Prepositions after "fortunate"

"fortunate in" or "fortunate for"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases fortunate in is used

I was very fortunate in that way.

We are so fortunate in our country.

I was extremely fortunate in my GP.

But we are fortunate in this country because of the vigilance of our Supreme Court.

Hennessy: Yes, I have been very fortunate in my career and had great opportunities.

Australia remains incredibly lucky and indeed most fortunate in this global picture.

We have been fortunate in many areas of life, and as a result we have had it much easier than other triads might.

I was also fortunate in that, unlike professional politicians, I did not need power for its perks and privileges.

I've been fortunate in that my current preferred MMORPG (STO) cares more about how you play the game than gender.

As someone who is extremely fortunate in all ten of his parents, I haven't posted on any of these threads before.

In 16% of cases fortunate for is used

And pretty fortunate for Clair.

Which is indeed fortunate for humans.

The first goal was fortunate for them.

Fortunate for me my father knew his way down to Euston Square then to Warren Street.

I have been fortunate for the past couple of years to wear many hats at MLB reports.

He gave me such a comfortable feeling and great joy and I was so fortunate for that.

It comes across so well in his films and now to be let in on such a unique personal glimpse is fortunate for me.

This is fortunate for them in a country where water is in short supply, and where natural forests are not common.

After the drought of 2006 it is most fortunate for the water supply companies that summer 2007 saw much rainfall.

Did you get a peep at my baby's XY Chromosomes? How fortunate for you, you better start putting a booth at Quiapo.

In 7% of cases fortunate with is used

I have been fortunate with my teachers.

Spain where fortunate with their goals.

G: I was very fortunate with the effects.

As good as Chelsea have played, to an extent they have been fortunate with injury.

You are very fortunate with your marriage; you might marry a nice and wealthy man.

I was very fortunate with all those superstars -- they all treated me very kindly.

Remember since after Mbakwe, Imo has never been fortunate with a Governor with good heart and people's admiration.

I was very fortunate with my three deliveries, and I find the accounts of the mismanagement you've all had is heartbreaking.

I mean, I've been really fortunate with this record: yeah, I reckon this probably is the most famous I've been at one point in time.

All members of staff that we encountered at the lodges and camps were delightful and we were very fortunate with the game that we saw.

In 4% of cases fortunate of is used

Not the most fortunate of metaphors.

I am the most fortunate of all who labor.

We are the most fortunate of human beings.

The most fortunate of persons is he who has the most means to satisfy his vagaries.

More like too busy caring about profiteering off the less fortunate of this planet.

We are fortunate of being in April, early enough that KILO is eligible for nomination.

As the more fortunate of us face into the prospect of a minor blip in our incredible run of good fortune, a visit to a.

The EVIDENCE is not only flawed on anthropogenic warming, it is downright dangerous to the least fortunate of this planet.

She was bent over, looking in a garbage can, searching for life-sustaining remains discarded by the more fortunate of society.

A prestigious secondary school with 2,800 students and a lab of less than thirty workstations is one of the most fortunate of schools.

In 3% of cases fortunate as is used

Our generation is fortunate as well as unfortunate.

We have been certain region fortunate as a result of Oplagt.

It is not available for the less fortunate as the charges are quite high.

We are fortunate as a party to have Graham Watson and Guy Verhofstadt as our leaders at the moment.

We are fortunate as a sport -- indeed unique -- to have three different formats at international level.

But Malaysian are actually quite fortunate as the current fixed deposit rates do exceed inflation rate.

We had arranged to meet Halfie in the Bull's Head which was fortunate as the Blue Bell stopped serving food at 6.

I was fortunate as a child to be brought up on a farm in the Scottish countryside, where I had plenty of time to play.

Malaysian women are fortunate as the Government has established a special Ministry of Women and Family Development since 1999.

So the present audience may comfort themselves with the fact that they are equally fortunate as the disciples in the time of the Buddha.

In 3% of cases fortunate to is used

I'd very fortunate to farm Motutapu but I acknowledge I'd just a tenant.

We are so very fortunate to not only to root for a team that won it all.

We have been fortunate to grace some of the biggest festivals in East Africa.

But even from when we were very young we were fortunate to all get along very well.

However, to imply Young was fortunate to inherite some things is a little inaccurate.

The Reds were fortunate to win the 1975 Series over the Red Sox -- an absolute nail biter.

These people mentioned here are fortunate to not now be fighting for their wrongful convictions to be overturned.

The whole range of life's experiences from the most fortunate to the most unfortunate ones are all possible for us.

Making sacrifices for the sake of future generations would transfer wealth from the less fortunate to the more fortunate.

RS: I think we were fortunate to all have access to tap into the same common influences and ethos? --? it was almost a seeding process.

In 2% of cases fortunate at is used

I'd very fortunate at this point in my career.

Fawkes was fortunate at the end in that he was dead before the butchery commenced.

We are exceptionally fortunate at Bluefields to see a tremendous number of species of birds.

I'd fortunate at my age, what about these young lads who's 44, 45, the other lads who are 27, 28.

I was a bit fortunate at the timing of our arrival back in Darwin -- we got back before the sun had set.

We are so fortunate at the present time in being able to anoint Maharaji's feet with our tears of joy in.

This is a charity encouraging children to help other less fortunate at Christmas time and make them smile.

There is a desire among many to share our blessings by helping the less fortunate at this merry time of year.

From the mountains to the sea, we are exceptionally fortunate at Bluefields to see a tremendous number of species of birds.

We are fortunate at LONS to be able to do work we like, with people we enjoy, and especially to feel appreciated for what we do.

In 2% of cases fortunate by is used

He's incredibly fortunate by my standards.

A house can be made fortunate by renovation.

It's you know it's not so fortunate by the -- the body of the work.

Charity involves the free will giving to less fortunate by an individual or group that is more fortunate.

Kae Oz You are making the choice to help those less fortunate by doing something you make money at for free.

He did this - one soul at a time! Each of us - was individuallly made eternally fortunate by Srila Prabhupada.

He regarded these as very sacred and whoever was allowed to help in their preparation was considered fortunate by him.

Such principles stigmatize the unfortunate and disrespect the fortunate by failing to show how envy can obligate them.

Those of us who have received a free education pass it on by helping others less fortunate by teaching, interacting and learning.

The pup Each girls who will be making use of rolex timepiece devices general really needs to be fortunate by joy and also peace of mind.

In 2% of cases fortunate among is used

The most fortunate among us have succeeded because all of America has supported them for 60 years.

And I think that the more fortunate among us should contribute a little more to the community's welfare.

It is through the efforts of these groups that the needs of the less fortunate among us are attended to.

The GOP has announced their intention and it is to cut out programs that help the less fortunate among us.

It will carry on a fine tradition, speaking new words, but in a voice with which the fortunate among us are familiar.

And its why its impossible to get people to accept the notion that we must take care of the least fortunate among us.

Those who call themselves Christians and do not care for the less fortunate among us have Matthew 25 to contend with.

Those who have done good deeds will be reborn in heaven as celestial beings or in humans as the most fortunate among men.

Let them stay in business and prosper but they must give a fair share of their wealth to help the less fortunate among us.

We have to stop ridiculing and abusing the less fortunate among us, and try to understand how people come to be where they are.

In 2% of cases fortunate on is used

Cutler wasn't so fortunate on Sunday.

I was really fortunate on my birthday.

The rest of it, I'd pretty fortunate on.

He considered himself very fortunate on this account.

We got our Flam that year, but we weren't so fortunate on this visit.

But we are fortunate on this panel as we have some great people on the way up.

I was fortunate on all counts, with minimal financial worries; others may not be so lucky.

It was fortunate on that night I managed to move around town to assess the flash flood situation.

Pereira seemed determined to attack, and was fortunate on a couple of occasions that Eduardo Salvio covered for him.

I really miss the days in JC where I was a member of Interact Club and was able to help out the less fortunate on regular basis.

In 1% of cases fortunate because is used

Their children are also fortunate because of power and money.

We're very fortunate because of the transport networks we've got in the trams and buses.

Obtaining and consuming water is never a burden for me, and I am so fortunate because of this.

Others, more fortunate because of their knowledge of capoeira, were hired by politicians as bodyguards.

We didn't succeed, and in the end, took a cab from the Nassim Road gate (which was fortunate because of the sudden rain).

Unlike the many other famed ISA detainees, I think we were a lot more fortunate because of the extent of the Indian poor persistent campaigns and prayer meetings at Hindu temples nationwide.

In 1% of cases fortunate during is used

I was fortunate during my visit to witness the Knights of da Gama making their donation.

Offer ways you can help as a family As Pennsylvanian's we were fortunate during Hurricane Sandy.

My family has been tremendously fortunate during this disater; sadly others haven't been as lucky.

I was very fortunate during the pressure times, the most demanding times, I wasn't writing quizzes.

In searching for a teacher I was very fortunate during my second year to be taken on as a pupil by Dr.

I was fortunate during much of that time in that I also earned generous health benefits for my children.

If you are really feeling a time crunch, don't donate time to help the less fortunate during holiday time.

We hope that the contribution from the book sales will have an impact on some less fortunate during the winter season.

On the other hand, Allen said the Rabbit, Rooster, Sheep and Monkey will not be as fortunate during the Year of the Water Snake.

We have been fortunate during this time to have successfully represented numerous seniors who have been victimized by unscrupulous investment companies and their employees.

In 1% of cases fortunate around is used

Forget your worries by focusing on the less fortunate around you.

It was his life as one of inner struggle and visions for the less fortunate around him, which he saw in such profusion.

But those 13 years of trying to do good for the less fortunate around the world did not shake the demons still within him.

It isn't enough to just help those less fortunate around you when policies and structures are in place that systematically oppress.

To always bear in mind the humility we should have, we shouldn't forget simple, ordinary people and we should also always remember the less fortunate around us.

In 1% of cases fortunate like is used

We are not that fortunate like Neale Donald Walsch* to whom God would speak on every trivial matter and help him write books and make money.

In the economics of needs and wants, it is when the fortunate like you and me have experienced excess that we realize the need to share our wealth.

In 1% of cases fortunate over is used

I am very fortunate over the years to have made many friendships through dad.

I've been fortunate over the years ' cause my 2 boys have never had to resort to peeing out in public.

They're also the perfect time of year to reflect upon our prosperity and to help those who have not been as fortunate over the past year.

Counties - Manukau rugby has been fortunate over the years to have possessed a number or respected and inspirational captains and leaders.

I have been fortunate over the years to have got to know many of the leading foresters and the forests they manage here in Ireland and across Europe.

In 1% of cases fortunate through is used

She also funnels support for the less fortunate through her local church.

Vicky now helps give voice to the less fortunate through his photography.

But don't throw out this baloney that we are really helping the less fortunate through our benevolent gesture of markup pedanticism.

We were fortunate through the good will of others to get a permit to dig for tuhoro, later that night they were cleaned up and minced.

In 1% of cases fortunate about is used

I just feel quite fortunate about the whole thing you know.

There was a touch of good fortunate about the only goal of the game.

I really feel fortunate about the relationship I have with my step kids.

I really feel fortunate about the relationship I have with Loading comments.

It's just soft tissue type things, and that's what all of them are, which we're fortunate about.

But there was nothing good or fortunate about what happened in New York on September 11th, 2001.

However, there was nothing fortunate about their 3-0 home win over Sir Alex Ferguson's men on Tyneside in January.

It is not an overstatement to say that being able to write made sense of my life as well as myself and I feel endlessly fortunate about that.

In control now, Munster turned the screw and if there was a degree of fortunate about Peter Stringer's 50th minute try, it owed much to Munster ambition.

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