Prepositions after "forecast"

"forecast for" or "forecast by"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 32% of cases forecast for is used

No rain here this afternoon, despite the forecast for extended storms.

Rain was forecast for our climb, and we'd been prepared to climb in mist without views.

Forecasting for the winter is not just about looking at various climate cycles like ENSO.

Forecast for Sat not too bad right now, the frost on Friday night may be the biggest concern.

It's important to forecast for and factor future costs and profits into your everyday expenditure.

The forecast for the rest of the weekend looks very mixed so I think we have a challenging weekend ahead of us.

It is now warm and sunny, but you know that a temperature drop with heavy rains is forecasted for the afternoon.

It's very unusual that the weather forecast for the whole weekend is wet, and we didn't run that much to save our limited wet tyres.

Pippi Kettle Business Performance Manager Pippi is responsible for treasury, risk management, budgeting and forecasting for Wellington Airport.

In 20% of cases forecast by is used

That is not forecast by the model.

It cut its earnings forecast by 12%.

I hope that the recession now being forecast by some economists materialises.

Put simply, not attempting to reproducing natural variability will out trump any attempt to do so beyond the threshold for skillful forecasting by simulation.

The employment numbers, retail sales and tax receipts are all consistent with growth of around 1 per cent a year, not the near-zero number now forecast by the International Monetary Fund.

IMHO, first forecasted by Hermann Scheer, the development just needed to get started, then becomes unstoppable as prices for fossil fuels keep rising, while those for renewables keep falling.

In 10% of cases forecast at is used

Asia's growth is forecast at 6.

The overall state deficit is forecast at 3.

Venza exports to South Korea are initially forecasted at approximately 600 units annually.

In 8% of cases forecast in is used

The fastest growth in insulation demand through 2016 is forecast in the Asia/Pacific region, due to advances in building construction activity as well as manufacturing and industrial output.

In 7% of cases forecast to is used

Social media spending is forecast to more than double over the next 5 years, to 18.

The utility also lowered its full-year sales forecast to 219 342 GWh from 222 083 GWh, owing to the prevailing low-growth environment in South Africa.

Given all our uncertainties, it would seem pretty ridiculous to claim we could forecast to that precision anyway, right? If we bump Obama's predicted 2-party vote share up to 50.

In 5% of cases forecast of is used

I imagine this would represent a sine wave of sorts that should allow hindcasting of the Holocene and future forecasting of grand minima events not unlike my own research.

One-third of marketers are now linking agency compensation to performance outcomes, and 34 percent are requiring better financial controls and forecasting of agency spend.

In 5% of cases forecast with is used

This type of flooding is often seasonal and therefore can be forecasted with good accuracy.

In 3% of cases forecast from is used

Forecast from Amazon was 13th December delivery by HDNL - the parcel arrived on December 13th as the forecast.

In 2% of cases forecast as is used

Weather forecasting as a modern scientific endeavour only had its modest and controversial beginnings in the 1860s.

In 2% of cases forecast beyond is used

The situation in the Arctic must be considered as well and it can not be forecast beyond two weeks at this point.

In 2% of cases forecast rather is used

We need to look forward to a future we can forecast rather than one built on a national pyramid scheme.

In 2% of cases forecast within is used

Livestock manures or any fertilisers may not be applied to land that is waterlogged, flooded or likely to flood, frozen or if heavy rain is forecast within 48 hours.

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