Prepositions after "freezing"

"freezing of", "freezing to" or "freezing in"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 25% of cases freezing of is used

The delay in the freezing of Mr.

It involves freezing of the area first.

Bad weather can result in freezing of the picture.

We provide fresh blood to the patients and we don't encourage for freezing of blood.

We provide fresh blood to the patients and we don? t encourage for freezing of blood.

This cooling produced a freezing of the tundra and choked off the release of methane.

The handling of Iran's assets by freezing of their assets shows that other nations can interfere with that freedom.

Never forget that only one-tenth of a freezer's capacity should be used for freezing of fresh food at any one time.

The Irish Anti-War Movement called for the freezing of Libyan state assets? used to pay for schools, hospitals, etc.

The freezing of water around the polar ice caps is a very important mechanism driving the thermo-haline circulation.

In 23% of cases freezing in is used

Stops me freezing in the winter.

It keeps freezing in the lobbies.

It is always freezing in my room.

With this approach in our climate the concrete will go below freezing in the winter.

But the big news will be the chill as temperatures slip to freezing in the city and.

Try freezing in small portion with instructions on how much milk or thickener to add.

The temperature can be below freezing in Alpine areas or extremely hot in the semi arid environment of the Mallee.

Perhaps more women will think about freezing in their early to mid-30s, when their chances of success are greater.

Night times remain cold, below freezing in March, and cold winds often blow in from the lake making it feel chilly.

In 16% of cases freezing to is used

Children were freezing to death.

The little children are freezing to death.

I've spent most of my life freezing to death.

We would die by freezing to death or we would be rescued: there was no other option.

And besides, his older brother wasn't here in the armpit of the world freezing to death.

Our dogs slept under the covers to keep us and them (smart doggies) from freezing to death.

It's hard to be concerned about global warming when you're main concern is how to stop yourself freezing to death.

They say the bugs, having avoided freezing to death last winter, have been able to get an early start on breeding.

My proposal for a model HACCP for freezing to control the hazard from parasites in fishery products is as follows.

The Houwing (1969) paper suggests that freezing to -30C is adequate, but I have reservations about that conclusion.

In 8% of cases freezing at is used

Freezing at 0 makes WAY more sense.

It's like your computer freezing at home.

I hear it will be below freezing at night.

Freezing at night and blazing conditions in the day make this a hard place to exist.

Refrigeration at 4 degrees C (40 degrees F) and freezing at -18 degrees C (0 degrees F).

Already, the small lakes and streams must be freezing at night and melting during the day.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends freezing at? 35C (? 31F) for 15 hours, or at? 20C (? 4F) for 7 days.

From July to November in Scotland its inconceivable not to get soaked and freezing at a football match at least once.

We needed our president here when this first happened, when we were freezing at night and the neighborhood was flooded.

Although the North Pole temperature is below zero, the salt is enough to prevent the water freezing at that temperature.

In 7% of cases freezing on is used

It could mean freezing on a park bench.

I think bilateral freezing on this scale is a first.

It was freezing on the barge but she never complained once.

She barely uses it because it is always freezing on her and changes pages by itself.

We took a few steps forward, freezing on hearing a heavy movement behind the thicket.

You have to take quotes from various web site design companies before freezing on one.

Hope the rain stops for you, at least its not snowing like it did today in NYC, bloody freezing on the roof today.

Coming up in front of Louis ' suite, Harry rang the doorbell a few times in succession, before freezing on the spot.

It was very windy and rainy and the kids were all freezing on the beach, so we decided it was time to pack up and go.

In 5% of cases freezing for is used

Whatever Even campaign is freezing for some people.

Which is to say that 72 is freezing for me in summer.

Then you can go with freezing for longer and comparing cycling times.

Elsewhere, temperatures are expected to be below freezing for an average of 2-6 hours.

I think winter has definitely arrived in brisbane, it's been freezing for the last few days.

Friends will help by setting up a plate you could continue to keep freezing for the quick meal.

Usually one embryo at a time is transferred, with additional embryos stored by freezing for use in subsequent treatments.

When you head up to Whitehorse, check out the brewery, they do daily tours and make a beer that is ' worth freezing for '.

It keeps fresh for at least three days and freezes well, though I do advise slicing it before freezing for ease of thawing.

I started to have really bad flashbacks again, lost all confidence again, started having nightmares kept freezing for no reason.

In 3% of cases freezing with is used

Applications that were previously freezing with 4.

Freezing with the shell on may retain some moisture.

Going below freezing with the wrong or wet gear can cause hypothermia.

Is it fixed now? Poor Authur's ears must be freezing with no hat for his little head.

Solar keratoses are msot often removed by cryotherapy (freezing with liquid nitrogen).

Expect temperatures to drop below freezing with a possibility of frost in the mornings.

A Like some others who have posted here, I had problems with Endnote freezing with formatting references with 10.

However, in the main, freeze dried material should be kept in a temperature below freezing with the diluent just above freezing.

Bloody freezing with the wind &; in on sundown Just1morecast John I was with wangler mate, we didn't get anything huge biggest dhue was about 65cm.

Freezing with nerves Nerves affect everyone, and interviews are stressful situations where it can be easy for those nerves to get the better of us.

In 2% of cases freezing by is used

You can keep pipes from freezing by using a small heater or a heat lamp.

Here temps are remaining at or below freezing by day with periods of snow.

Bogong moths are able to avoid their bodies freezing by supercooling their tissues.

Penguins that keep from freezing by clustering together and taking turns on the outside.

Hicks, tried a new method of protection against freezing by packing the concrete in ice when building it.

If you arrive in the winter it will seem fairly warm but after 1 summer the winter will be FREEZING by comparison.

One exciting thing about some species of Antarctic fish is their ability to avoid freezing by using anti-freeze proteins in their body tissues.

The lower, flat, area of ice sits mainly on top of the permanent subglacial lake, Grmsvtn, which is kept from freezing by geothermal heat at the base.

The boxes were filled with wood shavings for insulation, but that wasn't enough to keep them from freezing by mid-winter in the harsh northern climate.

Therefore, the air temperature may be below freezing, but the open water near the remaining ice fields will be heated above freezing by the absorbed solar radiation.

In 2% of cases freezing during is used

It isn't usually below freezing during the winter.

Especiallly if its below freezing during the winter.

If it is freezing during the day you might need a water heater.

This place is freezing during autumn/winter, cos somehow this becomes an airflow channel.

We recommend that you bring a 0F sleeping bag as it can be below freezing during night time.

You're better off with an indirect system if you are worried about pipes freezing during the winter.

I have sent word down to the carpenter and rung up the engine room and told them it will be freezing during the night.

The temperatures plummeted to near freezing during the night and the proximity to the river did not make things any cozier.

In the mountainous regions of the north and west, temperatures fall below freezing during winter and are mild during summer.

Itsfunny that everyone is talking about it freezing during nintnedo land and that is what m wife and son were playing when it happened 3 times in a row.

In 1% of cases freezing after is used

Michael It still is freezing after the 1.

Freezing after baking? I don't know how well that would work.

Baldog124 Yup, my ps3 keeps freezing after 3 or 4 games in the multiplayer screen.

In that region, in the open, the temperature would drop below freezing after midnight.

Before I took that to be repaired, my laptop started freezing after about 5 to 10 minutes of use.

Even though I wore three layers, jeans and gloves, I was freezing after standing in line for those 45 minutes.

Well, it's Easter weekend, and jolly cold it is too - freezing after the summery weather we had here in March.

Backstage was very hot, but luckily we had a couple of air conditioned cabins, which seemed freezing after coming off stage.

They recover very slowly from freezing after winter with photosynthesis and respiration levels not reaching high levels until late spring.

Vista - Windows Vista freezing after a few minutes of use This laptop is about to go flying through a window if it keeps messing up on me.

In 1% of cases freezing before is used

Check sump and sump pipes for freezing before starting the sump pump.

Tonight will see some clearing and lowering temps down to near freezing before the next rains and wind roll in.

One of the biggest issues is to keep the bottom of the excavation from freezing before concrete can be poured and backfill installed.

In 1% of cases freezing from is used

It's freezing from the first night.

As the ground freezes, it starts freezing from the top.

Expect it to be around/below freezing from day one at night.

The fuel regulator is heated to prevent freezing from the expansion of the gas.

When ice is freezing from water and there is still water present, its temperature is 0 C.

Poor Hiromi was probably freezing from being outdoors for so long! She needed something to warm herself up.

If the water contracted, the ice would sink, freezing from the bottom and killing fish and other ctreatures.

No problem, but the milk is freezing from the fridge, not even gently warmed in the micro, so the coffee is cold and doubly undrinkable.

In 1% of cases freezing into is used

Try squeezing the juice out and freezing into cubes and then use it on your skin.

Every few hours I'd take it out and scrape it with a fork to keep it from freezing into a solid block.

All of a sudden Rocky senses they are detectives and springs up to face them, his expression freezing into a wary blankness.

In the early Cretaceous Period, underground moorstone magma invades top stratum, freezing into early rock mass of Huangshan Mountain.

Activities included follow the leader, mirroring, not touching the ground, finding places to hide, freezing into statues, leading and being led by a partner.

In 1% of cases freezing like is used

It's back to stuttering and freezing like it was after the DLC release and it looks like not just the Bee was Nerfed.

No freezing or anything like that, but now with Chrome 2, my computer is freezing like it did when I was using Firefox.

No freezing or anything like that, > but > now with Chrome 2, my computer is freezing like it did when I was using > Firefox.

I plan on taking the camera out to Tokyo this weekend (as long as it isn't freezing like it is today) and so now I have a theme to shoot for.

No freezing or anything like that, > > but > > now with Chrome 2, my computer is freezing like it did when I was using > > Firefox.

As she loses her feathers, she will begin to act submissively, squeaking when other hens approach her, freezing like a statue or dashing away if others get too close.

Slow freezing like this is deleterious to the quality of the product, and, judging from the results reported by Karl and Leinemann (1989 ), might not be effective in killing all the parasites.

In 1% of cases freezing over is used

The temperatures have dropped to almost freezing over night in NY on top of all other devastation.

As of June 18, temperatures were above freezing over much of the sea ice in the Arctic, and snow had.

So what happened? - thuo &; crooks were suspended thus freezing over KShs 100mn of investors ' funds.

In 1% of cases freezing up is used

Jorgenson sought out O'Brien to apologize for freezing up the time O'Brien got shot.

Rewriting marital rules entails solitude and freezing up emotion, a process for getting in touch with buried feelings and gain the perspective needed to move forward.

I do experience moments of numbness and a sense of ' freezing up ' but I feel they are in response to events that initially seem overwhelming to me, a time of retreat.

Also I can't talk to the one nearest to the frontier exit anymore Broski My game keeps freezing up WTH??? we even exchanged the disk at game stop and it freezes in the.

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