Prepositions after "frightened"

frightened of, by, out, for or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 71% of cases frightened of is used

I'd frightened of the old ones.

I was always so frightened of her.

I am frightened of the transition.

But the truth is I want to unearth things I am frightened of unearthing elsewhere.

EJH Have your fears changed at all? EW Don? t think I? m frightened of things much.

There uggs wellingtons was comfortinclined! rather thgood frightened of being myself.

So just wait till the next turn comes before you get frightened of all the mud under your feet and stop walking.

Only later on I found out that Tony was so frightened of water that he had purposely chickened out of the scene.

If Cameron wasn't so frightened of real talent both David Davies and John Redwood would be in the Shadow Cabinet.

John doesn't want to pay for IVF, I am frightened of IVF drugs, and my Dr likely wouldn't perform it at any rate.

In 8% of cases frightened by is used

I was very frightened by what I saw.

He was very frightened by the experience.

The coalition, and for that matter Labour, should be very frightened by this.

The behaviour is out of the person's control and they may be quite frightened by it.

The night terrors were continuing and she was very frightened by one particular recurring dream.

I am quite frightened by this idea, we plan to go inside the train and try to pay someone inside.

However most animals are rather frightened by humans and will flee instead of attacking unless cornered or provoked.

I was pretty frightened by the shaking suspension bridge but I do love heights a lot so looking down didn't scare me.

At higher stages of insight, the ego begins to dissolve, and the meditator gets frightened by what he or she discovers.

He was so disturbed by this that he didn't sleep, but in the end just got up and left, very frightened by the experience.

In 5% of cases frightened out is used

I am frightened out of my life about everything.

The labor planks were frightened out of the Democratic Party by the rising Socialist vote.

I'd presuming it was frightened out of the lake, and obviously was used to going up powers creek.

I was frightened out of my wits but managed to call the General Hospital, that was not too far away.

I would be frightened out of my mind &; willing to agree to almost anything to stop this widespread practice.

In addition, the Irish Government seems to be frightened out of its collective wits by the idea of a referendum.

I pleaded with her consultant that, while it was important to be open, Militza should not be frightened out of her wits.

The Progressives are frightened out of their mother loving wits about the 2012 elections and I for one savor their fear.

They looked as if they were both frightened out of their wits, and they were both staring at the conductor the whole time.

They only connect with religion because the poor fools are frightened out of their wits, or in screaming poverty with the hope that some pathetic deity will give them something later on.

In 4% of cases frightened for is used

But I really feel frightened for those who are not.

Somedays I feel frightened for the future but just as how.

It is especially natural to feel frightened for your children.

What can we do Chris?? Right now I feel helpless, useless &; frightened for every child in this country.

I'd also a photographer but don't feel in the least bit frightened for the industry by the choices you made.

I have read the comments on this article and am absolutely horrified!!! I am so frightened for my mentally disabled Son.

A youngster who was taken to assist an Exorcist had got frightened for his life had made screams that he was to be killed.

Her behavior became so cruel and manipulative toward me (and her child) that at times I became frightened for my own safety.

His posts were personal, threatening, digusting, and would have made anyone -- even a man!! -- frightened for their personal safety.

In 3% of cases frightened about is used

She was very frightened about those days and didn't want to discuss it much then.

Unethical? Incestuous? Plain wrong? I for one am very frightened about all that I'd learning.

She is quite frightened about this as she is worried that her bowel maybe too dry for the proceedure.

The last lines of the article left me frightened about the plights that are being predicted for Pakistanis today! Thank you for the article.

My Dad took her to the airport, got her on the flight and explained at the check in that she was very frightened about the flying and the change over at Singapore.

Your birthmother has probably kept this a secret for so long and is frightened about opening up this episode of her life again but I know the counselling that my birthmother had with my s.

In particular, Kershaw records occasions when Peel was too frightened about his own position to stick up for the younger DJ, only to find himself similarly dumped on by Radio 1 some years later.

In 2% of cases frightened at is used

Others are very frightened at the first pains.

People began to be very frightened at that point.

Several of the rebels are very frightened at the creature's power.

As a child, I once was very frightened at a pandal, because I saw the idol move.

We were quite frightened at this beast looming large and having a threatening stance.

One day she found that there were spots on his body in the picture and Didi was very frightened at what this might mean.

Too many people are just too frightened at the thought of getting into scuffles, even when the odds are even or in their favor (like here).

Witte was clearing frightened at the growing unrest in Russia and he took it upon himself to offer what many interpreted as his own October Manifesto.

In 1% of cases frightened away is used

I hope new people reading this thread aren't frightened away from walking the Camino.

Nor should folks be frightened away from reading or studying any aspect of history simply because the state doesn't like its content.

Officials believe that potential customers are being frightened away from downtown businesses because dogs are sometimes left tied to parking meters by their owners.

In 1% of cases frightened because is used

They were frightened because of the axe.

And also afterwards the world was frightened because of such chemical weapons with Saddam.

In 1% of cases frightened in is used

I get very frightened in the house as the walls whisper things to me that the neighbours can read my thoughts and will get me.

And yes, undeniably the Israeli population was very frightened in June 1967, and they were surprised by the ' miraculously ' easy victory.

I hope they feel like the scares were organic to a story they were told, but first and foremost I hope they come out frightened in new ways.

Other fellows with gas helmets on, looking very frightened in the half-light, were lifting timber off me and one was forcing a gas helmet on me.

In 1% of cases frightened on is used

Children who don't get an easy start in life can become quite frightened on the inside.

As I was heading down for dinner, I also promised that I would return that evening to keep her company, just so she didn't feel too frightened on her own.

In 1% of cases frightened to is used

People just sat there and everybody was too frightened to as '.

See grandma go girl too frightened to Jiaotong University Affiliated Hospital received 20 casualties, most wounded girl Qu beads.

In 1% of cases frightened with is used

I get frightened with these procedures too, but I have to say the Nurses look after you very well.

People got frightened with the pending total annihilation of the Universe and requested Lord Vishnu to stop Lord Shiva's dance.

As we have talked about earlier, most places of worship today are getting frightened with the poor development of their congregation.

The cold prairie backs very in time, but remains drive this terrible strength to pound at jet one mouthful blood, a pair of eyes was also full of frightened with fear.

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