fruitful for both of us.

So visiting Nigeria with cheap flights to Nigeria is usually fruitful for yourself.

It wasn't fruitful for Government to try and predict its future, let alone have views.

Outline why I think a return to ' reconciliation ' could be fruitful for public debate.

But once Kingdom Hearts released in 2002, this concept proved to be remarkably fruitful for fans of both parties.

I knew I could have done more but with the limited resources, I am thankful that 2012 was rather fruitful for me.

We need to move forward, not spin our wheels in the same place that hasn't proven fruitful for the past 10 years.

Like many successful business ideas, this simple model has proven to be fruitful for the Laois-based entrepreneur.

In 5% of cases fruitful of is used

This research has been fruitful of good results.

The most fruitful of his psychological conceptions was ahead of his time and went almost unnoted.

On Monday we only spent two hours on the lake and it turned out to be the least fruitful of all the sessions.

That has been the most fruitful of all the things I've done: stop shopping for art, and start studying artists.

I resolved in my future conduct to redeem the past; and I can say with honesty that my resolve was fruitful of some good.

If disappointed, he should take a step back and realise why the last 12 months have been the most fruitful of his career.

The tares, which God has sent as a curse, lift up their heads erect, and high above the wheat, but they are only fruitful of evil.

In the mean time, it would be fruitful of you to consider the role of your government in all of this and share your thoughts on that.

In 5% of cases fruitful to is used

Hope you find the aforesaid tips fruitful to your business.

May Allah increase you in faith and make it fruitful to you.

How a problem is solved in one area could be fruitful to another area.

If we work on time the result will be fruitful to both of our organization.

That's why the result of using various strategy is not enough fruitful to them.

The apostolate, exercised by lay people, is fruitful to the extent that it is ecclesial.

I havent tried any medicine yet but i guess your suggestion would be more than fruitful to me.

It has been more fruitful to (correctly) forecast the macro trend than to follow the Fed's QE.

Specific things if kept in mind will proved fruitful to members involving such disabled dating.

For how long? Tamil moderates or any extremistes did not do anything fruitful to Ceylon Tamils so far.

In 3% of cases fruitful as is used

Soft power is fruitful as a continuum of the smart power strategy where hard power is purposefully used.

Anyhow, natural methods of becoming beautiful and young have proven to be fruitful as well as friendlier.

Think rather carefully about this, and then also ask yourself whether the path you are taking the conversation is going to be fruitful as regards the larger topic of entry.

Attempts, initiated by the CLC in an effort to resolve these difficulties through face-to-face negotiations leading to reconciliation, had not been fruitful as of early 1993.

Lenin's concern is not so much to make the activity of the party more fruitful as to control the party-to marrow the movement rather than to develop it, to bind rather than unify it.

Scaled up to engage with global governance, Polanyi's perspective is fruitful as an overall framework for understanding the making and continuous re-making of actually existing globalisation.

The Irish defence deep in the Welsh half will prove fruitful as the Welsh back three can't help themselves but counter and they tend to do it as individuals rather than a coordinated back three.

In 2% of cases fruitful on is used

All the techniques could be quite fruitful on long journey at night especially during rainy days!! Hi Ram.

We may be more fruitful on our sickbed than ever we were in good health! I know from experience that I am more fervent in my prayers for Pastors and preachers now than ever I was.

In case you wish to be fruitful on social media sites and wish to build little credibility within your directed audience on these websites then you should be consistent in your social media efforts.

In 2% of cases fruitful with is used

It was very fruitful with mangoes, plums and guavas.

The efforts have been fruitful with the rising cargo and ship traffic.

My other pie is wrapped fruitful with insights: A house does not make a home.

The exciting back three of Zebo, Bowe and Gilroy proved fruitful with each getting on the score sheet.

But scripture can explain those truths and make our minds fruitful with the knowledge of God and his wisdom.

The weeks have been fruitful with personal and family events that have inspired, surprised, challenged and deeply touched me.

As a principle, this could be taken into any kind of writing and of course it's particularly fruitful with folk tale and myth.

Using novel approaches to explore the potential therapeutic benefits of such psychedelics has proven extremely fruitful with many exciting.

The Scorpions rotated Skipper Matt Warren and Callum Dooley through the middle and down forward, this ploy proved fruitful with Callum booting 2 1 st quarter goals.

The very place where the hearts of the sinless Imams got it from and store it like fountains of youth for others to make their own hearts fruitful with faith, virtue and morals.

In 1% of cases fruitful at is used

It is extremely vital and fruitful at the same time to choose a custom logo design service to familiarize.

Nolan - Kevin Nolan has been scoring goals already and this is only going to increase with Andy Carroll's return, as the two men resume the partnership that was so fruitful at Newcastle.

In 1% of cases fruitful by is used

The man at the marina was right, there's nothing fruitful by dwelling in the past.

The German connection proved fruitful by working back from Scharoun to Hugo Haring and his idea of ' new building ' as opposed to ' architecture '.

Two true Israelites, Joachim and Anne, noble branches of the family of David, find their union, after a long barrenness, made fruitful by the divine omnipotence.

The union of the human and Divine natures, and the fulness of the Spirit that is in him, resemble the root of the vine made fruitful by the moisture from a rich soil.

In 1% of cases fruitful from is used

Compaq It is also an essential making company which is going fruitful from 1982.

It is bootless gagging Rawlings because no one will gain anything fruitful from it.

Those debates are not always pretty or fruitful from the point of view of IP owners (see SOPA and ACTA) but they can no longer be avoided.

Yet, one hopes that this disagreement among historians will continue, since conflicting opinions are fruitful from both a scientific and a practical standpoint.

In 1% of cases fruitful over is used

After all your investment with be fruitful over period of time, and at the same time you put yourself in discipline mode.

They always come into the frame with the mentality of winning and that positive traits have proved fruitful over the years.

In 1% of cases fruitful through is used

This land recognises us, for it is fruitful through us, and through its fruit-bearing for us it recognises us.

Given the restrictions on electrical goods at second hand shops these days, the search may be more fruitful through small ads.

AID is providing support to make the local government more effective and fruitful through its ' Strengthening Local Government ' project funded by DANIDA (through Governance Coalition).

In 1% of cases fruitful without is used

My experience would have been much less fruitful without them.

So some fleshiness grouping take thousands of player calories and fruitful without realizing it.

Jesus our Lord of Divine Mercy is a testimony that no evangelization can be fruitful without conversion.

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