Prepositions after "fraught"

fraught with or in?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 97% of cases fraught with is used

A day fraught with new dangers.

The product is fraught with problems.

But it, too, is fraught with problems.

However, the programmes have been fraught with several problems across the country.

This is known to be a technique that is fraught with problems for the investigator.

Both men recognized from the get-go that the case was fraught with political danger.

The exercise of this right results in chid marriage which is fraught with the danger of facilitating slave trade.

In a world fraught with problems and challenges, we need to gauge how to achieve the greatest good with our money.

It was seen as bolstering the West African state's democratic credentials in a region fraught with political chaos.

In 1% of cases fraught in is used

The deal was fraught in so many ways.

Things are becoming very fraught in Labour at the moment.

I like the game to be engaging, fraught in places, pushing me.

Talking about the greatness of African athletes can be fraught in the Western world.

On the other hand, military intervention is both impractical and terribly fraught in every consideration.

International development supported by foreign donors is fraught in any case, and militaries are recent entries in to this arena.

That kind of criticism keeps me grounded and I am very aware that my position as a Caribbean person is very fraught in the eyes of others.

I think the lyrical content from Peter Stapleton and Desmond Brice was very filmic and atmospheric albeit rather bleak and fraught in a psychological sense.

Challenging the amount of taxpayer funding to private schools has been politically fraught in Australia, antagonising the highly organised private school lobby.

Trade is politically fraught in American domestic politics, so leaders really have to make the case that trade and investment is job-creating and growth-conducive.

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