Prepositions after "frank"

"frank about" or "frank with"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases frank about is used

Storey is frank about his life.

I like that he's frank about it.

She is frank about her setbacks.

We also need to get much more frank about what is medically possible and what is not.

The way he talked alone with frank about all of the houseguests was just uncalled for.

Still, Jalloh is frank about women's lack of readiness to run in post-war Sierra Leone.

Now they have got a hell of a problem, let's be frank about it, but my guess is that they will find a way through.

Perhaps the way out of this bog is for our ordinary politicians to be frank about our problems and to give a lead.

He describes the Bar of the post-war decades and is frank about the frustrations and disappointments of his career.

He is frank about the pain of his experience of sexual abuse, which occurred when he was an 18-year-old seminarian.

In 34% of cases frank with is used

I will be entirely frank with you.

I'd just being totally frank with you.

And I want to be quite frank with you.

What do you want to change about your physique? Is it do-able? Be frank with yourself.

Yet the Team were not frank with their readers about the limitations of their inquiry.

So, if you're a buyer or seller, be frank with your agent about concerns or questions.

The doctor was really frank with us but also upbeat and because he got to ask her some questions he was ok with it.

Talk to her father about their relationship and be frank with Madam Jang as opposed to groveling for her acceptance.

People sometimes are less than frank with the pollsters if they are made to feel that they are on the ' wrong ' side.

With climate change (in Turnbull's case) and the GFC (in Rudd's case) both were frank with voters and led as Obama has.

In 14% of cases frank in is used

Be Honest Be frank in your interactions with her.

The examiners are very polite and frank in their approach.

But if you feel hurt be open and frank in communicating it.

Editor Richard Stengel was frank in admitting he chose the image knowing it was provocative.

Clear, truthful, and frank in everything, he was so simple that anyone could see through him.

But I'd going to be frank in admitting that I don't know nothing ' bout no Swiss tax shelters.

They are generally positive words, although it is possible to be too frank in a way that other people might not like.

The Daniels adviser who spoke to HuffPost was frank in describing the current state of Daniel's nascent campaign effort.

Control of facial expressions Smile! Collate warm smiles and frank in conversation conveys confidence, joy and goodwill.

Speaking at World Water Week conference in Sweden, Paul Bulcke, Nestl chief executive, was pretty frank in his assessment.

In 2% of cases frank for is used

Go Katie!!! Thanks Kate and frank for your lovely comments.

Being frank for me is not embarrassing a person in front of other people.

When Oxen are frank for it, they may be very successful with their sober sense of pragmatism.

It was also very adult and frank for its time, and it had the potential to offend some audiences.

Whatever the outcome, thank you for the first 19 years and that you Frank for recognizing these folks.

What do you think about that? McMurphy: Do I look like that kind of guy to you, Doc? Doc: Let's just be frank for a minute.

Drink Water Regularly If we are frank for a moment, then we can see that the vast majority of people are just not getting in enough water into their system.

Modernism was never popular in Britain - a little too frank for its repressed natives, except at lidos and the seaside, where people take their clothes off.

They didn't have Being Frank for one (pre Vat II) and I doubt Vat II would have been so distorted if the communication we now have was available in the 60? s and 70? s.

Can I get a ' holla '!!!! Sisters, if I can be frank for a moment I'd sure we've all had times when we've thought ' you know what? I don't want to have intercourse with that man '.

In 2% of cases frank on is used

I would like to be very frank on this issue.

Finding frank on the iPhone takes a lot longer.

Or call FRANK on 0800 77 66 00 or visit the website.

But he's refreshingly frank on the subject of flops.

Apparently if I'd had Frank on a different day, I could have seen an expert at the hospital.

As far as at my Masjid, I'd upfront and blunt and frank on such issues with my congregation.

Posted by: frank on April 24, 2007 10:59 AM I had a simular type of experience to you in a park here in Dublin.

So he was frank on Saturday saying it is win or else for him in the last five races until NASCAR's version of a playoff.

In 2% of cases frank to is used

I may be perfectly frank to the House.

I'd also single, always working, happy n frank to all.

He has a wealth of experience and is frank to the point of being outspoken in his views.

If you have the chance, what would you like to change in your life? I am too frank to people.

A new guide is asking doctors to be more frank to cancer patients about how long they have to live.

May I know what kinds of jobs or business i can start from home? I have to be very frank to you, I do not have any capital, the only capital I have left is -- TIME.

There are great brains from both sides as well as mediocre s let's be frank to this fact and hence get to acknowledge the great and positive sides of each other leaving out our flaws.

In 1% of cases frank from is used

General Tikka Khan had been brutally frank from the very beginning.

Be honest and frank from the beginning, and it will save a little heartbreak in the future.

Added! Availability A3 lovely print of anne frank from the book the anne frank book and she is so funny i love her.

The dedication to Valerie would be his last verse, unremarkable as art, startlingly frank from such an ancient fossil.

In 1% of cases frank of is used

Kuks was always the most outspoken and most frank of us all.

Shame on the proletarians! Where are those neighborly housewives told of in our fables and in our old tales, bold and frank of speech, lovers of Bacchus.

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