Prepositions after "freeze"

freeze in, for, to, with or at?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases freeze in is used

Myanmar is like a market frozen in time.

Cold as the hand is frozen in the fridge.

My hand froze in that position, and my heart broke.

Their ideas appear to be frozen in post-1983 situation focused on creating a Tamil Eelam.

For the next ten days, it appeared, the carriers were to be frozen in support of the perimeter.

Female cavewomen who had been frozen in blocks of ice for millions of years were warmer than Irene.

Rock erosion and formation suggest that there may have once been water (a key life ingredient ), possibly frozen in the ground.

Second, in any photograph you are getting only one moment frozen in time; who's to say they didn't step in after snapping a shot.

Frozen in time, shipwrecks provide an accurate insight into ancient maritime trade and the goods traded at the time when the ship was lost.

You love Han Solo, he knows -- and now you can add to your collection of Star Wars gear with this Han Solo frozen in carbonite iPhone case.

In 10% of cases freeze for is used

Make It Ahead: Dough can be frozen for up to 1 month.

No change was made in northern Alaska as the ground has frozen for the season.

The move could result in the pay of public sector workers in some areas being frozen for a number of years.

Also MK1 have been very vocal about a few things, like their lines being frozen for a while and Shakey's diva behaviour.

Um, well, Mark Hotchin has had his life frozen for just about two years now, not only without trial, but without even a criminal charge laid.

Direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians have been frozen for nearly two years following an intractable dispute over Jewish settlement building.

Besides having a delicious flavor, Southern peas are high in protein, calcium and phosphorus, and any extras you might produce are easily frozen for future use.

In 9% of cases freeze to is used

She had froze to death (I live in Montana &; at nights it gets to -10 below).

This boy's been out there frozen to the marrow and you just sit in here drinking.

Sheep's coats froze to the ground, water pipes burst and diesel fuel in engines turned to sludge.

If we had taken a dip, we would probably freeze to death from the long walk back to our heated Ger.

Some froze to death in the winter without proper shelter, clothing, and access to the heat of a fire.

I told him how many elderly people freeze to death in winter because they can't even put a heater on, plus a lot more.

I turned around to see where he'd gone, but only out of instinct, because for the next two minutes my feet were literally frozen to the ground.

As an example of the method, the time taken to freeze to the centre of a slab whose length and breadth are large compared with the thickness, will be calculated.

In other words, they froze to death! The statistics were announced recently at a conference in Dublin Castle which was called to address the issue of ' fuel poverty '.

In 7% of cases freeze with is used

In our little boat we were frozen with cold, having left the ship without overcoats or rugs.

One time I could have caught him because he was frozen with surprise -awe, I hope- to see me leaving the shower naked.

A few other points: I've read a number of tweets (and there is a Twitter campaign) about the MK1 phone lines being frozen with a number of callers unable to get through.

In 7% of cases freeze at is used

It can also be frozen at this point.

Assume also that meat freezes at -2C.

Water, if it is fresh water, has a freezing point so it freezes at a specific temperature.

A few drops of OCT (Optimal Cutting Temperature) are placed over in such way that the edges and the depth are frozen at the same plane.

Because of the presence of substances dissolved in the water, food does not freeze at one temperature but rather over a range of temperatures.

Fresh water freezes at higher temperatures than sea water, so the less saline the Arctic Ocean is -- especially the top few tens of metres -- the more likely it is to freeze.

In 7% of cases freeze on is used

It's frozen on the last page that I read, so it's still on.

It can be disheartening despite the fact that any kind of plan freezes on your laptop.

Ice wines Some winemakers (especially in Germany and Canada) make dessert wines by allowing them to freeze on the vines.

What has been the Indian government's response to virtualization of IT? To me the Indian government is frozen on decisions.

The biggest challenges were figuring out how to keep the hundreds of two and four ounce bags of milk frozen on the three-hour journey home.

In 6% of cases freeze by is used

A short distance away he saw a small group of tourists who appeared frozen by fear.

I was so happy to be moving -- despite have so many layers on I was frozen by the time we left.

Sitting at the kitchen table, surrounded by piles of books, he was overwhelmed and frozen by the task at hand.

The potential for conflict between Shia and Sunni, secular and religious society was always there, frozen by Saddam's repression.

The 161 pieces of real property ordered frozen by the court altogether come up to 5,002,656 square meters of land owned mostly by the three Ampatuan principals along with a few of their associates.

In 4% of cases freeze into is used

Everything is frozen into one single moment.

And it just goes on until I'd frozen into not.

The molten material often contains gas bubbles which freeze into the rock.

Frozen into each block will be an object representing a region, surrounded by 75 Swiss flag cards, each printed with a unique code.

Loaded alive or flash frozen into airplanes and whisked off to the kitchens of our wealthier neighbours -- Singapore, Dubai and Malaysia.

What Stanley Milgram formally described has been used in practice by humans ever since fluid hierarchies of our primate ancestors froze into more fixed hierarchies.

In 3% of cases freeze out is used

Static breaks the sound barrier to present the voices of dissidents, activists, and others who are often frozen out of official debate.

This doesn't mean, however, that the troubles have subsided but at least it's expected that key players are not frozen out of the team this term.

In 2% of cases freeze after is used

When Nader later tested the rats, they didn't freeze after hearing the tone: it was as if they'd forgotten all about it.

Casseroles (green bean casserole, sweet potato, mashed potatoes ): 4-5 days Leftovers can be frozen after 3 days and stored in the freezer 2-6 months.

In 2% of cases freeze like is used

Secondly, though this may rather be belated since the action has been taken, the accounts of these traffickers can be frozen like those of narcotics dealers and corrupt politicians.

In 1% of cases freeze until is used

Listen to Teena's report for 98FM News: With Irish aid to Uganda frozen until the end of the year, the work of NGO's in Africa is more important than ever.

In 1% of cases freeze since is used

Those who have been accruing pensions have had the amounts frozen since May 20 last year.

The United States and Israel say a Palestinian state can only emerge from direct negotiations, which have been frozen since September 2010.

In 1% of cases freeze near is used

Minimum and rookie scale salaries are frozen near their 2010-11 levels until revenues rise enough that the reduction is proportional to the 12 percent reduction in the overall system.

In 1% of cases freeze before is used

Raw seafood, such as oysters or sushi that has not been frozen before making (FSA n.

In 1% of cases freeze because is used

By December, Dima's status in the university was frozen because of her opposition activities and she could take no more classes.

In 1% of cases freeze as is used

Adam stood frozen as a TV dinner.

In 1% of cases freeze against is used

The United Nations this week ordered a global travel ban and assets freeze against M23 leader Sultani Makenga, a former army colonel.

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