Prepositions after "foreign"

foreign to, in, as, for or about?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 86% of cases foreign to is used

Mercy is foreign to the idealist.

It was not a term foreign to Arabs.

Such permanence is foreign to the body.

Since you're obviously a liberal, I know these principles are totally foreign to you.

They are in search of something foreign to the world of Islam to explain his behavior.

All this seems foreign to the God they worship and the principles they honor and love.

Apart from that, my future is tobe totally foreign to my family - it will not affect even the surface oftheir lives.

As a general rule, indicatives active followed by accusatives, are foreign to the main structure of a Latin sentence.

Night mistress is not found torched the house according to the survey, in December 7th 10, a foreign to the in house.

But the idea of increasing tax would be as foreign to the Liberal Party as voluntary unionism at the local ALP branch.

In 5% of cases foreign in is used

English is not foreign in Ireland.

I didn't feel entirely foreign in Iraq, odd as it sounds.

RDB is targeting at least $500 million in new investments both local and foreign in 2011.

Bottom line, Pakistan leaders must bring order in their country and remove foreign influence.

Things have changed so much where I grew up, to the point of my feeling foreign in my own hometown.

Faith in the intangible &; fear of God and the unknown is so foreign in modern culture except in fantasy &; fiction.

I feel a bit foreign in my own country now and probably wouldn't fit in easily again, but I probably will never try.

One line stands out, however: ' After chemo, the idea of putting anything foreign in my body was especially repulsive.

In 2% of cases foreign as is used

The experience was foreign as well as incredibly authentic.

The gold jewellery presents foreign as well as local styles.

The demand has been strong from both foreign as well as domestic tourists.

His ascension represents an opportunity for reform in the foreign as well as the domestic sphere.

The players can utilize the best opportunities to practice at various foreign as well as home pitches.

Tourist resorts in the coastal islands -- like in the Maldives -- can attract tourists, foreign as well as local.

We have other potent negative aspects effecting our foreign as well as domestic policies that need to be taken care of.

We practiced at least twice a week and we played the latest top 20 (twenty) local and foreign as well as ' oldies ' songs.

Trees have been cut down to support commercial woodcarving activities that cater to foreign as well as domestic tourist demand.

It believes that the first principles on which the United States was founded must guide its foreign as well as its domestic policy.

In 2% of cases foreign for is used

Neither science or philosophy nor medicine are foreign for me.

Delegation is actually a skill entirely foreign for your client.

PMANE is funded by foreign forces who doesn't want India to grow.

Communication in a language that was foreign for us and the mother tongue for the natives.

NY DJ NY DJ Live is an emerging company whose sole aim is to book artistes, both local and foreign for event organizers.

Romney will need to be the equivalent of a Justinian on all fronts domestic and foreign for a restoration to even begin.

Hyde's art style was unusual and foreign for some Jamaican viewers, particularly his abstract representations of the human figure.

Too foreign for those on the Right, too Christian for those on the Left, those hounded and killed for their faith go largely unnoticed.

I always buy one local CD for GHA2 and the foreign for GHA1, 50 pesewas; I will then have to add 50 pesewas to it in order to make profit.

On the other hand, if the song has too many unusual and unpredictable elements it will seem awkward and too foreign for comfortable improvisation.

In 1% of cases foreign about is used

There is nothing foreign about rioting in France.

Splendid: There's something really foreign about some of your songs.

It's an animal of some sort, but there's something foreign about it.

More importantly, when I read articles by some Sikh-Americans about Sikh issues, there is something very foreign about them.

It is because, despite Englishmen becoming adept at diving, there is the whiff of the foreign about diving that means it can be demonised.

So I'd well and truly culturally British, at least in part, and if you spoke to me on the phone you wouldn't detect anything foreign about me, I'd sure.

In 1% of cases foreign by is used

Expect ta hit 60-70% foreign by 2030.

You would never know she was foreign by the way.

Organs from another organism are recognised as foreign by the human immune system.

Idiots MaxSceptic Alas, without the sagacious and in-depth articles of all things Foreign by Daniel Korski, I am bereft of opinion.

This as-sociation began a process of separation of some of these communities from the matrix of Muslim polity, and they became viewed as foreign by Muslims and themselves.

The Japanese are at LEAST as wary of foreigners as Americans, if not moreso, the only difference is that in Japan a police officer can tell you're foreign by looking at you.

In 1% of cases foreign from is used

It was quite foreign from the nature of ye.

Still a fun, impressive action film, but one that leave's an unfamiliar taste in your mouth, foreign from Bond films.

The foreign exchange earners have everything foreign from raw materials to markets, including people who want to wreck their business.

The interesting design of houses so foreign from home, the crazy spaghetti of power and phone lines that left me wondering how anyone ever found and fixed a fault.

As for his dwelling so minutely on the Genesis of the solid Parts of a Cube, a thing so foreign from the Purpose, the only rational Account I can give of it is, that Mr.

They are mere usurpers of the Christian name, teaching a counter-religion made up of the deliria of crazy imaginations, as foreign from Christianity as is that of Mohomet.

In 1% of cases foreign of is used

This is an explanation for each question, the answer is not that foreign of a game, and we get very good results even for new things to learn about this business forex.

Big out of character, the possession of his left class of its right to aggregate and foreign of Lease Chief to Chi Shu; trivial drop character letter seal, make the line a.

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