Prepositions after "frightening"

"frightening for" or "frightening to"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 33% of cases frightening for is used

It was very frightening for her.

It was awful &; frightening for me.

Well, it's frightening for me also.

Have a look, its amazing and I'd sure was frightening for the driver of the Clio.

It was incredibly frightening for them not knowing whether we were alive or dead.

Car shopping is a process that is very exciting for some but frightening for many.

It is important to remember psychosis can be very frightening for the person who is experiencing the symptoms.

If a child has been abused, a hug which you intend as a comforting gesture could be very frightening for them.

I had to do one with the mini-series Gunpowder, Treason &; Plot and it was much more frightening for the actor.

DOC Programme Manager Brent Guy says the eruption would have been very frightening for people near the mountain.

In 24% of cases frightening to is used

That's what's frightening to me.

This is frightening to so many people.

And that's genuinely frightening to them.

What children imagine is usually more frightening to them than knowing the facts.

Second, it's not as frightening to authors or as helpful to the anti-OA FUD campaign.

These can be frightening to those around as well as upsetting for the person concerned.

What is most frightening to me is that our media have supported, protected, and helped advance this Nowhere Man.

It might often sense somewhat frightening to sports activity a peek that is a little bit out from the tradition.

One of the things that seems to be very frightening to Christians is that such a thing could actually take place.

The part that is frightening to me (apart from the stalking tendencies) is that this man is an investment banker.

In 13% of cases frightening in is used

Deception can be frightening in its consequences.

Red Bull's pace may have looked frightening in Japan.

But the speed of these zombies is frightening in itself.

Your grim retelling made it seem even more awful, even more frightening in detail.

Energy mobilization Even the most peaceful animal becomes frightening in times of emergency.

And it will happen so swiftly the anger and instability are going to be frightening in scope.

It isn't that the candidates were very nasty, but supporters of both were actually frightening in their conduct.

Suddenly, the powers of the presidency will be dangerously expansive and frightening in the hands of the Democrats.

At first, their dancing appeared crowded and almost frightening in the small space, but the audience quickly adjusted.

That's because I believe everything in Asia is so intense these days it's almost frightening in an exhilarating kind of way.

In 7% of cases frightening at is used

His raw power is frightening at times.

Rhys is frightening at times and intense.

It's gone away now but was a bit frightening at the time.

He was very ominous looking and his large stature was quite frightening at my age.

Bangkok is truly a crowded, non-stop moving city that can be frightening at times.

There's something calming about trees, even though they can be frightening at times.

The Cuban Affair, admittedly dramatic and frightening at the time, was a short-term crisis in international affairs.

It can get disheartening, even frightening at times, but Roger always figures out a way to get a laugh out of us in the end.

Absurd but frightening at the same time, this episode made the simple daily things that we use into something extremely scary.

The gold prices are really frightening at the moment; I am waiting for it to come down a bit before starting investing in gold.

In 6% of cases frightening about is used

Acknowledge what's frightening about it.

That is what is so frightening about the Romney/Ryan campaign.

The word ' heavy ' shows something frightening about the policeman.

What is so frightening about Engdahl's vision of the world is that it is so real.

What's truly frightening about this is that Weber is most likely being conservative here.

What is frightening about this racket is suspected connivance and condonement at very high levels.

The only thing I found frightening about costumes and masks was that I sometimes couldn't tell who was in what costume.

There is something rather frightening about men who can only function in their job or calling if women are not equal to him.

Isn't there something rather frightening about that? When I was growing up, I genuinely felt social class divisions were breaking down.

What is most frightening about all these is that our security outfits seem to have no answers to these problems unlike in other nations.

In 4% of cases frightening of is used

That moment was one of the most frightening of my life.

Most frightening of all, every year the studies change.

Definitely the most frightening of all my life experiences.

Default risk This is the most frightening of all investment risks.

And then, most frightening of all, real darkness began to close in.

The thought of an indifferent universe is the most frightening of all.

The most frightening of viruses is the virus you do not know is already there.

In this psychotic world, the well adjusted ones are the most frightening of all.

Most frightening of all, Islamic radicals have frequently launched physical attacks on Copts.

Other human beings being able to exist without external controls are far too frightening of a concept.

In 2% of cases frightening as is used

Nothing is so frightening as what's behind the closed door.

But this Halloween may be a little more frightening as a Blazer fan.

The globe of dating may be a frightening as well as unknown location for lots of individuals.

It sounds like a place that would seem really frightening as a child but way more subdued as an adult.

Nothing that they experience beforehand is so frightening as the possibility that their escape was for naught.

Special mention goes to show newcomer Smallhorne, who was brilliantly frightening as the terrorist, his horrendous deeds beautifully contrasted with a humdrum suburban homelife.

Though these books are, of course, NOT post-apocalyptic tales, they do depict a world that is about as barren and frightening as a 9 year old lower-middle-class girl can wrap her mind around.

In 2% of cases frightening because is used

From the road, it looked a little frightening because of the condition of the beams and wires that looked rusty, but it held on strong.

Going to the loo At first, the thought of passing urine can be a bit frightening because of the soreness and because you can't feel what you're doing.

The highway between Huntsville &; Decateur where I am staying was clear but frightening because of patches of black ice &; uncleared side road entrances.

They never hurt me, but those piercing eyes would stare at me in the night, looking even more frightening because of the reflection from the moon on their eyes.

Audition wasn't frightening because of the grisly torture sequences, although Miike could certainly never be accused of not going for the jugular in that regard.

It was very well constructed and the clues were dripped in slowly and tantalisingly and to be honest the end was even more frightening because of the possibilities it unleashed.

The students said the lockdown was especially frightening because of the recent Virginia Tech shootings, which prompted colleges across the state to revisit their security plans.

And of course, it will mean going through one of those frightening ESA medicals -- frightening because of the number of people who are passed fit for work when they are not capable of doing a job.

In 2% of cases frightening on is used

But actually it's not that frightening on stage.

The scenes are really spooky and frightening on moments.

We find Americans both amusing and frightening on this issue.

Could that scene (you know which one I mean) be as frightening on DVD.

Taking the dare to ride down Suicide Hill was pretty frightening on a bmx.

You learn how to defuse situations, living in a city, but that does not make the behavior acceptable or less frightening on a gut level.

Do we want Syria to tread the same path? A feeble Iraq, a nerveless Libya and an impotent Syria would look terribly frightening on a map of the Middle East.

In 1% of cases frightening by is used

These are just a few instances of haunting and frightening by spirits.

The position of women in the Judaeo-Christian tradition might seem frightening by our late twentieth century standards.

Not long after setting off we drove through a torrential rainstorm, which was made even more frightening by the fact that the windscreen wipers don't work properly.

In 1% of cases frightening considering is used

The lack of depth of there knowledge is frightening considering the power they yield in Government.

These little creatures though amazing as they are, are quite frightening considering their devastating sting.

In 1% of cases frightening from is used

The most shocking number from the survey -- and frightening from a consumer perspective -- is only 3.

The physical likeness between the Malaysian actress and the Burmese lady is striking, even frightening from some angles.

It may seem frightening from the outside, but there are fair levels of comfort within as we have consistently done so in the past.

The mass manipulation is frightening from a psychologist's perspective, and it is no wonder that mass unrest is starting to take hold in the western world as well as the far-east.

In 1% of cases frightening like is used

The next steps are even more frightening like the author mentioned.

As we have seen, God's voice is loud and frightening like thunder (Ps 68:33).

The professors looked comparatively grave and composed and not grim and frightening like school teachers.

In 1% of cases frightening with is used

A King adaptation would be all the more frightening with even less ammo.

The stakes in the health care game seem to be getting higher and more frightening with each passing year.

Well, Halloween is about to get even more frightening with this list of outrageous, one-of-a-kind costumes that would suit any lottery jackpot winner.

The sun had happily went to hide behind the mountains at the time just before 5:30pm Hamamatsu time, and the jogging path became increasing frightening with each passing minute.

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